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  1. David was a mettalurgic. When is was 12, he start smoking, and no less than a few months, he became a heavy smoker. With 16 he startet to work in a factory, a mettalurgic factory. He doesant know, but, when the infection strated, he develop a cancer in his lung. He lost his family when they became infected with a severe disease, with no money to pay for a doctor and medicines, his family eventually died. Likes : - Drink Vodka - Cigarettes Deslikes : - Remembering of his family - Money - Jealous people
  2. *Eugen press PTT on his radio and start speaking* *You start hearing an Chernarussian accent* Hello my children, my name is Eugen Bobal, I was a priest in the Orthodox Church of Chernarus, and now, I leave my exile and i am going to Chernogorsk to save the people souls. I come with the intention of saving and giving forgiveness to all those souls who seek redemption in the chaotic world. The last testament of the bible came my children, the apocalypse. The church will be open arms to receive all the faithful and possible new believers who want to ask forgiveness and embrace God and Jesus Christ. *Eugen start coughing aggressively* *He stop and keep talking* I am 57 years old, and I do not have the disposition as before, I am every step closer to my arrival to Jesus Christ, I hope that even with my departure, faith is still standing in the hearts of people who believe and follow our Savior Jesus Christ. *He pauses to breathe and keeps on talking* So I invite all of you to join our new church, the "Salvation Church." *Eugen leave the PTT and start walking through Chernogorsk*
  3. Ok, i finished, here we go https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1738/
  4. Themed music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntT2VemnVV8 -Well, how can I start telling my story? Today I am 57 years old. I was born in 1960 in Chernogorsk. Since my childhood, my family encouraged me to be a priest in the Orthodox Church, and at the age of six they put me in a private religious school. I was a great student, always joking and laughing with my classmates, so the adolescence has arrived, aaahhh the teenage, damn stage of life, when our brains begin to make criticism about the world. -I began my adolescence with small steps, first I began with a very closed worldview, where I only thought of the teachings my teachers taught me. In the middle of my teenage years things started to get worse, I started reading books and books and I became very angry about the society around me, to the point of breaking the orders of teachers and my family. An example was when my teacher forced me to learn Latin, but I hated him and did not want to learn Latin at all, even because Latin was a dead language, so in an ironic attack my teacher challenged me to learn a derived language And with another irony, the same month a new Portuguese course had been opened at my school, I studied that language so much that years later I met my old teacher and in an extreme attack of irony, I began to speak with He in Portuguese, without him understanding anything. -I got to graduate from school and with encouragement, a lot from my family and my dear teachers, I followed a priest's career in the Orthodox Church and spent a lot of time practicing my career for 30 years. So 2008 came, the damn civil war, and those miserable Communists chasing religious people. Hunger, shooting, believers dying in the arms of Jesus Christ. I had to take refuge in a religious community away from Chernogorsk, where I took some church staff and some followers of Christ there, always trying to help more and more civilians affected by the war. - I stayed there until 2017, because despite the end of the civil war, the place was working, it was almost a self-sustaining community, but in life not everything is flowers, despite the optimism, this damn infection came and in a few Days, spread in our small village, the first few days we tried to take care of the sick, however, they began to become more aggressive and irrational. Before long we packaged our things and the last survivors left. Now, I want to help the faithful survive this man-made catastrophe. The great flood of Noah, was made by God to eliminate the sinners of the earth, but now, the men made a disease to kill each other.
  5. Well technically is an infection, so people are not coming back from the dead
  6. im working now in the character profile,if i need something i call you guys
  7. Yes, i have knowledge about the catholic church, maybe i can do more research about the orthodox church, and maybe make a propose in the group ideas. It would be interesting making an official group
  8. As you mentioned, the problem is that I do not have extensive knowledge about the Eastern Orthodox Church and would be difficult for me execute this group
  9. Yeah guys, i was thinking about an more moderate religious group, not any crazy ideas, just and orthodox church that will help the people
  10. I was thinking and wanted to open a possible discussion here. Do you think people, in an apocalyptic case like Dayz, would not seek help from churches or religious groups that they are part of? Why am I not seeing religious groups during RolePlay? I would love to see religious groups like an Orthodox church that I suppose is the predominant religion in Chernaurs, forming and doing a good RolePlay.
  11. Nazo2

    The death of the rebellion [Open frequency]

    *Gabriel press the PTT* Ideas are bulletproof my comrade You need to kill us all to kill a idea, to kill the rebellion, to kill the revolution *Starts laughing wildly until he starts coughing* *Gabriel release the PTT and finish his bottle of vodka*
  12. *Gabriel press the PTT on his radio* *You start earing a song* *About 20 seconds later you start hearing a voice with a brazilian accent and broken english* Hello Hello Comrades of all Chernarus, as you can see, all type of group trying to rebuild society is failing with their mission. But doesnt exist cure if you dont have a flu, so i am founding a group to help all civilians of the country. Here we can help you in every aspect, with the ideas of a utopian anarchist society, we share everything we produce and we collective help eachother with water, food and other supplies. *Takes a breath* You can find the Comunidade nearby the city of Pustoshka *The music continues until it ends*
  13. *Gabriel pushes the PTT and start talking* If the oppressive military groups thinks that we are terrorist, so that is it, WE ARE TERRORISTS *Gabriel release the PTT and start laughing*
  14. *Gabriel push the PTT of the radio* Yes, we must be against all type of authority *Gabriel release PTT and puts his radio on his pocket*