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  1. EddieLR


    Gamemasters let the Moderators do their jobs so all these unnecessary points are not continued to be handed out. Good God, I've never seen the amount of warning verdicts get overturned. Shit, just take the time and discuss the rep'd post before making a judgement on something so simple.... I know you guys need the activity but damn...... This and other things could be avoided just by taking your time to discuss the post at hand and not be so heavy handed to give out points.

    I'm in no way trying to flame anyone but if you guys work together then you will see that it can be so much better for the community as a whole. 

    Also, I didn't post this in ask the Staff thread because it's not a question more of a personal opinion.

    Bear Have A Good Day GIF

    1. Knight



      Thank you ex game master Eddie for your input

    2. Franny


      I wish I had more beanz 😞
      Have a good day too Eddie!

    3. Basko


      Appreciatie it Eddie. I can't say much about everything, since I have been on a break for a bit and just came back to this all, but it is definetly something that is being looked into and worked on by the team.

    4. Inferno


      @EddieLRcome back for another 5 min and show em how it’s done 😂

    5. EddieLR


      Lmao, godamit @Inferno😂! Sorry pal but I'm retired.... 😆. I'm in the DayZRP nursing home living it up with all the old ass Legend's and MVP's. It's a place where we sit back and judge the newer staff and we're like well... back in our time we would've did it this way... we like to backseat solve reports and appeals. Shit.. hold on, Roland is giving us are daily rations........

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