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  1. Damn these hurricanes ?. This is the 7th storm that has been projected to hit us. Why did I buy a house in New Orleans, I will be asking myself that every hurricane season smh?.

    Images Storm GIF by getflexseal

    Brought to you by Flex Tape... "Buy yours today to keep the water away". ?

    *I will probably need a couple rolls of this shit after tonight lmao*

    1. Peril


      Stay safe big guy!

    2. EddieLR


      Thanks man, we have the eye of the storm passing over us this time so hopefully it doesn't get too bad. 

  2. ? Every base you make, every door we break, we'll be raiding you! ? How else are we going to fund our drug organization, through legitimate means xD..... Forget about it !
  3. EddieLR


    Best of luck with your whitelist! Welcome to the community btw ? .
  4. Once, there was this base raid where they had a shit ton of apple crates that were just scattered in one room and inside all these apple crates were more apple crates, my mind was like wtf is this...just doesn't make sense. I say get rid of them unless you can only store food and water in them ? .
  5. EddieLR


    Hello and welcome to the community, best of luck with your whitelist and hopefully it gets accepted soon ? .
  6. I'll be logging in after I eat dinner ?

    ray liotta laughing GIF

    1. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo

      Writing this down for later use ❤️
      suspicious youtube GIF

  7. EddieLR


    Hello and welcome to the community, best of luck with your whitelisting process!
  8. Nice parking ?


    1. ChewyLR


      That's illegal.

    2. EddieLR


      Not sure how someone got that in there xD

    3. ZedLR


      Towing? ?

  9. Hello and welcome to this great community, best of luck with your whitelisting process ? .
  10. TeamSpeak is shit imo. The switch from TS to Discord was definitely a move for the better. But comparing Discord to TS is like comparing PC to console, there's just no comparison ?. -1 because TS is ?.
  11. Hello and welcome to the community, best of luck with you whitelisting process!
  12. Hello and welcome to the community, glad to have you here. Best of luck with your whitelisting process ? .
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