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  1. Welcome back to the community, glad to have you here !
  2. Me looking for the player count on the home page.....


    1. Elmo


      careful, they'll label you a toxic memer if you keep this up Eddie 

    2. Eagle


      Taking it from wow to hide there active numbers I see.

    3. EddieLR


      I'm just wondering where it went to, not trying to be toxic @ staff ❤️. Thanks @Elmo xoxo

  3. I voted no to all of these. As many have stated; this is a video game so not everything is going to be super realistic. Just play, have fun and if someone wants to pull out an ak from their knife slot from their boot lmao, let them, what’s it hurting. At the end of the day IT’S A GAME. I don’t jump IG to see who pulls what from where as I really don’t care. When I play, it’s to role play so none of this bothers me one bit. So -1 from me.
  4. Watching these reports like....

    Go On Popcorn GIF by swerk

    Very entertaining, you never what's going to pop up xD . 

    1. Rover


      Honestly, yes

      Lots of surprises.



    2. EddieLR


      It actually nice to just sit back and look over them instead of getting involved like back in the staff days.

    3. Rover


      I like to call it armchair GM'ing. Its a game. So far I've been pretty close to nailing verdicts, but a couple tossed me for a loop.

    4. Elmo


      They're sadly very predictable.

    5. EddieLR


      Lmao, yeah I still like to backseat GM ngl. A few have had me scratching my head but the report section is my daily dose of entertainment. 


    6. Elmo


      I don't like it personally. We'd all be better off without passive aggressive status updates, laughing at each other's expense and constant reports.

    7. EddieLR


      The constant reports is what gets me, when someone doesn't learn from past mistakes and it results in a report that could of been avoided yet sadly nothing was learned from previous reports, I say that's on them. 

      If you're referring to me making this status update as poking fun and laughing at other's expense then that's not at all what's up. I made this update as my way of saying the spicy report section is where it's at right now as an Ex GM looking in from the other side.

      You also act like you never make passive aggressive status updates, come on now Elmo. 

      Luv u Elmo xoxo 

      Flirting GIF

    8. Elmo


      Never claimed to be perfect Eddie but I do try my best to be nice. I can see how you could read what I said as being about you but, given that you know me well enough, you know I'd tell you straight if you were being a bitch on the forums. 

      Love you too Eddie ❤️ 

    9. G_DateLR


      I agree @EddieLR they are very entertaining indeed. 

      Anticipation Popcorn GIF

    10. Knight


      Ngl the only reason i still look on the site.

      spicy status updates and reports 😎

      Oh My God Wow GIF

  5. Hello and welcome to the community!
  6. o7 Good shit guys, catch you on the flip side. Enjoyed this group alot guys! When you've reached the top there's no where's else to go, am I right !
  7. Best of luck with this guys! This is a beautiful thread btw !
  8. Hello and welcome to the community, congrats on your whitelist approval and hope to run into you IG !
  9. How about we all keep this page for County line media content and stop the big dicking, take the shit to dm's guys. If you have media content regarding this group then feel free to post it. If not, don't clutter up the group media thread with this useless childish back and forth ffs. Thanking you. Below is an example: Here is Giovanni stealing someone's shit, just another day in the AJ Line .
  10. Hell yeah, this looks very interesting! Good shit man!
  11. Everyone voted to get the deer isle map up and going and you seen what happened to that map, it was like a damn ghost town, same thing will happen to this one and then what? As much as I'm down to try another map I would rather keep the current map we have, hell add the winter mod in while your at it. In Chernarus, for the ones that are actually putting them hours in, we currently have character progression and storylines that are trying to be pushed forward and if we switch maps and have to end up shelving characters and groups I just seeing it do more harm than good imo. But hey I'm willing to give anything a try. I enjoy playing in this community . Also for the ones that are complaining about the low pop, get in game, boom problem solved. If you don't like the current state of the roleplay then create the type of roleplay you want to have and stop expecting staff to spoon feed you everything. Hell, we went over 1,000 days last lore and people were creating stories and events and the server was up and going and it didn't die like people predicted time after time.
  12. Yeah, we just take your women with our Italian charm while you're off fighting am I right
  13. This feels as if it's one of those "Moments before disaster" captions. Be careful, that ship can be a killer .
  14. Hello and welcome back. Your best bet to find where the main hub of roleplay is, is to make a radio broadcast asking where the people like to hang about or just finding out IC .
  15. Good god.... All those apple crates and yet you can't hardly find a single apple IG. That shit is horrendous. Hopefully something is done to actually limit the amount of crates that can be used because this shit is getting out of hand.
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