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  1. Welcome to the community pal and congrats on your whitelist getting accepted .
  2. I too like the Akm with the drum mag. Imo it's an all around great gun and I would suggest it to others .
  3. 1th < 1st Hopefully the member will see that error and get it changed asap!
  4. 90S Lol GIF

    1. Watchman



    2. FaeLR



      cute natural world GIF by BBC Earth

  5. There we go 😉 .


    1. EddieLR


      The other one was a result of the med's in the taters that I had for breakfast 🤣

    2. EddieLR


      Also, I left the E out for the meme =P 

    3. Samti


      she should go to prison

    4. Watchman


      Eddie what you smoking, and can i have some

    5. EddieLR


      Lmao @Samti and @Watchman. Yeah I was messing about when making that xD. I sure hope my mom never did that butttt if she ever did then I never knew it growing up 🤣

  6. This is sad to see. A 30 second high...hmm. We are going to have some Dex feins scratching their necks all around Chernarus. Other than that everything else looks good imo, good job guys!
  7. 56e5dd9822e49cde0451da83db420964.png.2086bb29dd1faf1d76e3cef3ae8894d4.png

    1. Eagle


      Why you smashing your head on the keyboard?

    2. EddieLR


      That's what us older people have to do to wake up after coffee 😆. sjfsdjfjhufewiygbjm 🤤

      old man tongue GIF

    3. ZedLR



      tenor (44).gif

    4. Daemon


      This was worse than some peoples group page formatting, Eddie the eye strain 🥺

    5. EddieLR


      Yeah, I mixed the black and brown fonts lmao. I'll fix soon tm

  8. +1 to this suggestion and have my beans as well. If this was implemented it will help us to not freeze to death. Please, if we pissed off mother nature we are sorry and would like the temps to regulate back to normal.
  9. Group looks good. Best of luck with this guys! Can't wait to see all the medical groups going full out war on one another... it's gonna be great !
  10. This looks really good. I like all the wooden variants of each weapon. +1 from me.
  11. Congrats on the VIP title pal. Looks good on you! You put the time and effort in so well deserved!

    Rhyming Leonardo Dicaprio GIF

    1. Aron73


      Thx bud! 

  12. This was great man! Glad to see you back at it! Looking forward to seeing more!
  13. I think this is a great suggestion. I wouldn't mind seeing this happen if possible. So +1 from me.
  14. -1 Keep it the way it is imo. No need removing them. At least lower the spawn rate but I don't think these weapons should be removed from traders either. And also, I don't find this boring at all and trust me there's a lot more shit in the game that is more immersion breaking than the hip firing LMG. To name a few: Floaties Swimming pools Squirt guns Being able to carry a full size pig in a sack This list can go on and on but I really don't feel like making a spread sheet. Who cares if a 20 man squad rolls up with .308 caliber weapons. They just came prepared I would assume .
  15. Happy Birthday pal! Now you can move up from Chucky Cheese's to Hooters 🤣

    Big Smile GIF by memecandy

    Have a good one man! 🎂

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