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Flea Market
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  1. I think that this mod would be great to add back to the server. +1 from me.
  2. -1 for me. I'd rather take a pillow and put in front of the persons face and pull the trigger before I put a potato on my gun , ngl this looks as ridiculous as the homemade bottle silencer. The only good thing I see from something like this would be at least you'll have dinner after firing your weapon. But hey, you do you.
  3. No more base building!!!!!! Thank you Roland . Thanks for the update! Roland coming in like:
  4. Hell yeah a flea market! Best of luck with this!
  5. Verdict: @YAKMOUTH | Hector Enrique Del Toro | Invalid kill (Roleplayed) x2 - GUILTY Summary: OK so let's sum up the situation at hand, @Taidhg, @PowerofWill, @FknSnow and @wastingdoor were outside of the pub in Berezino just conversing among themselves when suddenly @YAKMOUTH initiates on the three. Wastingdoor then helps YAKMOUTH with the holdup. The OP and others comply and raise their hands. Questions are asked by the OP to wastingdoors character as to why this is happening; the OP is then told to shut up by YAKMOUTH and after a little back and forth the OP is shot multiple times and lives, however, after commenting on his almost death he is then shot and killed. The other two hostages are stripped of their radios and weapons and are marched up the hill into the woods just above Berezino. Once the accused gets the hostages to a place where they feel comfortable they begin to ask some questions but as the two hostages continue to talk over each other the accused separates them. Yakmouth begins to take FknSnow up the hill leaving the other hostage in the hands of Wastingdoor. While PowerofWill is being asked questions a gunshot can be heard. A brief moment later Yakmouth comes back down the hill and tells the PowerofWill that his friend was killed for not moving when told to do so. The last hostage is then asked to go up the hill where he's questioned further until shots go off in the distance, from there the hostage is then told to take off running in a direction and eventually makes it back to the pub in Berezino. Regarding the first kill: @YAKMOUTH Your kill on the OP was rushed and not needed at all. The OP posed absolutely no threat whatsoever as his hands were up the entire time and he made no move to be non-compliant in a way that would threaten your life. You should have given the OP more time to take in what was happening instead of shooting him in the chest just because he was being chatty with you. On top of that you ended up killing him directly after shooting him solely because he continued to talk and let you know that he was dying. The staff team looking over this report does not see this as a valid reason to shoot him for noncompliance. Due to this your kill has been seen as invalid. Regarding the second kill: We have discussed this thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that this kill is invalid as well. The reason being is that the hostage was complying the whole time, he followed every command that was given to him and never showed noncompliance in a way that threatened your life directly. With the evidence present in the report as well as the fact that both you and fknsnows POVs state that the only thing he did that went against your word was stand still has led the staff looking over the report to come to the conclusion that this is not a valid reason to kill your hostage for failing to comply to demands. This is what the rule states: - In any other circumstances, hostages may only be executed in the following scenarios: Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape. This applies when you are giving repeated demands to someone who is actively in a position that threatens your life, for example, when you tell your hostage who has a weapon/radio out to put it away and they refuse, or do not do so within a reasonable amount of time you may exercise your execution rights as their actions could potentially bring harm to you. Telling someone to continue moving when you are in a comfortable spot and not under fire from allies/ or being stalled does not grant you valid rights as their actions are not actively putting you in a vulnerable position. However, if your hostage is being overly difficult beyond belief and continuously goes against your demands you may also exercise your rights. As you have not learned from your prior mistakes, and have been found guilty in numerous other reports for killing people invalidly, the staff team has aggravated this punishment from a 3 day and 10 points to a 7 day and 15. Please take this time to review the rules once more to avoid future instances like this from occurring again. Outcome: @YAKMOUTH | Hector Enrique Del Toro | Invalid kill (Roleplayed) x2 - GUILTY - Aggravated to 7 day ban, 15 warning points and a character reset Signed by @Eddie, @Jade, @Inferno
  6. Congrats guys on the approval! Well done !
  7. Just my opinion but I think it's funny that the ones throwing shade on the lore and the Deer Isle map haven't been IG for weeks. Try contributing IG before you start casting negativity on the lore and map because behind the scenes people have put many hours of work into creating this for your enjoyment just to be shit on. 

    frustrated clint eastwood GIF

    1. UniiLR


      that is true stephen colbert GIF by Obama

    2. Brayces



      Funny thing is no one shits on Staggs for the lore when he and Para wrote the bulk majority while I was moving countries. 😁 I spent my personal time to help build off the ideas and approve and work with them both to get the lore out while packing, flying and relocating. Yet, it’s shit and sucks and etc. Soooo annoying. People can never be grateful no matter what you try and do. Could of written anything under the sun and people would still not be happy.

      Its like, get IG and be creative. Stop relying on people to spoon feed you what you’re looking for. Go out there and make it happen. The year gap allows people to make so many creative avenues but there are still naysayers who haven’t been IG in ages who will bitch and moan.


      At least you guys know how hard we worked. So I guess that’s all that counts. 💕

    3. AndreyQ


      Roleplayers: Lore too restrictive

      Staff: Here is nonrestrictive lore.


    4. Taffinator


      Deer Isle is on par with Chernarus map wise, lore wise you can do WHATEVER you want. 

      Make the change peeps - get on deer Isle! 

    5. Shroud


      I’ve thrown shade and have been active 😉

    6. Eddie


      Ok..... 🤣, people are allowed their opinions. I was stating this in general for the ones complaining that haven't been IG for ages and yet still want to find something to complain about. 

    7. ScarlettLR


      It will never change, people will always find fault in everything, no matter how hard you work at it and it is sad. I form opinions while playing and my experiences I get,  not from being inactive and forming opinions because you don't have anything to base it off of. 

      At least be considerate of the hard work put in, I haven't played deer isle yet and I am excited for the change.


  8. Hello and welcome to the community, glad to have you here . Best of luck with your whitelisting process. When you're whitelisted you can check this out if you're looking to join a group:
  9. Hell yeah! I'm like a giddy little school girl right now!
  10. Sooooo excited my son will be living with me full-time!


    I'm one proud dad and I know he's excited as well!

  11. This is a really cool video. Can't wait to see more! May I suggest you hide your hud and then it would be even better but well done !
  12. Yeah I don't see this happening. I think people use their own personal Discords for memes and such.
  13. I really don't know the brands but as long as I can smoke 'em I'm good. Also the green shit as well .
  14. Hello and welcome to the community, glad to have you here. Best of luck with your Whitelisting process!
  15. Eddie

    The Pedlars

    Hell yeah, congrats on the approval! I've been hearing good things about this group so keep it up guys!
  16. Eyy, congrats on the approval guys!
  17. Hello @YAKMOUTH, how much time was given when you told @FknSnow to move before you shot and killed him for non compliance? Also what volume were you speaking at when you were giving these demands? Also @FknSnow, you state in your POV that you stopped because you believed the accused was speaking to someone else and you were giving the accused time to continue moving before you proceeded forward, is there any other reason that YOU would have stopped while going up the hill?
  18. @YAKMOUTH , seeing that you have been online and in game since being asked to post your full POV, you will now be temp banned for the entirety of this report given the rulebreaks that you're being accused of.
  19. Hello @YAKMOUTH, please give a full and detailed POV from both situations. You need to state what led up to each encounter from the moment you met the OP and @FknSnow until the moment they were killed.
  20. It looks as if you're being kicked for your characters name being incorrect. Please go into your parameters section of your launcher and enter your characters name exactly as it's spelled on your CP. Here's an example below:
  21. 9/10 It's Spider man and the American flag, what more can you ask for!
  22. Hello and welcome! Glad to have you here pal. Check out this guide and it may help you with this issue:
  23. Hello and welcome back! Yes, since October we have had a Lore wipe. This happened in July so that's the reason you have to create your character again. You can find everything regarding the lore under the DayZ tab. I would read the lore before attempting to create a new character that way the characters backstory will abide by the new lore. Once you create a new CP you will be able to jump IG .
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