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Old Man Eddie
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"Dai nemici mi guardo io, dagli amici mi guardi Iddio!"

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  1. Eddie


    Hopefully soon I’ll get to feeling better and jump back IG 😕 . I have been having heart problems and spent almost the whole last month in the hospital. Just been feeling run down and can’t wait to get back to feeling like my old self. Hope you guys are doing well btw. Take it easy and wish me luck at my next appointment.

    1. DrMax


      Take care Eddie! Look after yourself! 

    2. Brian


      Nice to hear from you! Make sure you look after yourself before you even think about coming back! 

    3. Malet


      Stay safe, Eddie and take all the time you need to recover properly. Health > RP and the server and community isnt going anywhere so come back when you are ready 🙂 

    4. Hellboy


      Hope you get to feeling your best brother

    5. GalloWB


      Great to hear from you, man. Praying all goes well. 

    6. Eddie


      Thanks guys, I have been taking it easy and I will continue to until I have this surgery. The doctors made sure to tell me to take care and the state of Pennsylvania made me turn in my license until my doctors can determine that I’m well enough to drive.  

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