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  1. Hello and welcome to the community, best of luck with your Whitelisting process !
  2. When your son is kicking your ass in COD 🤣

    shocked video games GIF

    I raised him well, brings a tear to my eye.

    Shout out to you @Marik for running a few matches with us, it was fun pal!

  3. Hello and welcome back! Glad to see you back for a third time ! I've never played the Arma mod so I can't really compare experiences unfortunately . Best of luck this time around, have fun!
  4. That would be something that the Administrators or Roland would have to do. I'd suggest putting a support ticket in here: https://www.dayzrp.com/support/ . They will get you sorted. Just keep in mind that if you request your forum account to be deleted you will not be able to come back or make a new account.
  5. Sounds about right 🤣


  6. One of my favorite screenshots I've done on DayZRP back in 2018. So much detail in her face.


  7. Eddie


    Hello and welcome, glad to have you here. Looks like you met one of the beefy tank zombies. They are very powerful but slow. If they corner you, you are pretty much dead if you're not able to get away.
  8. You take it easy Knight, it was great working with you in staff and I hope to cross paths IG ♥️!

  9. I couldn't have asked for two better friends to join this great community with. I joined with you guys and made so many more friends that have helped me get through some tough times! Long live DayZRP!
  10. Nothings more fashionable than accessories. Here's a man and his teddy bear. Don't judge
  11. I've been felling good here lately. I've had my kids since mid July for the Summer but I know it's going to be hard to see them go back to Pittsburgh. They are great kids and they've been keeping entertained xD . Great thread btw @Dan. I always like seeing these pop up.
  12. Hello and welcome to the community! Best of luck with your whitelisting process .
  13. It's a no for me. This isn't a pvp oriented server. If you want to pvp go to v++. Let's keep it to RP and if the situation arises IC then you will get the opportunity if need be to shoot someone.
  14. Hello @ShockedShots, After reviewing this ban appeal and the previous report that this is in regards to the staff team have come to the conclusion that you will be receiving a GUILTY ban for the following rulebreaks: Invalid kill (On sight) and Metagaming and Lying in a report/appeal . So to start out Aron was stopped and subjected to a search where an automatic weapon was found in his bag in which the Russians then started to confront him further asking why he had it on him and so on, towards the end of Aron's VOD clip above you can be heard speaking in Discord to an anonymous person saying the Russians had Aron and you were asking them if it's OK to log back in and shoot. You then log in and kill one of the captors and then you are killed shortly after. Regarding the Metagaming: You log in knowing exactly what was happening regarding the situation with Aron, you used this metagamed information to your advantage as you knew the captors were Russian and their exact location so this leads us to believe that you were watching the stream because there was nothing said IC through the radio transmission that would indicate that level of detail. You knew Aron was being held up, you had a sniper rifle and you more than likely could see that his hands were bound as well. 3.5 Metagaming is transferring information between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC), despite there being no realistic way of characters or players gaining this information. This includes, but is not limited to: Your character knowing someones name because you saw it in the game chat or met them before on a different character Using player live streams to find out where people are in game or gaining other information that is found in the stream Using forum OOC content like media threads to gain information about groups or bases Sharing or gaining information through OOC communications when not permitted as per rule 3.6 below Regarding the Invalid kill (On sight): You are clearly watching Aron's stream, you know what exactly what is taking place. You log in and you see what's taking place, you set up and you kill one of the captors that is located near Aron. For one thing you were in a dynamic group, you were not even logged in while this hostile situation/initiation was taking place so you had no rights whatsoever on the person that you killed, you would have had to re-initiate on the captors yet you didn't do this making your kill invalid. Lying in a report/Appeal: The reason you are being hit with lying in a report is because this is clear as day. There is not much for me to explain as you say it all. First of all in this appeal you state the following: Now in the original report you state this: Somehow you forget that you stated in the original report that you said “we can log back in and shoot right? “ yet you come here today and lie to the staff team and try to put it off on the ''Unknown'' person knowing that you stated this in the previous report. We don't take to kindly being lied too and for you to blatantly sit here and try to pull the wool over our eyes is ridiculous. OUTCOME OF THIS APPEAL: Video evidence used in this appeal: @ShockedShots | VERDICT | Invalid Kill - On sight, Metagaming and Lying in a report/Appeal | GUILTY - Aggravated to 9 day ban, 15 warning points and a character reset Signed by: @Eddie, @Banshee, @Jade
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