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  1. Eddie

    Cow Bath Time

    Look at this cow getting cleaner than my character
  2. I think this looks great but I have to agree with Ducky on the red desk, they definitely look out of place. Other than that, this looks like a good place to generate some trading posts and an RP hub. Best of luck with this!
  3. I think they are fine the way they are, it presents a challenge and I like that. The only time you have to worry is when you're in a big town and somebody shoots, then the shit show begins which is always fun . The radius could be tweaked a little as they got better hearing and seeing abilities than I do xD .
  4. Best of luck with this again guys! Look forward to seeing you guys IG!
  5. I was stating the first two parts from this quote from James ''In addition to this there is a member DATING a 503 member, please explain how any of this seems like a neutral groups behavior.'' If I misinterpreted the statement above and it looks as if I may have then I do apologize @JamesRP. At the end of the day I'm here to have a good time just like everyone else. What I stated in my previous post was more for my characters benefit, if you knew my character you would understand completely . I completely agree with you, I don't expect anyone to be completely safe just because the group is neutral. If something like this was to happen to an acquaintance then it would provide for a great story line and it would further the RP in a direction that would be beneficial for character growth. I understand that it's roleplay, I know that people can take rumors and run off with them and let their imaginations run wild. It makes for good roleplay, I was stating this as more of come to me not my group kind of thing . I can certainly understand what actions I do or say IC will have consequences and they will always be handled IN CHARACTER as I have always done.
  6. So let me get this straight, so just because we are a "Neutral Group" we can't date members of other groups, seriously?? Nah, I'm not hindering my RP experience. I'm not going to just hold my head down IC and just help treat patients all day. I want to get out there and have fun too. This is the apocalypse, I need to let loose and get away from the scene sometimes. So use this as an example: Eddie meets a woman from another group, but this said group is not enemies of anyone at the current time but eventually they become the enemy of {insert group} , I would have to break it off with her because someone may think I'm feeding info to her group because we're dating. Sorry pal, not going to happen unless the situation comes to it and I feel it may bring harm to my group. If it comes to this I would hope the people accusing me came to me first instead of just going off of rumors . Also, just because we treat everyone at the hospital, that doesn't mean we are breaking Neutrality. If the Joyce's, 503, Wolfpack, Soup Kitchen, etc comes in with an injury they will be treated like everyone else. We don't turn anyone away regardless of affiliation. Just because the Joyce's may be feuding with 503 or Wolfpack is feuding with the Corporation doesn't mean we will hold the same view and grudges just because we may have treated them in the past. We tell everyone the same, take that shit outside of the compound because if you think we are picking sides it ain't going to happen.
  7. Hello and welcome to the community! Glad to have you here . Also, yes you do need to create a character before joining the server. Here's a little guide that may help you out: https://www.dayzrp.com/newcomer-guide/ Take care!
  8. Look, I am all for the realism of the food slowly being depleted over time but I believe the current food spawns are fine the way they are. Not everyone are hunters and survivalist, if food was to be reduced in the loot table the people playing characters that depend on finding these canned items or jams, etc are going to have to depend on others IC to do hunting and finding food for them and some may not want to do that. So for that reason I voted No on this.
  9. I really like this idea but I think the prefabs made for each group is better imo. I don't agree with two groups having to form an alliance in order to get a prefab made because there might be disagreements about the prefab being built this or that way and it just seems like it would cause more of an issue among the groups. Like I said, I think having them made per group seems to working just fine. Yeah there may be issues that arise with a way prefabs are presented, like the looks, the item count etc but that's why the council votes on them getting approved or denied.
  10. This looks great! Can't wait to see what's in store for event series! Good job guys!
  11. Lmao, here's Eddie after Dr. Moore left without warning..... @Scarlett


    1. Eddie


      Left me hanging with all those candles though 🤣

    2. Mademoiselle


      Diadora got chu. Dw.

    3. Eddie


      Candle wax incoming 😉 . 

    4. Scarlett


      lmfao I left to go to a store far away, don't know how long Grace with be @Eddie I left a note somewhere I think

    5. Scarlett


      Hope you enjoy those candles


    6. Eddie


      That's what my dad said and yet I'm still waiting 😥. I know what's up, Grace ran off with a Livonian farmer named Jeff I heard. 

      And I have plans for those candles for sure 😉 . 

      It's all good, I forgive her.... and Jeff 😂

    7. Scarlett


       I guess I have a mystery man even Grace doesn't know about. Must have been something she ate or drank. Like that film Hangover

  12. Lol, yes it was a fun and unexpected encounter, thanks for the RP @Highlander! Look forward to seeing what comes of this.
  13. Eddie

    Lamb's Art Dump

    This is great! Love it!
  14. These are great pictures, thank goodness you guys weren't KOS'd
  15. Hello and welcome to the community, best of luck with your Whitelisting process .
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