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"Dai nemici mi guardo io, dagli amici mi guardi Iddio!"

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  1. Eddie

    Stream will begin shortly! Hope to see you in chat!



  2. Eddie

    Stream will begin shortly! Everyday with DayZRP!



  3. Severograd bar opening soon! [Radio Call]

    *Eddie hears Lorenzo on the Radio, so he picks it up after hearing all the broadcasts.He then presses the Ptt button on the side of his radio* "Hey Lorenzo, thanks for picking up the evening hours at the pub, I keep telling myself that one of these days I will work some night-shifts but then I say Eh maybe on the weekends!" *Eddie then releases the Ptt button and grabs some water from his canteen, after he finishes drinking he pushes the Ptt button again and begins to speak once more.* "Ah yeah, to the guy who just spoke, I still run the pub, but a guy does need to have some downtime right. Especially when I take Alexa out, I tend to let Lorenzo run it for me.." "Lorenzo is a good guy and I know the pub is in good hands when I'm away." *Eddie then turns off his radio and slips it into his bag.*
  4. Hello, like everyone stated above, the gear is just gear. You don't need a mass amount of medical supplies to run a successful medical practice. There was once a group that ran that same medical building and I believe the main doctor Rory Taylor didn't use anything at all, she just emoted everything she was using or doing and it was a great medical office. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to highly populated areas, as it was unfortunate that your tents were taken but you have to expect that knowing you set them up in a busy player hub. In my opinion if it happens again in the future your best approach is to investigate in-character, as it provides further RP to the situation.
  5. Returning

    Welcome @Maniac, glad to have you! Welcome back!
  6. Farewell

    Take care!
  7. Real life picture Thread

    Ok, so here is the picture taken about 5yrs ago.... I'm on the left and my son is trying to be like his dad!
  8. Eddie

    Stream will begin shortly! Let #makeseverogradgreatagain!



    1. Dallas

      Glorious town it will be.

    2. Macbrine


      its always been great

  9. Real life picture Thread

    You never know lol! I was showing @Josei, that I also have a twin as well !
  10. Real life picture Thread

    I guess I can reveal my identity for you all =)
  11. The Day Before

    Great screenshot @Mr. Blue!
  12. Question about community

    In my opinion I believe alot of players are waiting for beta to hit. I play alot in the a.m. hrs and it sometimes hits around 20 players but towards the p.m. hrs I do see it jump up. Like @Shane Is Dead said the weekend is a great time to jump on for the most RP.
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    I like this!

    Best of luck to you and never give in to the dark side!!


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      Thanks @Buddy!

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    Congrats on the rank and good Luck