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  1. Eddie

    D7 Mercenaries [Open Recruitment]

    Good luck with the group guys! I like the logo as well!
  2. Eddie

    I'm back.

    Hey man, Welcome back!
  3. Eddie

    Hi all!

    Hello and Welcome, hope to run into you in that Apocalyptic Wasteland! Good luck with your Whitelisting process!
  4. Eddie

    Zombies Suggestion

    I never have a problem with the infected, even if they are able to sprint as fast as cars in first gear . You can easily sneak past them when crouched but don't let them catch you standing up or jumping over a fence because somehow they will pin you in a corner or against something and tear your ass to pieces.
  5. Eddie

    Okay... This Fog.

    Like we have been telling everyone on Discord, A fix is being worked on. We understand that it's frustrating with the fog IG but be assured that this matter is being looked into.
  6. Eddie

    Minimum age to join DayZRP

    Like others said above, it doesn't matter about your age. I don't mind younger players, as long as you can RP out situations maturely and provide quality RP. Good luck with your future endeavors out in Chernarus!
  7. Eddie

    We all start somewhere, choose your path wisely

    Haha, good point .
  8. Eddie

    Eddie Sorella's Daily Screenshots

  9. Eddie

    Alpha Company 3-34

    //Archived due to this being a WIP and this group does not fit the lore
  10. Eddie


    Good luck guys!
  11. Eddie

    Making a short music machinima video

    @Ron is correct, you can find Cannabis seeds IG. Just plant them and you're good to go. Good luck!
  12. Eddie

    Kinda screwed up

  13. Eddie

    Weeb stuff on banners?

    Lmao, this was a test and those that opposed the Weeb Stuff will now and forever have the anime theme on your profile. You're welcome!
  14. Eddie

    Kinda screwed up

    Yeah, killing infected is definitely the way to go, as stated above they tend to have soda and food on them. I also grab mushrooms as well when I'm running just to give you something to help you not die from starvation. As long as you can grab something to eat or drink you should be good. Good luck!
  15. Eddie

    Kicked for not being whitelisted

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