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"Dai nemici mi guardo io, dagli amici mi guardi Iddio!"

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    1. Aisling



    2. Marcc


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  2. Hello and welcome, glad to see your whitelist was accepted !
  3. Damn, this looks noice! Them graphics are ! Best of luck to you guys .
  4. +1 I don't see why this isn't already added? The items in this looks beneficial to all the medrp characters and it would add more of an immersive experience for the person on the receiving end of the medrp. Plus we could always use more drugs in game .
  5. Congrats on the approval guys, been hearing nothing but good things and can't wait to jump IG and check your group out first hand!
  6. Hello and welcome to the server , Best of luck with your whitelisting process!
  7. So glad to finally be feeling better, Covid's a bitch but now to get back into the RP, feels like I've missed a lot 😕 .

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    1. Niller


      Time to stay up late to RP with you, missed you homie

    2. Eddie


      Hell yeah, I hear you pal

  8. Eyy, this looks spicy .... I ran with most of you so I know you guys are having fun! Best of luck with this fellas!
  9. This is definitely a good change to see happen! It never felt right seeing someone get permed over a simple UP so good shit guys!
  10. Was browsing through new characters, to find this 


    1. Eddie


      So close too xD Like the one commercial states "Ain't nothing like the real thing baby!" xD 

  11. Hello Roleplayer EddieLR, i just wanted to wish you all the best and tell you that i do in-fact miss us roleplaying.

    Please properly initiate and shoot Covid so you do not catch any of those Gamer points, and then come back to us.

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    1. Eddie


      I'm trying pal, I certainly miss hanging out with everyone and RP'ing for sure! 

  12. Between myself and my kids catching Covid I believe the worst is about over with for us all.  I'm exhausted mentally and physically so here's to us kicking Covid's ass!

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    1. Cal


      Damn man, hope you and yours feel better soon.

    2. Eddie


      Appreciate it man!

  13. Damn Covid f#cking sucks 😕 

    1. Para


      Sure does, if you've got it get well soon

    2. Zanaan


      pretty much what Para said, if you're sick focus on getting better mate. Can only imagine how much it sucks.

  14. Yo Greeny, why you still orange? You should be green because it's in your name 😁

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