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  1. What do you collect?

    I collect vintage signs for my man-cave. Also collect any pool hall items for my pool table area. I have a nice collection of knifes I like to collect as well !
  2. Eddie

    Stream will begin shortly!



  3. Should Donators Have More Variety Options When It Comes To Their Backgrounds?

    They look nice! I have to admit that I like @Jamie's the best so far !
  4. Guys? [Open Frequency]

    *Eddie hears Liams voice on the radio and he pushes the PTT button to respond* "Liam, hey man this is Eddie" *A brief pause can be heard in the transmission* "I just wanted to let you know that I am fine and I am dealing with this tragedy the best way I can. I am lost man, not physically but mentally! She's gone and I don't know where to go from here? Alexa was everything to me, she was a woman that was strong and determined and she didn't have to go out like that! I always imagined that we would get through this together and we would eventually start a family. But all those dreams we had together where taken from me! Bless her soul, at least she is in Heaven smiling down with her brother Luca, maybe saying something like 'She's going to kick my ass!' She was always a strong woman I just didn't realize she would be taken from me so soon! I know I want to get revenge for Alexas death but I have to go about it smart! Look, I will speak to you soon, you take care Liam!" *Eddie releases the PTT button on the radio and throws it into his bag, he then looks out over the vast landscape and begins to wonder where he will go from here...*
  5. Cya

    Take care man! See you when .63 hits!
  6. Eddie

    Stream will begin shortly!



  7. Ciao

    Take care man and good luck with your endeavors! o7
  8. Airsofting

    I think airsoft looks fun, I watched alot of Videos and the type of guns they use are awesome! When I was younger I would get with friends and we would go out and have paintball tournaments. My friends were assholes and they would freeze the paint-balls and when they hit you it hurt like hell. I do think airsofting though would be a fun thing to get myself and my son into!
  9. Eddie


    5ad7e676b2750_221100_screenshots_20180415174323_1(2).thumb.jpg.6255e9d4dc0090cbc5d7d6e5166c766c.jpgCaption This:


    1. Spartan


      When you're slow dancing with your girl and then suddenly smell the garlicbread she ate for lunch

    2. Levi Ackerman

      Levi Ackerman

      Rose and Violet swirl.

    3. APTerminator


      Love and Loathing in Chernarus

  10. Eddie Sorella's Daily Screenshots

  11. Eddie

    Stream will begin shortly!



  12. Hello again.

    Welcome back! Hope to run into your character in-game =) !
  13. Eddie

    First Stream in a few days is about to begin, had to reconfigure my whole PC because of the hard-drive!

    Come join in and lurk away!



    1. OskuRP


      Finally! We dont have to try to actually find the Coalition ingame anymore. Oh boy do i love metagaming!

  14. Hello Everyone

    Welcome! Glad to have you here =)
  15. I'm back

    Welcome back! Check out the forums for the latest info on the lore and timeline. Your best bet is to get in-game and just find out IClly =) .