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  1. Looking Good man , graphics look good bro!
  2. *Eddie pushes the PTT button and starts to speak* "So Louie, you said midnight, hmmm, can't make midnight work, how's about we speed this up and say 8:30pm sharp in Kab, an hrs time enough for you?" "I'm hoping to fuck you up and then go have some dinner, I have some deer steak waiting for me, you get me!" "And to this motherfucker that keeps chirping in, hmm, Jack I think, shut the fuck up, if I wanted any lip from you, I will let you know, you fucking do-boy!" *Eddie releases the PTT button*
  3. *Eddie picks up his radio and speaks* "Is that lame ass Louie I hear? Yeah, it is. I can recognize that douche voice anywhere!" *Eddie laughs to himself and presses the PTT button* "You know that sounds like a tempting offer, I might have to take you up on that!" "I will meet you, and tell your do-boys to let go of your belt loop for a change, I will meet you face to face, only the two of us, we can do a little hand to hand combat. Hell, you can even have a knife, I would like to slice that throat of yours buddy! How's about Friday, we can make it a date, I will bring the wine and you can bring the picnic basket." "You can call people fucking pussies all you want, let's see how your bitch ass does one on one. And trust me Louie, I don't act! Their is no better way know your enemy pal, when you're facing them and looking them in the eye's, when they gasp their last breath, we shall see who the pussy is my friend. This reminds me of a story, a group once had me held up not too long ago and asked me the craziest question, and I laugh now but they asked me if I knew how to choke out a bobcat, and me being from up north, didn't have an answer for their question, so I told them if I could get a hold off it I would snap it's fucking neck! So Louie, let's go at it , you can be that bobcat in theory, let me get a hold of you and I would like to snap that fucking neck of your's and end your reign as the Red Queen" *Eddie lets the button go and then presses it again* "Forgot to mention, our boy's can be there as well, hell after the fight, they can do whatever the fuck they want, they can stand around a fire and fucking sing Kumbaya for all I care but nobody fires a shot until this thing is over between you and I, you got me." *Eddie releases the button and throws the radio in his bag*
  4. *Eddie presses the PTT button chuckling to himself after listening to what seems like hrs of tiring douches get their word in* "Listen up all you simple minded fucktards" *Looks like we stirred up the hornets nest with our radio transmission, Eddie thinks to himself smirking ,which I, myself knew was going to happen.* "So all you worthless fuckboys come out from under your rocks and safe spots to give us your piece of mind, here on the radio. Great, thanks for your input but we are not worried about the shit talking on this little radio I hold in my hand, it's just I can't figure how you fucking dumb asses figured out how to even work the damn thing . I'm glad you fucking idiots decided to say your little half-witted words of wisdom, cause it's funny just listening to all of you, some of you I don't even see how you survive day to day life, maybe that's why some of you run in numbers, so your other mates can pick up your retarded asses." "So Some of you said what you needed to say, good! Now SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN HERE BOY'S, our transmissions earlier was to let the other groups of the Unity know to be ready . Then all you simple minded fucks chime in." "Now to the ones who think we want to take over this country, our goal is to rid this zombie infected place of the filth and the fucking idiot groups that prey on the honest, to rob and kill at their will without any justice being done, let me tell you pieces of shit something, Your days are numbered!" "To the one armed cripple with the hook, SHUT YOUR ILLITERATE ASS UP, all this cunt this and cunt that , man I could barely understand your fucking ass by the way . Next time you want to talk shit over the radio you might need to bring an interpreter so i fucking know what your saying with your uneducated ass! Hell, next time I see you I will drop some books off for you bro, and maybe my boy's won't cut your other hand off so you can turn the page!" *Eddie, getting tired of ranting but still has a lot on his mind decides to end his transmission short, knowing he has to ready up.*
  5. *Eddie Sorella hears a familiar voice and knows it's time. He thinks to himself that it has been long enough, the time has finally come* *Eddie presses the PTT button and speaks with a stern voice* "To all of Federation XV listen closely" "The time has now come for all four groups to be allied together and become what is known as THE UNITY, we will rid this forsaken country of the weak groups that prey on the innocent." "No longer will we stand by and be pushed around by these groups who run around in numbers and try to intimidate people!" "From this day forward any group that defies the Unity will be taken out swiftly, the Unity will deal with you and what's left of your group, you will not even be an afterthought!" *Eddies lets go of the PTT button and smirks to himself, he then presses the PTT button once more* "To the groups who have done any of the Unity's allied groups wrong" "In time, these so called bandit groups, the ones that hurt others for their own gain, YOU will meet us soon, you will beg for a quick death!" ''If you think you can mess with anyone in the Unity, think again, you will have four groups after you and believe me, there isn't enough places in Chernarus to hide, you better start to dig your own graves because the Federation XV, Corleones, Misfits, and Coyotes will hunt you down like the dogs you are and eliminate all of you, that is not a threat, it's a guaranteed promise! So we will see you boys soon enough, and remember that you have been warned!" *Eddie releases the button and then presses it back quickly forgetting to say one thing* "Hey Josh, it's good to hear your voice my friend, I'm glad to hear you're OK and doing well!" *Eddie releases the button and chunks it in his bag, and he says to himself, "Good riddance to them all!"*
  6. Looking good bro 😉
  7. Np bro , it was nice being the hostage for once lol =p
  8. *Eddie clears his throat, presses the PTT button and speaks in a stern voice* "To All Federation XV, this is Eddie speaking." "As you may of heard, our leader and friend Josh has been wounded and is missing." "I have made multiple attempts to reach Josh on the radio and sadly, I have been unsuccessful, I currently do not know his whereabouts." "I will be filling in as Leader, and I want to reassure you that we will carry on and rid this country of the Power groups that prey on the weak to make names for themselves, we will no longer tolerate this!" "We will build alliances with other groups that will benefit both us and them, we will have their back and vice versa. We need these Alliances to further ourselves as a Faction and to build a stronger and more tactical group, one that will not be feared by the nameless but respected by them." *Eddie releases the PTT button and looks around the compound and thinks about his friend Josh and wonders how he is doing. He presses the PTT button once again* "Be vigilant my friends, for now comes the time that others might try to kick us when we are down but we will never fall, we will never be pushed around again by these groups who run around in numbers trying to intimidate others. Now comes the time of Federation XV!" *Eddie releases the PTT button and takes off to search for his friend Josh*
  9. *Eddie is thumbing through the different radio channels when he hears a familiar voice, knowing instantly his friend Josh sounds in trouble* *He presses down the PTT button* "Josh...... is that you?" "Josh can you hear me? This is Eddie, do you copy my friend?" "What happened, where are you?" "Who did this, let me know and I will break their fucking legs!" *Eddie lets go of the PTT button hoping to hear his friends voice once again, he waits and listens for what seems like an eternity but he never hears Josh's voice again, just radio silence* *Eddie presses the PTT button once again with hope that Josh is listening* "Josh if you can hear me, you get that leg checked out my friend, you don't want it getting infected, just stay safe and take care of yourself." "Don't you worry about us guys in XV. It will not be the same with you being gone, but we will pick up and carry on." "We will continue to fight for what we know is right!" "We shall see you again my friend, until then you get well and like I said, do take care of yourself." *Eddie releases the PTT button and he clears his throat, he knows the road ahead is not an easy one but it is clear to him what needs to be done*
  10. I don't run pal. Let me catch you one on one I guarantee you, I will be the last man standing , then my boy @Gavin Corleone will have you fixed up real nice 😂 . And if I remember correctly at the longbarn in vybor your group tuck tail and ran when they thought our group only had a few guys lol, you guys scattered like roaches 💤
  11. Eddie Sorella

    I was part of a crew back home, back before all the shit hit the fan and I ended in this shit hole, I now call my not so permanent home. My crew never went by any names,some called us thief's,murderers,members of organized crime,but whatever that's a story all in its own. I did whatever I had to do to make it by. I made a few bad decisions and instead of getting wacked I ended in this Country, the one you call Chernarus with a burlap sack over my head. When I was able to free myself I decided to find like minded people like myself to have a better chance at surviving this hell and so I became a leader in the crew called the Remnants, and the rest is all history ya know what I'm sayin......
  12. It was a successful hunt, great meal, I enjoyed tracking this one! You go from hunting people whose done you or your group wrong to hunting an elusive prey like this one , it always feels good when you can take either down!



  13. Np man, you guys have your hands full , thanks guys , this is solved and I do appreciate all of your help 😃 @Brady, @Lyca, @Ender .
  14. Thanks , it worked =).
  15. Thanks, I will jump on and let you know ☺ Yes, it worked, Thank you !