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"Dai nemici mi guardo io, dagli amici mi guardi Iddio!"

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  1. I will be out of town until Thu. Evening guys, see you then ☺

    1. Dirty Dan


    2. Jonal


      Bye bye Eddie T_T

    3. Peg4YourBackpack
    4. Fil Vandren
    5. Eddie Sorella

      Eddie Sorella

      I'm sorry guys, had to fly out very early this morning due to an unexpected  family emergency out of state ?. 

    6. Peg4YourBackpack


      OH no.....so sorry Eddie.  Hugs.

    7. Wolfstorm23
  2. When you say hi, but she keeps walking....

    Damn Dan , she just kept on running lol ?.
  3. Awesome job Rory ! I love how each individual section is detailed with all types of examples ?! This guide is definitely going to help others?.
  4. Going live with some DayZRP! Come chill and enjoy the show!


  5. *Eddie picks up his radio feeling lightheaded and faint and speaks with a raspy voice* "Dan, James, can you hear me?" ''I am waiting here patiently for you to arrive, please get here fast guys, not sure how bad it is , just really sick and in need of those charcoal tabs badly" *Eddie drops the radio as he starts to vomit and he starts to get weaker and weaker* *As he tries to grab the radio he starts to black out, but is able to speak a couple words* "Look guys , radio me if............" *Eddie falls into unconsciousness and slumps to the ground*
  6. Had a blast as always running the wastelands with @Amerdan. Glad to run into @Peg4YourBackpack, it was getting interesting until the server bit the dust?. And @Rory can you please bring back Rory , Severograd needs a better doctor than the one we ran into today lol. At one point I was like. ........


    1. eqsanctum


      Hey man, need to run into you sometime

    2. Eddie Sorella

      Eddie Sorella

      I know , one day I will get on the IC radio and we will set up a spot to meet bro! Hope you're enjoying the server so man ?

    3. eqsanctum


      Oh yeah, haven't really run into somebody. I see Lopatino is pretty barren though....

    4. Rory


      Couldn't have been worse than when I ran into a "doctor" who didn't know what a stethoscope was.

  7. Hi!

    Hi @Peg4YourBackpack, Welcome ?! You are definitely not new to RP and I know that you will bring your A game! Hope to see you IC soon! ?
  8. Who says there's No love in Severograd ?

    Lol, I know! Purple Puffers are in this season! =D
  9. Who says there's No love in Severograd ?

    From the album Eddie Sorella's Daily Screenshots

    Except for that guy , he wasn't having none of it .... ? #makeseverogradgreatagain
  10. All this italian love :ph34r:

    1. Eddie Sorella

      Eddie Sorella

      You Know it! 


    2. eqsanctum


      haha much love man. Got whitelisted!

  11. In Viridian - Media

    @Rory, @Amerdan I now Know Pingu, Thanks alot =)
  12. Behind closed doors ?

    From the album Eddie Sorella's Daily Screenshots

    We shall never speak of this again ? @Amerdan, @Ronin47, @Rory
  13. Coming to a theatre near you! Fall 2017


    1. Eddie Sorella

      Eddie Sorella

      I only wish lol ?

  14. Tonight was a great night for RP, Thanks to all of you that I ran with , had a blast! @Rory, Your medical RP is so good, enjoyed our 1hr surgery ? @Amerdan, You crack me up man , lol, Dan the medicine man ? @SkinVest, always a blast bro! Thanks for being a cringy teen! @IAmJackBandit, you and Mr pinky are a riot! @Keira, enjoyed your RP, you keep telling those dudes to f#@k off lol! @Ronin47, great rp man. Hope to chat IC more man ☺ @BrickWall, your character is great bro!