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  1. One of the best role players I have ever met, did not type, nor tell me his name (possibly because I was being executed for robbing him, HAHA), but in that time I had received a very thought out speech being preached in my ear, that was before he ripped it off with a crowbar... I do not know his name, nor do I think I will ever. He was kind of like the unsung Roleplayer. Haha! -Ginger
  2. Had this exact same problem... First of all; Launch Arma II Operation Arrowhead. Check your expansions tab, you should have in this exact order... If it is wrong in any way it would kick me off the game. This not how everyone will be able to fix this problem, but it worked for me. Expansions: Arma 2: British Armed Forces (lite) Arma 2: Private Military Company (lite) beta Expansion ArmA 2: DayZRp Mod Arma Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead If it is not exactly in that order, or you are missing anything, it seems to kick me off within 20 mins of playing. Like I said, this worked for me, it may not work for everyone else, but its worth a shot eh? If in fact this does not work, reinstalling DayZRp is your best sollution. Not the most desireable, but what are you susposed to do? Good luck with the troubleshooting mate, and best of luck! -Ginger
  3. GenerousGinger

    Semi-back from a break

    Haha, Love the name ^^, Hope to see you ingame! Great idea for character profile: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091104160203/trailerpark/images/6/63/Bubbles.jpg -Ginger
  4. It is a bit unfortunate with the given situation. But as replies have previously stated; shy of you donating, there is no way of becoming whitelisted until the applications are able to be taken in. Best info I can give is if you do not plan on donating. I would HIGHLY suggest you study the rules until you could write them backwards blindfolded. If you happen to not fully explain a rule in the applications after a long period of time waiting, you will be back where you started! I do think your pal should donate. Very much worth it... DayZRp adds a whole level of enjoyment to DayZ. Well worth your money! ^^ -Ginger
  5. Hey. So, I have been in game and playing just as regular as any other day. When suddenly I kept on getting kicked. A message popped up "You were kicked."... I asked others in game and It says something about addons. I could not tell exactly what the message was as I did not receive any error message... All of my patches and Arma and everything is up to date. I do not know the problem. Anyone else know? -Ginger
  6. GenerousGinger

    Whitelist Application Question

    Erm. I personally had the same thing happen when I first was whitelisten. Unexplained KOS rule. Being the person I sometimes am, I did not copy my questions. I resubmitted my application with what I felt was correct, and got in. I personally think that it'd be a better idea to rewrite all off the application. It will show the reviewer that you do truly understand the rules and have the right mindset to play. -Ginger
  7. Just thought I'd start a thread about situations you have been in, or encountered that really ticked you off, or just made your eyeballs fall out of their sockets. The reason I bring this up, is for the past two days (I have terrible internet at my cabin) I have been downloading a game... I finally get the .EXE downloaded and my anti virus deletes it... I have never been more pissed off in my life. -Ginger
  8. Hey, I just got back from a trip to BC! Incredible place, what with the mountains, lakes, rivers, wildlife. A real joy to travel there. But, I do afterall have a question. If I were to head to Vancouver; would it just be urban? Or is it scenic? The place I went to was a very spread city and there were a lot of stuff to look at. Was just wondering if it was the same there? -Ginger
  9. Haha yeah. I wouldn't let the story go all superman and have him land on land, haha. SPLAT
  10. Basicly I spent a metric tonne of time into writing this, and thinking it through. It relates a lot to my life, and its my characters story. Tell me what you think! A powerful Czechslovakian family, having hundreds of generations of thourough Czech blood, have been given a new meaning in the world. This begins with the political conflict; "The Velvet Revolution". The Dřevorubec family has dreaded the Slovak Socialist Republic party whom was pushing for a separation of their great country. Being such a large family the Dřevorubecs were, and having such an influence over the economy of the country. The government secretly tried to eliminate the family tree in hopes to gain complete control over the country. The communication between the relatives slowly diminished. A letter was recieved from Uncle Fred. It read: "Dřevorubec in danger. Come now." the letter was sent from Canada. Being the unintelligent WWII veteran Uncle Fred was. Ahasver Dřevorubec(Father) had realised that no other member of the family had been contacted. Aunt Precvo, Gumpa Gus, Brother Allie, not a single word heard from them. The only thing Ahasver could assume, is they were being eliminated. In fear of the government, and the safety of his family. That night he contacted previous connections he knew help that would him with the undetected immigration to Canada. Daniel Dřevorubec being at the age of five during this crisis was sent to Canada aboard a fishing boat. Despite the efforts of Ahasver, only two individuals were able to go. Daniel and his older brother Ahlzech (age 14 at this time) were sent off. The night they were loaded on to the ship, Ahasver told his children that would change the coarse of their lives forever. He spoke "Our blood is deep within you. It is the sole hope for your future. In any worst case, you will always have the strength of your ancestors. Now go!". (35 years later) Having both joined the Canadian armed forces and now returned from a operation involved in Zargabad, Daniel and Ahlzech had time to visit the grave of Uncle Fred. Unfortunate that they couldn't have been with him in his last minutes. Not long after arriving back in their acrage in the province of Saskatchewan, they were called again to operate in a special operations team aboard the U.S.S Calvin, an American aircraft Carrier 2 clicks from the shore of Chernarus. During their flight aboard a MV-22 Osprey enroute to the carrier. The boys talk of their heritage, their ancestry, and the privilege that they are still alive. While in midflight, the pilot calls out "Four clicks from U.S-..." he stops in dead sentence. "Say again?!" calls Daniel. No response. Daniel heads to the front of the vehicle to check on the pilots. "What in gods name?!" murmurs Daniel. Both pilots have what appeared to Daniel as a horrible burn like rash, and the smell of burnt angus filled the air. Suddenly the pilot came to life, and sprung at Daniel. Being the snitch that Ahlzech was he was at the rear of Daniel, he luckly had his pistol drawn and shot the pilot. "The hell was that?!" Screamed Daniel, "No bloody clue, can you fly this damn thing?!" asked Alzech, "I sure hope so!". Daniel had taken the seat of the pilot and began to look for a place to land, possibly call for a pickup by the Calvin. "How about over there eh?!" called Ahlzech from the co-pilot seat. "That'll work!" replied Daniel. As he began the decent, a crumbling sound roared from the left rotor, then in an instant, it had ripped off. In a deadly spiral downward towards earth, Daniel had somehow managed to make it to the door of the plane. Ahlzech who had followed Daniel to the door, had jumped straight out of the Osprey. A moment after as did Daniel. Without a parachute Daniel had no options left. He felt it was the end. Off a bit north was a large lake. If there was any way he was going to survive, that was it. Daniel sprawled out in the air, then straight into a dive. Splash. After having regained conciousness, floating from the floatee device manditory to wear abord the Osprey, Daniel swam to shore. Unaware, that the infection had surrounded the globe, and that his blood was the sole hope for his future. In fact. Everyone future. It is more of a book type story, but It gets the idea across that shows more of the characters background, and the feeling as to why he is in Chernarus, and how he discovers the infection. Anyways, leave thoughts, comments, etc.. Lemme know! -Ginger
  11. Thanks! Everyone around here is so nice! Most forums are like: "Yeh. Sup..."
  12. Hows a goin er' body! Im new to this community and wish to know what everyone is like! Long story short I am 16 years old, love DayZ, I am of course Czech, and like to be social. If anyone wants to know something, or would like to just, get to know each other, have at er'! (Sounds like some sort of EHarmony commercial... >.<) -Ginger