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  1. Vini Vercetti was part of the Irish Mob for most of his life. After a few years running around as a drug mule he finally saw chance to move up the chain he helped run the coke trade in Scotland for the mob until he was sold out to the police and jailed for 5 years. When his sentence was up he immediately got back to business selling drugs for the mob, the mob decided his work in Scotland was done so they instead moved him to Chernarus to continue his work where he stayed for 6 months until the outbreak happened and fucked him over. Now alone and with his ass to the wind he decided to do what he can to survive.
  2. Lucius Mcbride was a rough man with a even rougher childhood. Growing up he survived by working along side local gangs in New York city before finally being caught robbing a jewelry store, which changed his life. Lucius was 18 years old when he was caught and he was given a choice he could either rot in prison for a decade or he could enlist in the military needless to say he chose the military. After joining he was put through boot camp which the commanding officers soon realized he had a knack for leading and close quarters combat which put him on top of his class and later caused him to be sent on multiple missions leading his own squad. On one of his missions he was sent to Chernarus to help with the escalating situation when his heli crashed killing his squad and leaving him wounded. After seeking shelter he soon learned through radio broadcasts that they failed to hold the check point and most of the worlds population is gone. Now after healing from his wounds hes ready to face this new hell and he can only hope he survives.
  3. Advenichi was a military runt his father was general, that got moved to places all around the world. Adveninchi's father taught him how to maintain and operate guns as well as hunt and scavenge for food in the wild. When the world went to hell his father was one of the first infected Advenichi had to put his father out of his misery before he fled the mass panic happening around his town by escaping to the woods were he used the skills his father taught him to survive shunning any contact in fear of looters.
  4. Most helpful friend Thanks
  5. Sorry if this is posted somewhere i just couldnt find it (I might be blind) but where can i find the lore for the world