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  1. Which were your best and worst moments? Best moment way back before SA, 2013-2015, good times. Worst time, 2018 had low player activity, 2020 was worst OOC wise, felt like people just wanted others banned for petty reasons. Are you happy with your time spent on the server currently? No, why? Read my statements below. Would you like to see any shift or change? Remove trading, remove Rpgs and grenade launchers. Add some hoarding rules and make robbing people more frowned upon unless it fits RP wise with your character or group. Crack down on OOC shit, hard bans, minimal pardons, shit like that destroys communities if not taken care of early. More Q/As with admins and gamemasters. I dont see the RP aspects of firefights involving 8 rpgs and grenade launcher spam. I see too much robbery RP compared to just talking to people and developing storylines that way. I feel like people avoid others and large groups since they are afraid of getting robbed and thus RP encounters and quality suffers. People take ingame actions way too serious, OOC hate for certain groups and members have not improved since last time i played here. I despise traders and trading systems in general, AI elements in a roleplay server should be kept at minimum to events only. I dont want to play Dayz SA Overpoch... People are way too trigger happy and gear focused, if you want 100 custom guns with attachments in your shitty shack you hid in the forest, play Call of Duty or Escape from Tarkov That being said, there are still people around that bring the roleplay quality up to what used to be the dayzrp standard. We need more of those people, you know who you guys are, i love you for it.
  2. the american unit mightve been TFW (Task Force Whiskey), i seem to think we operated around 2013-14 but i could be mistaken, its so long ago now the details get fussy, i miss those times...
  3. Glad to join this group and get back in to DayzRP! I bet you thought you had seen the last of me @Whistleblower
  4. Wipe server, change loot spawnrates but keep player invs, that way people wont have to play 4-5hrs just to get their clothing and shit back, wipe needs to be random though so no funny people decide to log off with as much as they can carry before wipe.
  5. I member a situation when the FM was being held hostage inside their pobeda camp, TFW was called to assist and one thing led to another and i fire an rpg in to the compund when the negations broke down, fun times!
  6. Add the server restart times to the front page, its honestly silly that i have to ask for that on the discord helpdesk, and the i answer i got wasnt even helpful since i was only told every 4 hours, no clue if it was recent or not. I know this used to be the case way back on the server status pagewhere it said when it will restart, literally just re-enable it.
  7. only issue i have are cars getting undrivable during peak hours or if it ahs been a long time since restart, bouncing all over the place...
  8. dude, literally just turn it on during overflow, if server 1 isnt full, dont turn it on. it would lessen the impact on the economy unlike before when it was constantly on.
  9. i dont care tbh, modding will keep it alive for another 5-7 years at least just like with arma 2 and 3. The devs had given up on it a long time ago, this just confirms what most people has suspected for years. Arma 4 will be sick doe, cant wait!
  10. @Voodoo people moan about it being OP becouse they go there with no set plan in mind and hopes to frag everyone inside somehow. Prison is easy to raid, just takes more preperation than your average walled off building.
  11. @Pepsi the toxic zone mod was removed at the time to deal with server performance since constant crashing and bad tps was occuring on the server. However, after the removal of the toxiczone there was no significant difference so adding this mod back in is something i fully support. It really sells the whole idea ingame that something terrible happened there, also, i wouldnt mind the toxic gas grenades and the sea-chest of rare loot back in since it seems that whenever i go there i never find shit. pic of why it got removed and the result:
  12. This brings back memories, best of luck to you!
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