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  1. You make a valid point that they should be a threat but in my opinion they already are and there was no need to make this change. I still stand firm that this will limit RP encounters. Most people want to get from point a to point b safely. Increasing the deadliness of wildlife means less people would take forest routes, less people will go down to south livonia and less people will follow the western and northern part of the chernarus map, at least on their own. This removes the RP potential of these areas and instead centralizes them to other regions of the maps. Im not a big fan of centralizing RP, i prefer more random encounters but thats just me i guess.
  2. Forcing RP on people isnt really fun though, people like myself really like the whole lone wanderer experience you get when playing by yourself and occasionally walking in to a settlement or a group. Forcing people to rp in groups limits those experiences wich means you are limiting RP. Also, have you ever faced off against a bear or wolfpack on your own? Its already hard as it is and getting out alive from such an encounter alive is very hard on your own and even becomes drasticly lower for new characters with no automatic weapons or for character wich for roleplay reasons dont use such weapons. This changed was not needed and not requested.
  3. Yeah, most people in our group have been away doing either family/study/work stuff and that takes presedence over dayzrp for obvious reasons. Playing this game takes a lot of hours, thats just dayz. It doesnt help that the beginning of the year is the time when most people play games the least. Anyways, ill be getting on again soon enough with the rest of our members so no worries there.
  4. Danskjävlar som snor mitt operator namn... Good luck with this group though, cant wait to meet you ingame
  5. People might be mad at the time but its those moments you remember the most
  6. you looking to blow up a bank or something?
  7. Nibba put your hands up, drop weps 10 secs!
  8. Dont shit where you eat, and dont cook explosives where you live. The book idea sounds good, maybe it only spawns in military camps and mining sites?
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