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  1. Former Ski Instructor of the Armée de Terre Chasseur Alpin (Army 'Alpine Hunter') - the French Army's premier mountain infantry. On retirement, Laurent took a job with a large American Ski Resort operator and was working on a number of exploratory projects in the East. For example, Laurent was part of the team that helped establish the Saint Roman Ski Resort in Chernarus. He had been visting Namalsk as despite the significant military population, they had identified an opportunity for development of a small resort on the island of Namalsk.. will a keen local interest, and international attention.. inspired by the Island's relative proximity to Sochi - and the 2014 Winter Olympics. Laurent timed this trip really badly, as he ended up getting trapped on Namalsk when the Frenzied Flu hit and Namalsk was destined as the Quarantine zone for Sochi. For a while, he stayed quarantined in his hotel bedroom.. accepting rations from the Russian forces. But things started to turn for the worse, and eventually the soldiers left - so Laurent decided he had to get out of the city and into the wilds of the island.. perhaps crazy for some.. but Laurent has advanced knowledge of mountain survival, and has been living in the mountain caves of Namalsk since. He knows there are other survivors out there - he sometimes sees their fires in the night - so it is time for him to come out of shelter and figure out what has happened since he left the city.
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