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  1. As a small boy, I wanted to travel the world and learn more about what life has to offer besides big and crowded cities. I wanted to go out and see more of nature. Growing up I become fond of painting and drawing which led to a more seclusive personality. Not making many friends and keeping to myself turned life into a blur. I lost the dreams and hopes of seeing the world in more of a calm setting. Life was rough for me growing up; my mother had left my father in pursuit of another man she thought she loved; constant hardship from my father to excel in school, and having to take care of my sweet sister. she was the light when it all seemed grey. Graduating high school was the moment that I was waiting for. Leaving behind all the people who looked at me as if I were going to become nothing. Not too long after my 18th birthday arose. Knowing that I was an adult I moved out of my old man's house and took my sister with me to be able to pursue our lives. Doing so brought my young child dreams back into reality. I could go out and do the things I wanted to do and not have others to judge me for doing it. From job to job in Chernarus I soon made enough money to make life easier for me and my sister. Everything seemed to be going well. I was selling some of my artwork and good prices and I just got a pay raise at my job. What I didn't know was that this wasn't going to be the new beginning I was asking for.