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  1. *All PTT's within a five mile range around Nagornoe crackle alive* James... Ryan, it's Rob. Where the hell are you guys? I am stuck out here. *The sound of a small fire can be heard in the background* It is starting to get dark out here and I've set up- *The radio squelches and static broadcasts for a new seconds* The GPS batteries are starting to die and my solar panel is cracked. Current location is 099 - 000, I am going to stay here as long as I can but I am running out of food. *Twigs snap and his breath can be heard getting heavy* Fuck sakes what is going on out here guys? Where the hell are you? I have a bit of battery left in my handheld but I dunno how long. The gun shots in that town we were near have stopped and the fires are calming down. I am going to keep heading West from where I am, if you guys can hear this please get back to me... I am going to be turning my handheld on two hours after the sun comes up and an hour before it goes down to save battery. I hope you guys are ok, be safe. *Rob looks up at the sky and sees the sun fading behind the hills to the North, he hangs his head down and crosses his hands over his kness while he sits beside the fire*
  2. *Hours pass since the last message has been sent* *The same broken message replays over a crackling air wave* Zero... Eight... One *There is a 3 second pause* Zero... Zero... Eight *The radio does not fall silent this time, now with the previous message still playing another message plays over top but much louder* This is Private First Class Ryan Kenney of the Essex Kent Regiment *phiizzzz* 7th Brigade, our area has been over run and the men are falling back. As our remaining signal operator I am sending *pssshhit* out this message. It has been one week since the total containment of this country, the Canadian Forces Commander of this AO has demanded immidiate return to fall point Regina. All forces are to abandon all posts, civilians are no to be considered *inaudible* at once. This message is to be considered a recording after *inaudible* unless otherwise noted. God speed guys, get back here safe. PFC Kenney out. *The radio falls erieely silent*
  3. *All radios crackle to life with a sharp fuzz on all frequencies. A very broken signal is transmitted* *The voice on the radio almost sounds computerized and very monotone* Zero... Eight... One *There is a 3 second pause* Zero... Zero... Eight *The same message is transmitted for exactly 2 minutes with no noise in the background and covered with various crackles and pops from a weak signal* *Then there is silence*
  4. Well if it were me, after my first run in with my char I would have made a quick exit. Also he didn't expect me to die after emptying a whole 30 round mag into my center mass? Haha common now lol. It was a good RP and me and the aggressor are chill about what happened, that character is dead BUT I will probably do something similar but a little more chilled out so as to prevent trigger happy people from wasting him. It was a fun little session and I think both him and I enjoyed our encounter, which is what this community should be about.
  5. Perhaps if I had only been shot once sure, I think what I might do is kinda tweak him... a little less insane and skiddish and just a little more mentally "broken" and unstable
  6. I do realize that yes, but to me, when he dies that is it. Hard to RP getting shot 22 times and surviving
  7. I quiet enjoyed when I ran away screaming and laughing like a maniac. Was hilarious to watch from another prospective. In all honesty if my char dies and it gives a bit of story to someone else I am cool with it. Just wish this guy could have survived a bit to have a few more encounters with other people. My plan with him was that he could be chilled out if given booze or a smoke and is super calm under heavy stress situations like being attacked, but a complete lose cannon that would kill anyone for no reason at all. Alas he is dead, so back to the drawing board.
  8. I only made this post because I wanted people to maybe think about shooting just because they encounter something that isn't a "normal RP" Well people seem to just scream shit (not this current encounter) that you can barely understand and then blast you... so ya "initiated"
  9. Just because I said the word gear doesn't mean I am mad or "gear playing" just used to getting "initiated" by players with lower gear than myself. This is the third time I've encountered, "put your gun down or *you are dead* shoot"
  10. I wasn't looking to get anyone in trouble here at all. I was simply trying out a new sort of roleplay as I said before basic RP on the server seems far to common. There is a lack of dangerous and different situations other than bandits and over friendly strangers. When I heard him call out to me on the roof I thought "I might make this a bit interesting for him and maybe make him rethink screaming to me in an infested town" I was a bit upset with getting gunned down from behind and I am sure he is now walking around with my decent gear that he didn't destroy with his hail of fire. Either way, maybe next time I little less pew pew when the persons back is turned.
  11. Whoever the aussie fella was on at around 4PM EST, I was the mentally unstable fellow you blasted in Gorka. We were having a bit of a fucked up RP, however it was clear I was mentally unstable and yet you seemed to keep running up to me when I was having "mental episodes" on the infected. The last interaction we had was me screaming at a dead infected I had just killed and was emptying a magazine into because I thought it was my doctor. (Yes I get all this seems like weird RP however I am getting sick of campfire RP and "hey mate got any food or ammo RP) All I have to say was things were going chill till you ran up on a guy clearly losing his mind with a gun in his hand and started telling him to shut up and calling him a cunt... while my gun was pointed at you, you asked me to lower it or you'd have to hurt me, at which point I turned away and started walking away with my back to you mumbling "hurt me hurt me hurt me" over and over. At which point you emptied your 22 into me. Sadly that was the last time you were going to see him as I was about to log off, maybe next time don't shoot people in the back, unless maybe the rules have changed? Maybe I should clear all this up a bit more, in point form. - Was in Gorka alone when I heard someone call out to me so I hid ontop of PD - Confronted by a man with an axe on the roof - Clearly unstable I asked him to leave me alone - Said man said sure - I ran into the street where a zombie heard me so I shot - Decided to RP that fuck up out and just stand and calmly kill all the infected - Aussie came up mid fight and started yelling at me (weird) - Killed infected and went into a loud audible rant (which aussie could hear) - Ran off into the hills where I heard him shooting - Seen him and decided to RP my char out a bit being insane asking for my meds and if he'd seen my doc - Ran away again screaming rants - Followed by aussie who watched me kill another infected outside of town and start to lose my mind - Confronts me and tells me to lower weapon or he'd hurt me - Turn back to walk away and start walking with my back to him saying "hurt me" over and over - Suddenly getting hammered by 22 rounds. -You are dead
  12. My IRL friend and I RP a couple days a week and we've never been disappointed. We have had a ton of fun encounters with wolves, zombies and trying to avoid or follow other people. We have yet to have a decent run in with other people as it is usually "Hey matey, need some ammo?" which too us isn't shit hot RP. However just ourselves surviving has been great fun.
  13. My one buddy got KoS'd at the AF a few days ago, he didn't report it because he doesn't record his gameplay. Myself I have run into too many, "HEY RANDOM GUY! My name is John, got any ammo!?" and when I reply with "Get the f**k back" or any other normal reaction to a fully armed person you've never met before just coming around a corner in front of you... I get a "Hey man I was just saying Hi". The problem is too much gear RP, too much people forgetting the world has ended and everyone is dangerous RP and not enough maybe I shouldn't talk to that guy directly or try to figure out if he is dangerous RP.
  14. Not sure who you two were, I followed Orange backpack for a long time to Stary Yar and watched him take out a lot of zombies. I tried to sneak closer so I could hear what you guys were talking about but you spotted me and I took off running. I turned around after about 30 seconds and noticed you guys had disappeared. I got caught in a house by a few zombies and shot them all in hopes you'd hear me and come back to RP but you didn't Hopefully next time. Also, what WERE you guys talking about lol.
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