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  1. UN Pilot...oh well its free
  2. Humble Bundle Giveaway 2

    30 please...
  3. Post pictures of your pet

    My dog Junebug.
  4. Giveaway - Humble Bundle - Ending today

    I'll take 1
  5. DayzRP Online Dating [IC]

    Name: Shaun Bartos Age: *Looks around nervously* 27... Sex: Male Likes: A girl who can carry me over her shoulder and keep me warm in the cold dark days of winter. Special Talents: My seductive dancing... [video=youtube]
  6. Had fun talking to Yaguro Tanazaku of the Imperial Dragons (although off-duty) at Prud today. Much honor to his majestic snake-skin jacket.
  7. Strength: 7 (Killing zombies with axes is a great workout) Perception: 6 Endurance: 8 (Running Cross Country in High School helped Shaun build a large stamina) Charisma: 5 (Why do I always run into people in the back of supermarkets) Intelligence: 9 (I won't go to Stary alone today) Agility: 7 (Vaulting over fences like a parkour pro) Luck: -6 Billion (Found a heli crash, all USPs, M9s, and Glocks)
  8. Is this how you would act in the real apocalypse?

    I would like to imagine myself barricading a place, leading a group, and scavenging. However we have to realize that the mental aspect is too much for most of us. Seeing a family member die and come back as a zombie would just be too much for most to handle. Physically we might be able to survive for a little bit if we are in decent-good health, but the mental makes up most of our chance. Also it would depend if its like the zombies from Left4Dead which are sprinting and climbing or like the slow ones from the Walking Dead which apparently can pull moves straight from Rambo (Rising out of the mud and biting the girl).
  9. I saw when that tractor exploded! R.I.P: Imperial Tractor
  10. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for #HypeForStandalone
  11. What theme music would your character have...

    When I've taken too much morphine or painkillers: [video=youtube] When I'm being robbed by very poor RPers [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYHAcmUfETs When I fix a car after much searching and start driving around [video=youtube]
  12. Under the Clan Ideas section you might find a clan that fits your ideals.
  13. DayZ Survivor Gamez V

    Either Psi, Panda, or GoldGlove
  14. R.I.P. Nelson Mandela

    Sad to see a hero like him go. In jail for 30 years, then ran and became president. Almost unreal how hard his life was yet he still remained positive.
  15. What was your favorite game of this year?

    I'm in love with Batman: Arkham Origins.