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  1. Looking forward to seeing more content.
  2. If you raise your weapon (spacebar) before you ADS (rightclick) instead of just ADSing it works fine.
  3. Ilya Sokolov

  4. How to peek a corner feat @Sxcomba
  5. For the rest of the automatics.
  6. Thanks to the guy overwatching the school from the hay stack,the back of your head provided me with great RP.
  7. The way I see it since this is a RP community and everyone who actually cares about the RP should strive to improve theirs whenever and however they can.There's only one way to judge the quality of ones RP and that is how the majority of new people you interact with react to it.Now you said it yourself that when you've switched to a VOIP character you'd notice a difference in the RP that you'd receive,now even if you put way less effort while roleplaying with a VOIP character over your textrp character the majority of people will still prefer the VOIP character because that's just the way it is,no one enjoys talking to themselves while a stranger stares at them blankly while not moving for 10 seconds and then reading their response. Regardless,there's obviously a reason people enjoy textrping whether it be playing a character of the opposite gender,perhaps they don't live alone or they just have technical issues with their mic for the time being,but what I'm trying to get at is that you've noticed that the majority people you haven't met before respond better to your RP with the VOIP character rather then your textrp character so in a way you're just forcing yourself onto them because textrp is allowed in the community and then complaining about receiving not very stellar responses.I get that everyone here has a group of people that they generally hang out with and that those people will enjoy your RP regardless of whether it's text or VOIP purely because you know them.I've hung out with several people who textrp'd and I love them to death but every time they stop in the middle of the road to type up a response I have to resist the urge the blow their kneecaps out. If you enjoy just roleplaying with the tight knit group of people that are fine with your textrping and enjoy it no one is preventing you from doing that and I understand that's what alot of people do,but you can't blame new people for getting discouraged when faced with a wall of text - afterall we're all here to interact with other people not because it's a good game.So objectively speaking your VOIP character provides people with a better RP experience than your textrp character but you still decide to stick to the one that people generally don't like as much just because you can,wouldn't you say you're adding to the issue in this way?Perhaps I'm wrong. DayZ is a game that revolves around a person interacting with another person and well frankly taking out the audio aspect of it kind of just ruins it (for me),that doesn't mean I'd ever avoid RPing with someone who textRPs but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'll always be less interested because no matter how much effort they put into it because I still don't enjoy talking to myself,again there are instances that I can understand sticking to textrp though don't get me wrong - where you either aren't comfortable using your mic (emoting,gesturing,too many people talking in the same area and you want to tell someone to move to a quiter place,etc.) but in my opinion that should be the extent of where its used. Don't take any of this as a personal attack as it wasn't intended as one,just figured I'd share my opinion on the matter.
  8. Scheduled wipes would be a good thing especially now that vehicles are back and they get jacked up pretty fast,every 1st of the month or something along the lines.
  9. #moist
  10. Tom Smith

    Sergeant(OR-5) Tom Smith was a member of the French Foreign Legion in which he served 5 years in the War on Terror(Afghanistan 2008-2013) before being assigned to the UN in which he served a peacekeeping/training role in several countries in East Africa. When the UN gained information about a patient in Zelenogorsk that had gone rabid and was the first to show signs of a new infection he along with 3 more UN operatives were assigned to a team of UN virologists as security,they were to investigate the symptoms of the disease(and gain information on how it spread and ultimately if there was a cure).Originally they were to be inserted through Russia and travel to Zelenogorsk via UN arranged ground transport as that's where Patient X was first encountered.Hoping they could string together what had happened the closer they were to the original source the team was deployed quickly but the disease spread so fast that the team never made it out of Russia. The squad made it to just north of the Chernarus border but progress was halted there due to the masses of fleeing civil and military vehicles blocking every entrance to the country.Left with no options they decided to move East towards the Green sea in hopes that they could find a seaworthy vessel that could transport them to the southern shores of Chernarus where they could continue their mission.Once they started moving East they encountered more and more infected and their supplies started diminishing and members of the group fell ill and had to be dispatched.By the time they reached the Green sea most of the group had turned and fell to the infection while only the Sergeant and two virologists stayed alive-it would appear that they were immune to the disease.They found a settlement of 21 survivors on the shore where they stayed in an effort to gather enough time to repair one of the abandoned fishing boats that they would use to continue on with their mission.The former FFL sergeant gave everyone in the camp a crash course in guerilla warfare,tactics and survival which they put to use by bolstering their camps defenses and establishing guard routes to check for threats,their encampment came under attack several times by bandits,rogue military squadrons and infected but they held their ground with only minimal losses. By the end of 2016 something drove the infected more rabid and they seemed to start to move in much greater numbers than ever before.Late one november evening one of the patrols heard several gunshots and someone wailing in the distance,a wounded ex military type with bite and scratch marks over most of his body was found not far away in the forest that surrounded the camp.They rushed to bring him back in so that they could provide him with medical assistance as he kept uttering and yelping something about "them" surrounding us and how they're still out here.The patrol radioed in that they were bringing in a wounded survivor but before they could even start moving him they came under attack by the infected.The horde found the camp soon after that by just tracking the secondary patrols they had sent out to help the original radio distress call.The squad and remaining survivors had fallen under siege by the horde of endless infected and without any way to resupply while being surrounded from all directions except the sea their defenses had started to fail.The original group of people decided that it was time to take the fishing boat out even though all the repairs weren't finished and set sail south in hopes of avoiding certain death.They embarked the shoddy craft and departed in the nick of time but by the time they reached Chernarus' international waters a heavy storm broke loose and eventually sunk the damaged vessel. As the only survivor he washed ashore somewhere on the East Coast of Chernarus,with no supplies or allies Tom Smith used every bit of survival instinct and grit he still had left in him to come to his senses and just kept on going,living off nature he grew weary of other survivors.He now raids encampments and military establishments in the middle of the night in an effort to better his survival chances for that is the most important thing now - to survive.