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  1. Safe Zone Trial Poll

    If this safe zone was ever to be seriously implemented it should've been done so at the beggining of the lore wipe when bigger groups were around that could properly run it. The location also doesn't make sense as many people pointed out. In the end it doesn't really matter since you can't actually play on the server since it's down 80% of the time during peak hours.
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    Keep up the good work

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  3. careful with your falafel

  4. I think you misunderstood my point. If you point a gun at someone, regardless of how intense the roleplay is, you need to be ready to face consequences for your actions - one of those consequences is being shot in the face. As many people already mentioned shoving a gun in someones face in order for them to calm down literally never works, not in real life and not in roleplay, especially if they're armed. If you are willing to defuse a heated situation you can do so without gun pointing, to quote a master roleplayer; "Disarm them with your roleplay." @Odap the Corruptor
  5. The issue with roleplay communities is that everyone thinks they're the main actor of their own movie and everyone else is a bystander. Everyone has their own little storyline that they try to stick to and the issues arise when it includes other people and when those people don't want to play along. People need to understand that they're not special and that the world doesn't revolve around their characters, that's just plain selfish. At the end of the day everyone is trying to roleplay out something realistic or something close to it. Fact is if a situation like this broke out in real life and goverments and military forces were gone any person who knows how to use a gun and has one on them would most likely just start dropping people who started giving them problems, especially if that person pointed a gun at them - no matter how "friendly" their intentions might be at the time.
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  6. Have a good night Tom. God bless.

  7. - Takistani Mujahideen torturing a hostage (Colorized 2017) (NSFW)


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  9. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    We truly are out here
  10. Said al Saif ibn Saud

    Growing up in a wealthy Saudi family Said was a completely sheltered child who enjoyed the privileges of living the good life. As a child he looked up to his father , who was a prominent businessman and devoted family man, and his older brothers Rashid and Fahad. In his younger years Said spent alot of time studying different languages and geography as he felt those were the only two subjects worth knowing - Where which people live and the language they speak. Both of his older brothers were very religious individuals who spent a lot of time in the local mosque studying the religion and discussing it with fellow muslims. Their zealotry was noticed by the imam who sent them off to see a local man named Mohammad whom he said could expand their religious views even further. The brothers agreed to meet with the man as they always felt they could do something more than what they currently were. Mohammad al-Fatwa was a local Al-Qaeda recruiter who convinced the two brothers to go off on a training camp in Afghanistan in order to aid the muslim people in their Holy War. They left Saudi Arabia in June of 2007 and were killed a month later in a US led anti-terrorist operation whose main objective was destroying the Al-Qaeda training camp hidden deep within the mountains. The news traveled slow and Said didn't find out until late 2008 that both of his older brothers died in the attack. Shortly after he learned the fate of his beloved brothers he was approached by the same imam that urged Rashid and Fahad to take on a greater role in the Holy War. Still heartbroken by the loss of his elder brothers atleast now he knew they died for a good cause, a cause that he swore he would try to aid in any way possible to take revenge on the kuffars that robbed him of his brothers. He contacted al-Fatwa and after making arrangments left for Afghanistan. Upon leaving Saudi Arabia he adopted the surname "Ibn Saud" which means Son of Saud. Now with the biggest of the training camps destroyed Said was sent to a covert underground secret training facility where he would learn gun handling, bomb making, covert and intimidation tactics from the great Ayman al-Zawahiri who had been hiding in the bunker system and training new recruits ever since the 98' US embassy bombings. After finishing up his training he stayed in Afghanistan to aid Ayman in the training of new recruits until a opportunity arose where his skills would be needed. The upper echelon of al-Qaeda came in contact with the Mujahideens from Takistan who were in dire need of assistance, they needed both new equipment and someone to train their fresh members as they had suffered a lot of losses in the recent anti-terrorist operations that the Western forces had been conducting. He left for Takistan shortly after and met up with Ibrahim Al Suwaidi ibn Mustafa who was the newly appointed leader of the al-Takhari. Said was appointed as leader of operations and aided Ibrahim in retaking the positions lost in the western attacks all along the Takhari Ridge. With the newly appointed leaders the Mujahideen became a force to be reckoned with and kept undertaking rogue missions ambushing Western convoys that would pass by the Takhari area. Once they had re-established themselves the Takistani Mujahideen continued their gun smuggling operations from Russia through Chernarus and into Takistan. Although the amount of equipment was severely reduced compared to what it was it still served a purpose as the gear was then distributed into the Middle East by pre-established smuggling routes out of Takistan. Once they had depleted their reserves they got word of the situation taking place in South Zagoria and decided it was their only hope to continue the war. Said took a scout team and reconed out the situation and returned to Takistan with great news. "South Zagoria is in ruins my brother" he said to Ibrahim, "Now is our time to strike!" they both exclaimed and immediatelly started putting together a plan with which they could exploit the fragile state of the country.
  11. What did you dream about last night?

    I dreamed a dream of days gone by. @Odap the Corruptor