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  1. It was a privilege turning South Zagoria into the saltiest place on Earth next to the Dead Sea. o7
  2. Thomas Breed

    Thomas was born in Tenerife in 79' to a John and Elena Breed. He spent his childhood frolicking on the beaches of the Canary Islands all the way up to 1988 where his father was killed in the Lockerbie Bombing. After the sudden death of her husband Elena decided to contact her brother Dima who was at that time working in Amsterdam. Dima understood the situation and took them under hiswing while they got back up on their feet. Uncle Dima was a sketchy fucker who smuggled alot of stuff in and out of the Netherlands, including guns and drugs. Thomas, missing the father figure in his life, looked up to his uncle in every way possible. When Thomas turned 18 he enlisted in the military and was deployed in Kosovo in 1999. After being dishonorably discharged for war profiteering he took over his uncles smuggling business in the Netherlands. He kept the operation going until he was busted in 09' and sentenced to 4 years in prison. After serving 3/4 of the sentence he was released out of jail. Upon coming back into the world he was approached by a man with whom he had served in back in Kosovo regarding a security firm, a sort of a private military thing. It looked good on paper so he took him up on the offer.
  3. Layaway Order Memo for Kovar's market(OPEN)

    *After finding the frequency Fedor would begin transmitting* "Privyet people of the market, this is Lt.Stechkin of the VDV. I'm currently leaving the Airfield towards the town of Chernogorsk. I will be at your market place within the next few hours to pick up the order." *After finishing the transmission he switches the frequencies back and continues moving down south*
  4. It is National @Flash day

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      This killed me the first time, I'm dead again.

  7. A strange radio message [Frequency Open]

    -user was warned for this post-
  8. +1 tbh, sub-par roleplay was had. Step up your shit.
  9. anime was a mistake

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      you were a mistake

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      stay upset

    3. Kvjavs
  10. Some great roleplay Tom I really enjoyed it.

    1. Tom


      Likewise Shane, always good to see people put effort into their character progression.

    2. Shane


      Some great internal RP was had

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      I cri erytime.

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      aaaaaah he took it too far like the rest of them I need help

      At least I roleplay now Tom.

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      Your roleplaying capabilities were never questioned young randell.

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      I will return soon it's been written in a cave for a while now.

  12. VDV Quarantine zone?

    It's almost like we don't actually want to literally keep everyone out of the zone but let them develop their stuff there and then when we eventually run into them we can have an interesting story evolve from it. If we wanted to find every single camp up in the quarantined areas it would take about 24 hours but what good would that do? The camps would be dismantled and you'd be dissapointed the next time you logged in and that's about it. This way there's actually some sort of fear going on, you know you do your Anne Frank impression and I do my Christoph Waltz impression when I run into you...