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  1. Just did I am just waiting for an empty spot in the server to see if it works.
  2. Launcher doesn't work. It crashes it has never worked for me. I reinstalled The DayzRP mod still doesn't work and same for the launcher.
  3. I can't join the server because it says i am missing dayzrp_assets. What do i do. I installed the mod and enabled it I use commander and changed the Dayz to DayzRP and it works until i join,
  4. This has happened to me before. I will try to think about how I fixed it.
  5. Ravens nest is done right. I heard it was near Staroye but didn't see it so just asking
  6. Welcome. good luck with the whitelist.
  7. When you install the full thing does it get half way through and then says everything after that is corrupt?
  8. Ok I no longer get that error. but when I join it says i am missing some stuff and I know what it is. When I used the downloader half of the stuff didn't download I tried and tried but it just doesnt work.
  9. This is probably a really useless thread, but I got whitelisted and can't wait to see some of you in the game. The DayzRP launcher doesn't work and when I use dayzcommander and launch dayz it says addon 'dayz_anim' requires addon 'CA_missions_BAF_2' and when I start to join it says waiting for host and it just stops connecting and goes to the main menu. could that be it or something else.
  10. For me it says patcher.exe stopped working.
  11. Yeah it should be under application. Here's an example of mine. Application: Your application has been submitted and is awaiting review! Please come back later to check your application status! Your current estimated place in queue: 2/708