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  1. Alejandro finds himself in Chernarus purely by accident. En route to a tech conference in Eastern Europe, Alejandro's flight was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Chernarus International Airport. While there he made a phone call to his wife and children letting them know he was ok. They had questions about strange news of a deadly outbreak, questions he could not answer. In the middle of the call, the line went dead and he has since been unable to reach them. The next hours were filled with chaos as Alejandro tried unsuccessfully to reach the U.S. consulate to attempt to secure passage back to the U.S. As all flights were grounded, and the outbreak started manifesting itself in Chernarus, it became apparent that the outbreak was a lot more serious than anyone had imagined. As social norms began to break down, and mass riots and food shortages took over, Alejandro realized that if we wanted to once again see his family alive he would have to fend for himself. Alone, in a foreign country, with death close on his heels, Alejandro begins his journey to find some answers.