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  1. so im new here and i tried for whitelisting and was rejected for lore conflicts but for the life of me i cant see any conflicts heres the back story Silvestrov Damir born in novaya petrovka on the 27th of February 1981, he attended the local school where his teachers credited with him being above average and was a member of The Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization which he learnt hunting, orienteering,crafting, first aid and basic survival skills, during this time he also garnered a wealth of knowledge of the south Zagoria forests and ecosystem where to hunt for game and find fresh water. his father was a a soldier in the soviet red army until the dissolution of the soviet union in 1991, he promptly moved back home to open a small car work shop his mother was a nurse at the local health center, his father thought him basic weapons skills for hunting and protecting him self and those around him as well as the basics of keeping a car operational, he would work in his fathers work shop where he would learn the ins and outs of the majority of vehicles found in South Zagoria,he would also read his mothers collection of medical books as he entered adolescent, this combined with his first aid training made for an decent ability to treat harsh wounds like stab wounds and animal attacks. in 1997 with his mothers and fathers permission he joined the CDF where by the end of his career he achieved the rank of platoon leader,spent a year as a survival and evasion instructor based in the border region near Russia in 1998 he transferred to the airborne forces based in the bashnya air base once home to one of the red army's VDV units near his home town. on 10th of October 1999 he and his unit participated in operations to rout the forces of National Party from the border mountains where he was wounded and lost behind enemy lines wondering around trying to avoid hostile patrols he ended up in Russia and was arrested by Russian police knowing that Russia and Chernarus where not in friendly relations and fearing Russian FSB taking him he staged a escape and slowly avoiding contact with people made his way south to takistan and stole across the border continuing on to the coast where he made a dash across a checkpoint and hand him self over to the Chernarus border guards. he was shiped back to his unit in the mountins after several weeks of recuperation. after 2 more months of fighting the unit returned to south Zagoria and he resigned his commission and went to work in his fathers work shop again as his father was becoming to old to maintain it. during this time he became increasingly angry towards the government for their handling of the civil unrest , on the 9th of march 2006 a ex girlfriend and several former army buddies convinced him to join the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star where he met the leader akula during the civil war in 2009 he had a encounter with a marine force recon unit just out side Pusta which he assumed was a vanguard force for the main US force he promptly engaged the unit, that was to later become a thorn in ChDKZ side, during the closing weeks of the war his unit defended a small village where he again ran in to the now infamous razor team and parleys safe passage for the civilians and his unit in return for information on war crimes and ChDKZ false flag operations in Russia as well as other vital information. upon leaving ChDKZ and with the help of his new american friends he secretly secured a job as a police officer in novaya petrovka but in return for the government looking the other way he and his team operated a deep cover black ops mission to rout out war criminals and rouge spetsnaz GRU teams responsible for the execution of US marines and cherorussian civilians. in late 2010 he married and had a son. in 2011 his father passed away from cancer his mother remained in the family home and continued to work in the hospital where she had become a achieved virologist. in the opening days of the out break he took his family and ChDKZ team as well as a CDF team in to the woods, along the way they picked up small groups of civilians and some more CDF troops. while on a scavenger run he returned t the camp to find it had been over run by bandits many of the civilians had been raped and torturer to death his wife and son among them where as many of the soldiers died fighting some had joined the bandits in a fit of rage he attacked and was stabbed the bandit leader a sadistic fiend tied his hands together and taped meat to him and chucked him put of a truck at speed in t a car on the side of the road upon waking he was greeted by a horde of zombies bearing down on him he escaped by cutting the rope with a shard of glass on the windscreen and fled and hence forth simply roamed around etching out a a meager life for several weeks before finding a old off road hatchback fixing it up and heading south to novigrad and sounding areas eventually moving north west to russia their he meet in a small town on the shore of lake beloe a like wise traveler all the way from the Taviana Islands called antov who said he had hear mention of a safe haven on a island called namalsk in a giant lake so together they made their way up to the lake and found a boat and sailed to namalsk on the island all they found was a veritable hell of zombies, monsterus daemon like creatures after wandering the island for several months they ran in to a small group of 3 survivors from panthera who where trying to get of the island so Silvestrov and antov made a deal to join forces to make it back to the boat that brought them to this hell hole and on to takistan. after making it takistan the group found a large community of people not yet over run but still stricken with the death of his family he continued on alone wandering from town to town for close to 2 years eventually he returned to south zagoria either through devine intervention or simple luck (or bad luck) .