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  1. Welcome My birthday is also in November.
  2. Day One I awoke to the sound of screams. Out of my window I could see tens, hundreds, even thousands of bodies. Shambling undead roam the streets. My family is dead. Clearly, the world has succumbed to a Zombie Apocalypse. I appear to be one of few survivors, thanks to the barricade I placed on my door in case of such a catastrophe. I loaded my car with suitable provisions: weapons, food, clean water. I don't own any firearms; I did, however, find a nail gun, a baseball bat, half a dozen kitchen knives and various screws, nails and bolts to modify my arsenal. I write this first entry while driving, looking, and ultimately hoping, to find other survivors. My car is dented from several of the flesh-eaters. The sun is setting now, there is no safe time for me to sleep so I continue into the night. Day Two The car was almost out of fuel, when I spotted the first survivors. They were holding out on the roof of a small house, neither the man nor his wife had weapons, and on the ground they were surrounded by flesh-eaters. I slammed my car into the bodies of dozens of the undead, and thick plumes of smoke began to erupt from the bonnet of my car. Shit. The car slowed to a halt, so I grabbed my baseball bat and jumped out. The woman was screaming, "HELP US, PLEASE! YOU'VE GOT TO HELP US!", while the man looked on at me hopefully. I beat down the few flesh-eaters that began to stand up after my collision with them. I swung the bat around, breaking skulls, shattering bones, and drenching myself with their blood. After a brutal fight lasting over ten minutes, I had killed two dozen of them. They seemed much slower than the ones I had seen on my journey, and their clothes were rotten, so I assumed they were previously buried and had resurfaced. The couple proceeded to clamber down from the rooftop and thank me. The husband ran inside the house and, after a few seconds, emerged with a large machete. "Thanks so much for saving us" said his wife, an athletic blonde. "I've got a car", said her husband "and since yours looks pretty busted up, how about you come with us? We have plenty of water." I simply nodded, and started to pile my stuff into the back of their pickup truck. "I'm Craig, by the way, and this is my wife, Sandra" "Ben" I replied. I'm writing this entry from the back of their pickup truck. They live in quite a remote area, so we have a long journey ahead of us. I'm just glad I can finally get some sleep. Day Three Craig, Sandra and I continued our trip. We passed numerous settlements on the way, but were in no way equipped to help the few survivors. We decided that we should search for a shopping mall, in order to find provisions to last us much longer, as well as more appropriate weaponry (I certainly wanted a firearm). Fortunately, we had plenty of fuel; the couple kept lots in their garage. There were few zombies in such a desolate place, but I always kept an eye out in case the others weren't paying attention. After driving for several days, taking shifts in order to sleep, we arrived at a large city. The entire place was crawling with flesh-eaters. We sped past them, trying to avoid another incident with a broken car, and headed for a shopping mall. That's where I thought we were headed, anyway. Craig had decided to stop outside an old house in the centre of town. He said to me to look after Sandra and that he would be right back, and despite our protests (and my rage at the unnecessary stop), he entered the building. We eagerly awaited his return, but after a quarter of an hour we grew restless. Sandra and I hopped out of the truck, and peered into the house. Suddenly, Craig's rambling corpse burst through one of the bay windows. Sandra screamed with anguish for her lost husband, but also in fear. She didn't want to harm him, but I had no choice but to splatter his head over the road with my baseball bat. She yelled at me, but I threw her into the car and continued, not wanting to stop and find out who or what did this to Craig. Sandra has finally calmed down now, and she's agreed to take over the wheel while I write my diary. She told me that Craig stopped outside his parents' house. Let's just hope she doesn't follow in his insane footsteps while she's at the wheel.
  3. Is that a mission you can download that was used in the screenshots?
  4. erer566


    You can listen to this, they are pre-recorded broadcasts. It`s quite entertaining. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-chernarus-live-radio-july-4th-broadcast-playing
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