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  1. unfortunately not, as I am not recording.
  2. I didnt fire back "instantly". Robbers said "put your hands up". I replied "I dont think so" and raised my weapon in defence. We started to fire at the same time, as I was shooting in defense and robber was shooting in rules as I didnt comply his orders. What happened after this is nothing I know about as I was killed after his first 20 rounds ( You have very bad aim my friend, train a little bit )
  3. oh, righty. Thank you very much Sir
  4. Thank you very much Sir ! Have a nice day
  5. Hello. I would like to ask a simple question. At DayZRP servers, when I would like to build a base, meaning placing a tent for example, will the tent stay there untill something destroys it or someone take it or it will simple dissapear after restart or ...... ? My question is, is the tent gonna dissapear after some time ? Thanks everyone. Peace UPDATE: Huge thanks to everyone who responded, it is a big help.