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  1. I have only been whitelisted for less than a week so far, and honestly I've become afraid of going to an airfield, especially North-West. I've been there a couple of times now because I wanted to look the way I meant for my character to look, which means some military fatigues and stuff. And I've been robbed pretty much every time so far. One time some guy tried to rob me but said he couldn't do it and let me go. We teamed up for almost 3 hours, exchanging stories about our characters and kinda developing our characters, even though it was nothing special. I feel like there's too much hostile RP going on now to be honest. What the server needs is some global gathering point for new players to find people to talk with and learn how to RP without getting robbed for looking like a juicy target. Gonna be honest with you here, I've been thinking of robbing people too purely out of precaution because I feel like everybody is out to get you at this point, especially since I've had an Alice pack for a couple days now. I don't care about losing gear, I can always get it back. But the times I've been robbed have been brief encounters and barely any good RP, just the standard get on the floor and drop your shit type of deal. The DayZ devs need to finish modding support so that the community can finish the game for them, since they have proven to be extremely lackluster in doing so. A couple of updates a year is not enough to build and keep a community. Modding support and base building could fix so many of their issues.
  2. Yeah I figured as much. Right now I haven't been whitelisted long enough to create my own group yet so I either have to get someone else make the group or wait for around 3 weeks or so. I'll probably play around in a couple of other groups until I can make my own.
  3. 27-12-2016 8th entry: I got shot this morning. I met a man called Jake Runner and we decided to stick together for a while. We were running around the north west airfield when we saw this shady guy. I knew something was off with him, his eyes were fuckin crazy and boy was I right. My friend thought we should stick him up, seeing as he thought this man was shady as shit too. The dude's name was Jarvis I think, I can't remember after all the bleedin. While we were trying to rob him, and it stayed at trying because it was probably the most retarded thing ever. Jake actually asked for the guys permission, I could barely contain my laugher but I let him run the show mostly. Jake took off his face mask however, and we both instantly saw that the mans lips were completely torn off. It was a fucking horrible sight, I can tell you that much and I've seen a lot of shit back in the day. We decided to take his MP-5 and his ammo and thought we were safe so we told him to start counting to 100. This fucking lunatic started counting in dead bodies. "1 dead body. 2 dead body's..." it was fucking sick but I gotta hand it to him, he knows how to creep a grown man out. While we were running away and while Jake was looking over the loot, mainly his new MP-5, I heard a shot and immediately fell into shock, or something at least. I blacked out immediately. I still don't know if it was Jarvis or if it was a friend of his. All I know is that I lost a lot of blood that day. Note to self: Don't fuck with Jarvis and always assume the worst.
  4. @SnipZ Had some good RP with you for a while mate. Exchanging our stories and shit and not even breaking character once. I crashed like fuckin twice but it was still a good experience. I hope we're going to team up again tomorrow. See ya round mate.
  5. I don't know who these 2 were but what just happened was most likely the most awkward robbery attempt I have ever seen. I was dying half the fuckin time. I might've died right after we ran away, but it was fucking worth it man. I don't know who you were, but thank you. See you around.
  6. //First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you reading this! I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday, and I hope to see you all in the game as soon as it is over :). Now for the character stuff. This is all IC and stuff I have actually done in the game itself, it is a sort of road map of where I've been and where I will be going the next day. If someone wants to contribute, say write part of a journal or anything that I could find in this journey, I will put it in this story. Looking forward to feedback as this is the first time I've done anything like this. 24-12-2016 1st entry: I just found this old dusty book and a pen that miraculously still works and I thought I'd write down my thoughts. I haven't seen a human besides a man farming pumpkins near the south-east coast of this shithole. Right now I'm in a town called Novolensky? Maybe Novoselky? I don't know, I don't understand the signs here, even after 2 years of roaming around. I tried going to the airfield not far from here, but I didn't find anything. Doors were already opened so I'm guessing someone has been here already recently. Lots of biters around too, had to smash a couple heads and took a couple bites, nothing too serious though. I'm planning on visiting this place called Pulkovo, I've heard there was a small settlement there so maybe I can find someone to group up with. I'll update you when I get there. 25-12-2016 2nd entry: I arrived at Pulkovo but it was completely empty besides the usual zombified assholes. Noticed a couple of tents but nobody around for miles, not for as far as I could see at least. Thinking of going to the military airfield up north, it should be a straight shot there. Maybe loot a town or two on the way. I'll update once something happens. Peace. 26-12-2016 3rd entry: Holy shit I just hit the jackpot. I found an old helmet which is gonna be useful for if I find anyone else and a firefight breaks out, and I even found an SKS with ammo. I feel like this day just can't get any better. 26-12-2016 4th entry: I swear to god, this fucking book is a pain in my ass. It's a big item and the only reason I'm keeping it around is because it keeps me half-sane. I guess I'll endure it for now. I'm almost at the airfield, maybe I'll finally find an automatic rifle. I wasn't trained to use this semi piece of shit. 26-12-2016 5th entry: I can't believe this shit. I've been to almost every hangar and barracks I could see and I found fuck all. This doesn't make any sense, how does a military airfield not have anything laying around?! I mostly stuck to the right side of the airstrip, sure. But the tent camp seemed too dangerous. Too many blind spots. I could get ambushed by any rookie with a pistol and I wouldn't be able to do shit about it. I'm going to head to a town further north from the strip, I think it's called Zaprudnoe or something like that. See if I can find some food there. I would prefer cold beans over chicken meat at this point. 26-12-2016 6th entry: There was nothing here. This entire town was EMPTY! I found a single can of spaghetti which wasn't nearly enough so I had to shoot some chickens again. I'm going back to the strip, and this time I'm checking the fucking tent camp. I don't care anymore, I can't handle this junk called an SKS. I have a scope and it doesn't even fit on this thing. I'm going to sleep in the forest, scout out the tents and see if I see anyone. If it's clear, I'll see if I can find anything. But if I see a single person I'm sprinting my ass out of there, I'm not gonna play with some jackass that will most likely want my hard earned weapon. 26-12-2016 7th entry: It's late, I have scouted out the tent camp and saw 2 people while I was looting and I think one of them saw me. As I was running out of there, I heard a couple of shots. .22 maybe, they sounded kinda muffled. I hope it wasn't aimed at me. I'm going to lay low in the forest nearby for the night, try my luck again tomorrow. Maybe my luck is going to turn.
  7. I'd say yes. It's hard for new members to fully enjoy the game since all stories are already set in stone basically. Giving newer players to find an active group of good RP'ers will improve the server, but it's all up to the big boss and admins.
  8. IGN: Mark Judge Age: IC:26 OOC: 19 Country: Netherlands English skills: Pretty good, I don't think I'm hard to understand. DayZ Mod Experience: 200+ hours DayZ Standalone Experience: Not a whole lot, around 27. Roleplaying Experience: Almost 9 years of experience in RP. Started with Star Wars Galaxies and continued with Forum RP and later on SWTOR RP. My strongest RP point is that I am good at thinking of stories and backgrounds and I absolutely love doing this. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Enforcer/Aggressive. I like having the job of hunting people down and delivering justice or a vendetta to them. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not on the DayzRP servers sadly. Additional notes: I want to become better at vocal RP and because of this I want to try Internal and Extrenal RP. I like the sound of Internal a lot because it gives me a chance to evolve my character beyond what I have right now and that's honestly a thrill. Best way to contact you: Either through PM here or through Discord. My Discord is called Captain Squishy. I'm almost always active on both this site and Discord. Backstory: http://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4635/
  9. Just looked that dude up, and no I didn't mean to play as the animator. I just combined a standard Dutch name with English and this is what I thought of. My backstory is kinda shit, just thought I'd add a little bit extra for if I do make this faction eventually.
  10. I legit just picked a random name, didn´t look it up lmao. Fuck. I mean I can change it no problem. And nah, that was actually shitty English on my part, not my first language I´m afraid.
  11. But I was good this year mom. Also merry fuckin christmas my dude.
  12. Alright, so I just now got whitelisted and I was wondering if it was possible to start up a fresh faction called Archon Security. I included this firm in my background as a mercenary company based mostly in Africa which got mostly disbanded after the outbreak. But I want to revive it in the way of creating a foothold in Chernarus and reviving the company that way. The background for the company is that on the surface it was a ruthless mercenary company, lending their service to anyone who paid enough. They worked with both sides on multiple conflicts in Africa before the outbreak. But there was another side to their company. What wasn't known is that they used their mercenary reputation as a front to manufracture and distribute weapons to a massive amount of conflicts, supplying both sides and letting them fight it out. This business practice made them one of the most powerful groups in Central and Southern Africa. After the outbreak however, the high-ups jumped ship and abandoned the company alltogether, leaving Mike Judge [my character, an enforcer for Archon. You can read his story in the DayzRP section.] stranded on Chernarus after he was sent there to search for chemical weapons shortly before the outbreak. Little bit of background here, a bit much I agree. But now here is my question to the community. Would it be acceptable to recreate this "company" in the server? I want to turn them into a mercenary faction and perhaps a weapons supplier if possible. The ranking system and all that I will work out if this idea is accepted, but I don't want to be on the very top. I prefer being an enforcer or right hand man since I want to follow my backstory as closely as possible. If I go through with this, and if this is accepted by admins/mods, would people be willing to join? Not asking anyone to join right now, just asking if the idea of a company like this seems like a good idea to people. I will recruit ingame and IC ofcourse, not here or anywhere outside the game. This was a mouth full and a half, but I hope I gave you enough information. Thanks for reading!