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  1. My name is Riki but my friends call me L'angloush.I was born in France, a city of love, although in this world there is not much of that anymore. After school I started to work as an inspector for a company called Checkradia, security for reactors. Life was good and I could support my family, my wife and 1 one kid on the way, even though because of my job I did not see them very often...At one point I was sent over to chernarus to check on the stability of a few reactors. Things did not go as planned and one of them needed massive security repairs. At this point I was promoted to the head manager of the facility. I worked 12 hours a day, dealing with the paperwork and so on. I was already about 3 month stationed in Chernarus when my Co-workers and me heard wierd news over the radio and the news. We did not think it was a big deal so we just worked as normal. Then, one night I woke up in my apartment because of screaming and I knew that everything will change now...
  2. fighting with the english questionnary atm but hope so too ty all
  3. Hello ; My account was deleted so im making a new one :'( so as the first time im glad to be here with all of you and hopefully i ll have good time on dayz RP See you IG Bye Ty for the TS support