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  1. S1: BadRP - Pustoshka 17:45 GTM Aprox

    Sup, IGN: Edd Kestral (Gavin Curtis and Jeff Humphrey's ally in the incident). Pre-me logging off it is as said by @GrainSack-- we met this guy and were going together rping and being friendly, absolutely no signs of hostility, gladly gave and took supplies to keep me from dying etc. I logged off for 5-10ish minutes, logging back in just outside the church across the road from where the incident happened hearing VOIP of voices I recognised, and seeing two armed men running away from my ally who was bound. I was told by him that they had killed Gavin, and restrained Jeff and were hostile, fired one shot in the direction of where I thought the men had gone and was also killed. Edit: My bad, been brought to my attention I did fire multiple shots. That aside, they were justified based on what I previously said above.