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  1. Edd Kestral, known more commonly as 'The Spanner', is 34, unhinged, unpredictable, and makes better friends with cars than people. He was discharged from the British Royal Engineers at the age of 20 after several psychological analyses, despite his brilliance at fixing (as well as dismantling) stuff, concluded that he was—as the army put it— ‘not appropriate for the environment’. Things got better for him after he moved to Russia at the end of 2002, where he found many people were willing to give him money or other commodities for repairing anything no-questions-asked. After a successful over a decade repairing everything from stolen military-grade weapons and vehicles to his own psyche, ‘The Spanner’ scraped survival from the 2014 apocalypse emanating from neighboring Chernarus through his skills with the wrench and his (although sparse) experience with other people's military weapons. His business, 'Spangled Spanners', is alive as long as he is with the catchphrase: 'Rip me off, and I'll rip yours off'. While no sane person would willingly move South to the place of Origin for what he calls ‘walking corpses’, Kestral has no such restraints. He is in Chernarus to drink tea and fix your stuff— and, well, everyone is out of tea…
  2. Sup, IGN: Edd Kestral (Gavin Curtis and Jeff Humphrey's ally in the incident). Pre-me logging off it is as said by @GrainSack-- we met this guy and were going together rping and being friendly, absolutely no signs of hostility, gladly gave and took supplies to keep me from dying etc. I logged off for 5-10ish minutes, logging back in just outside the church across the road from where the incident happened hearing VOIP of voices I recognised, and seeing two armed men running away from my ally who was bound. I was told by him that they had killed Gavin, and restrained Jeff and were hostile, fired one shot in the direction of where I thought the men had gone and was also killed. Edit: My bad, been brought to my attention I did fire multiple shots. That aside, they were justified based on what I previously said above.