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  1. *Presses PTT* ”I’m back my old friend, we was attacked earlier but luckily we escaped” “Let’s kill these mother fuckers!” *Clyde releases PTT*
  2. Well, I’ve been gone for a month. I’ve had automotive service exams, act, and other tests a typical student has but I’m done with em. A lot has changed and I can’t wait to finally see what all has changed in a months time. It’s good to be back!
  3. Yeah I have act/ase tests coming up and it’s taking up the majority of my time so I’d like to request the group to be archived. I should be coming back in 3-4 weeks and be pretty much active everyday. The group was rushed and I didn’t expect much from it to begin with. //Archive please.
  4. Schizophrenia is in my characters background, I just haven’t added it to the lore yet.
  5. I have the forum names with character names in the hidden section. currently working on lore as we speak, when I originally made the group it was very choppy and I understand this completely! All points are duly noted!
  6. Oh my god...the roster just keeps getting bigger........here we go again. Hopefully it’s just as good as last time! Good luck to you boys!
  7. xSaBre


    Doesn’t make you crazy haha kid was prolly just scared because he had tobacco on campus haha
  8. So that’s where you get all the ammo to do attacks 24/7 haha good fun, good times at GM today btw!
  9. The goats gonna be adding another ring to the collection baby!!
  10. :Group Update: Achieved first goal (Gather 5 men that believe in the cause)
  11. Scared the hell outta me when I heard the Irish accent haha, good chat we had!
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