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"We all have demons, I just choose to feed mine"

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, he said he had one friend and he didn’t know he was being held up.
  2. So I hadn’t been online very long when I hear a fellow savior say theirs a man near the silos in our factory compound, me and a few more saviors walk over to the man and start talking to him. We eventually convince the man to follow us into our factory because we did not want some other group seeing us out in the open and initiating on this. We take the man inside and roleplay with him for a while when me and a few more saviors finally decide to initiate on the man. The man had a mosin, 3-4 of us initiate on him and he pulls it out thinking he’s gonna kill 3-4 men with automatic weapons when he had a mosin pulled out. We gassed the kid and soon after we hear over comms saying theirs 2 more men. One in the tree line and another on top of a different building in our factory compound. We all take positions and we drop a text initiation. Soon after, the man on top of the building takes a shot or two at our factory. I believe it was Ryan that finally got a good clear shot on the man and smokes him. We aren’t sure what happened to the man in tree line, we never saw him again. The part that I don’t completely understand is, when you say Ryan kos’d you. You were right in the middle of an active fire fight and you were taking shots at our factory. If you weren’t involved you would’ve obviously ran away and flee from the danger. Also, the first man we killed blatantly broke the NVFL rule. We had 3-4 men on him with automatic weapons and he decides to pull out a mosin single shot rifle thinking he’s gonna kill us. That’s blatant no value for life. I unfortunately do not have any video evidence. I will also happily answer any questions that anyone has, as soon as I possibly can! -Clay Cassidy
  3. I enjoyed roleplaying with @Droxx even though, we held him up and did some very weird things....(I licked him) Never the less, he was a very good sport and a very good roleplayer! -Clay Cassidy
  4. Had a very fun time in petrovka with @bghost96 as Alex Mercer. Some great Scientist/Doctor roleplay! -Clay
  5. If they do, I’d love to be apart of them!
  6. --The story of Clay Cassidy-- Clay's story begins in his small home town called Tombstone. Clay was raised on a ranch that had been in the family for numerous generations. His father named Butch, was a very hard worker and heavy drinker. He carried a .357 magnum and a bottle of Jack with him everywhere he went. He was as hard ass as it gets. His son Clay quickly took after his father. He was drinking at the age 14 and packing heat soon after. By the age of 16 his father Butch had gave him his grandfathers .357 magnum that was used by the all famous outlaw "Billy the kid" It had been in the family work many generations and if Butch had anything to do with it, it would stay that way. Clay's family was also avid hunters, they hunted big game all over the world, from Lion in the horn of Africa, to mountain goat in Europe. They had been all over these lands killing animals shootin shit. Clay grew up with his hand on the trigger and a bottle to his lips. One day while attending to the ranch, Clay and his father had noticed trespassers on their ranch, they didn't take too kindly to this. They chased the men down and held them at gun point, strictly stating that they should never return to this property, and if they do...It would be the last thing they would ever do. You see, Clay's family wasn't much for calling the law, seeing as they was always packing heat and drunk most of the day. Well, days go past and they handnt seen any sight of these trespassers. They thought they had learned their lesson and let their guard down, well the next day while feeding the horses at sunrise, Clay saw the two men running away off in the distance, he saddled up and started chasing down these trespassing scum bags. Clay had his grandfathers .357 magnum on him that his father Butch had gave him. With the saddle in one hand revolver in the other, Clay chases down the two men and holds them at gun point once again. Well this time they wasn't leaving with their lives, Clay fired two rounds in each of the skulls. He quickly grabbed a shovel and headed to a secluded part of the ranch and buried the men in a shallow grave...never to be seen or heard from again. Clay didnt take too kindly to calling the law and letting them know what had happened so he took it into his own hands. Clay was very trigger happy and jumped at the opportunity to kill these two men. Their was always something off about Clay, he always had a evil side to him...a devilish side...I guess that's why no one ever messed with him. Well, years pass and nothing ever happened to Clay for killing and burying the two men on his family's ranch. By this time Clay was in his early 30's and heard something about a small country in the middle of nowhere named "Chernarus" he was reading a sportsman magazine and it mentioned that it had a extremely good Deer and elk population. Being the avid outdoorsman and hunter that Clay is, he jumped at the opportunity to hunt big game in a foreign country once again. Clay prepared for his hunting trip by sighting in his Winchester .308 rifle and grabbing extra ammuntion for his revolver. Clay bought a special ticket on a black plane where he could bring his firearms aboard the plane and headed towards Chernarus. With his Cowboy hat and revolver in hand, he stepped foot off the plane and rented a apartment in the town of Elektro. He was very tired from the long plane ride so he rested for the big day of hunting the next day, well he thought...He woke up the next to see these monstrous "humans" eating and killing each other...Clay quickly grabbed whatever gear he had in his hunting backpack, including his Winchester and revolver and ran away. Everything Clay knew was gone. Their was no one left he thought...Well time passed and he quickly realized he was not alone. He had been robbed,kidnapped,tortured all in the matter of two weeks. He saw evil groups rising up and quickly realized if he wanted to survive, he would have to become evil once again...He hadn't aimed a gun at someone since the time he killed the two men that trespassed on the family's ranch...He began to torture people for the fun of it, to see the fear in their eyes, he did whatever he wanted to and enjoyed it. No rules,no law, nothing. It was open season to Clay..He was last seen in the small town of Gorka near the barns robbing someone for .308 ammunition and food. Clay's story continues...
  7. I was pretty fucking drunk but the guy on the left
  8. “Focus on the amazing roleplay, ignore the ooc drama” -Gaming roach. People get salty but the roleplay is amazing. I miss the good ole days, the evil groups in my opinion provide some of the best rp the community has ever had.
  9. Got that right...Someone should make another one (Ignore that statement, thought you were replying mine)
  10. What ever happened to the truly evil groups? They made the roleplay soooo much better. Masquerade,you guys, etc.. Those groups had the best roleplay hands down. We need more of those truly evil,crazy,lunatic groups. They provided rp that made more rp. For example, when one crazy group does something to another crazy evil group it started a chain of amazing roleplay and I truly miss that.
  11. You fellows have some amazing rp! Keep it up, even though you kicked me outta the group at stary Haha
  12. This was an account on the old website. No alt accounts here.