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  1. CuteHornyUnicorn

    Staff Feedback

    Maybe I shouldn't get involved, because I've just registered and know nothing about what happened here in the past, but... OMFG DRAMA, So much fucking drama! On topic - kudos to @Terra for trying to fix my stupid mistake with linking wrong steam account while registering on A FUCKING XMAS DAY (like if there was nothing better to do with your life at 8am on xmas day? are you serious? gonna say it again - get yourself a drink and be merry, it's a fucking holiday). and thanks to @Rolle for sorting it all out in the end, even if I didn't hear a word from you personally - still much appreciated. Well done, makes me wanna put some effort in developing my character and getting into all the RP stuff properly. Off topic. [this is addressed to each and everybody, not anybody in particular] IMO it's pretty simple - you don't like the staff, their decisions and/or the rules/how things are handled here - fuck off somewhere else. Especially if you know some other places which do the same thing. Or even better, start your own community. Good luck with that. If you don't wanna leave - get on with it and stop bitching about how staff is doing their job wrong. They are either unpaid volunteers who do a fuck-ton of hard work to keep this entire circus somehow running, or people who invested waaaaay more time, effort and money than it's really worth, to build it from the scratch. What about instead of wasting time bitching about some total bullshit or generally being butthurt - have a drink, chill the fuck out, and play the game? Have some fun RP'ing, try some new things, different approaches? I am yet to see the case when some 'social justice warriors' actually achieved anything beyond becoming the clowns and providing the entertainment for trolls. And believe me, I've seen a lot, especially when organizing IRL conventions and events in various communities. Happy New Year :*
  2. I had 2 whitelist attempts (made stupid mistake the first time), in both cases all answers could be found on the 'Lore' and 'Rules' pages. And after reading the lore like twice, going through the questions was a breeze. Nice and easy.
  3. CuteHornyUnicorn

    0.61 in a nutshell.

    It is a known bug, at least part of the hypothermia issue. One thing is - it's easy to die, other thing is once you get hypothermia, it might get stuck permanently even if you are near fire/sprinting etc.
  4. CuteHornyUnicorn

    0.61 in a nutshell.

    This is a real mechanic. It's warmer inside buildings. also in direct sunlight, and on lower altitudes (coastline).
  5. CuteHornyUnicorn

    0.61 in a nutshell.

    Known bug from experimental, status conditions getting stuck and not updating, and losing temperature way to quickly from getting drenched. You can also get starving and be stuffed at the same time. should be fixed soon™. pro-tip: wear gorka jacket, you'll be immune to rain.
  6. Neat idea, which could work in synergy with, and expand on the official lore. Based off the location, bordering with Russia, it could have historical political relations/dependency to USSR, which perfectly makes sense. One thing - to make it more historically/politically accurate, you could come up with different name. Either something with People's party/whatever, or Socialist. If only you'll be able to find enough people to join the group, that could be fantastic. A lot of politics involved, and hell of a lot of space for the backstory and RP to be made.
  7. on a RP server with no KoS, yes - it is too easy but don't forget DayZ is (at least in it's current state) mainly a pvp game. If you are on a pvp server, it starts to get difficult. there is a threat everywhere, especially after the addition of wolves - and there is more predators coming in the future patches. When it's not that easy to get decent weapons - because all the best locations are full of people wanting to kill everybody around - the pack of wolves suddenly becomes a serious threat. If you only have a sporter or makarov in the middle of forest with nowhere to hide, you're fucked. Don't forget about 'bone damage', where a zombie can 1hit you even though you're at full health. Nothing will change about it until beta, when they'll release the server app to the public and allow full customization+mods.
  8. Hi, I'm new here, just got whitelisted. I'm also new to RP'ing in games, have some IRL experience though. Came here because I've been growing annoyed of ridiculous PvP/KoS on public servers and looking for more immersion.