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  1. -Set up a big active group, -Set up a store which is easy to defend -Spread the word -Only let one person at the time enter the store -Use force on every single person not keeping his guns holstered -Do a lockdown on the store when getting in trouble One strong force which only needs to defend 1-2 Entrances should keep the store alive Keep the store closed when your not able to defend it properly The ones who show power will win The only way to keep a trading post alive atm is to have people staying there as much as possible That + very strict rules would do it forr some time hahaha
  2. Congratulations and welcome! Hope you will have good times roleplaying!
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    Salty about gear.

    So much salt in this thread... All i taste is salt.
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    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    thats a 10/10 the music allready does it for me haha.
  5. Too bad, it didn't work So there i was standing... in Vybor mil. base, in underwear and my M4 lol (its funny i lost everything but my M4)
  6. Sup guys, im not sure if this is the right section or if its even worth posting. I just logged out cause my gun was glitched, when logging back i lost all my gear except my 2 Guns. Can i do anything about it? or do i have to live with that
  7. !Attention, i added links to ambient soundfiles marked as (click me)! The Journey click me Daniel White Age: 20 Daniel White is an Ex-Student from Germany who got stuck in Chernarus back in 2014 when the Outbreak started. He lost his Girlfriend in all that trouble and decided to find her. Today he is part of a group who call themselves the Overhaul. He got assigned as Scavenger and leads a own Group. Together with his Group he is going out to the dangerous places of the Chernarussian Wasteland to find Equipment and Supplies that keep Overhaul alife. Long Live our Freedom Daniel White once planned a big Journey trough the wasteland of Chernarus, to get new equipment and supplies for his friends of Overhaul". He planned to take a few rookies out to the wasteland to help him, but since the only car they has been stolen he decided to keep the rookies home and go all alone... [align=left] The Route: 1. Severograd - 2. NW-Airfield - 3. Vybor+Mil. Base - 4. Chernogorsk - 5. Zelenogorsk/Green Mtn. - 6. Western Military Base [align=left] Day 1. - Time to roll? Daniel finally got ready and moved out all alone, armed with his good old M4. It was late in the afternoon allready but he still decided to leave the base. His first stop happened in Severograd. The City is known for it's High Zombie population, thats what makes it dangerous. While looking for some food he saw a white car from the distance, it looked different than the usual cars, maybe it would work? He decided to make a run for it to check out what it needs to be working. He got in and tried to start the engine. *WHOOOM* The car started to make loud sounds and a big cloud of smoke came out of the Exhauster. IT'S WORKING! He shifted into the first gear and slowly pressed the gas. "The car ain't drivin? OH YEAH! I know..." he said. In all that happiness that went trough him he forgot the car doesn't even have tires on it, oh god. A few Zombies heard the noise and started heading his direction but he managed to kill all of them without attracting others alot. He decided to stay for the day and made up a little stash close to the car. After that he started looking around for car tires that might work with that one. After 3 hours of searching he managed to find 3 tires, but it started to get dark. Time to fall back to the stash and take a good nap... *WHOOOOM* "HOLY MOTHER!!!" Late in the night Daniel got awake while someone tried to get away with his car, he ran to his ride to make the guy stop, but he was gone. One of the doors was open, the Headlights flashing and the engine still running, he turned it off but then he saw it. One of his tires has been stolen. "Damn... Well i'll just sleep that out till tommorow..." [align=left] Day 2 - The Stranger Pt. 1 It was early in the morning. After the ruff night, Daniel got up, ate a little snack and went back to the car. Back to the street he noticed the car is gone. Someone stole it. "Wasting a whole day for nothing.." he said and started going into the Central part of the city. After 15 minutes of searching he noticed a guy doing things behind a broken truck. "Hello? who the fuck is there? ID yourself brother!" Daniel took cover and waited for the guy to come out. "Hello my friend, lower your gun i don't want to harm you." the stranger said. So they slowly came together and started talking. "What are you doing up here Stranger?" asks the guys. "Im just passing by you know?". Daniel noticed the big tire the stranger was holding in his hands. "Do you have a car?" "Ye' sure im searching parts for it right now." The guy later introduced himself as Abdul. Daniel had that one Spark plug in his bag which Abdul needed for his car. So they made a Compromise. Abdul would get the Spark plug and as exchange he would drive Daniel to the next location of his route. NW Airfield. After fixing up Abdul's car they got in and made their way up to the NWAF. After 20 Minutes of driving he arrived the place. Abdul had a friend waiting on the Southern side of the Airfield, so he had to go. Daniel got out of the car to check out the Checkpoint. Daniel: "See ya' brother stay safe". Abdul: "See you man". [align=left] *TIRE POPPED* "FUCK!" Abdul shouted. "One of the tires is gone." Daniel: "Aight you want to stay with me then? Maybe we will find a spare Tire". Abdul: "Aight i will just contact my friend real quick he will make his way up to us instead." Day 2 - The Stranger Pt. 2 After scavenging the Military Checkpoint Daniel and Abdul have met a random person who introduced himself as "Ash". Just 1 minute later Abdul's friend "Dan" arrived at the checkpoint. After some smalltalk the guys noticed shots being fired from the distance. "Time to get out of here soon". *AK SHOTS* A Crazy Chernarussian Person jumped into the Checkpoint shooting his AK till it was empty. Daniel: "TAKE FUCKING COVER! RIGHT NOW!!". The group of survivors jumped into cover. Just seconds later the Chernarussian Citizen started running after them, shouting in Russian Language. After a short chase they have lost the stranger and made their way back to their car as fast as possible. "WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE MAN NO TIME TO WASTE." [align=left] *AK SHOTS* Shot's were fired from the distance again. Bullets were impacting close to Daniel and Ash while they ran back to the tents to get a firearm for Ash. Bullets where whizzling by several times. Abdul, Dan and Daniel gave up on the car and just started running to the southern part of the Airstrip to find safety, while Ash wanted to stay at the Checkpoint. For a while it was very quiet and the guys still being in shock didn't speak alot. They made their way to the other side and finally came down a bit from all that action. *SNIPER SHOTS* Dan: "SHIT TAKE COVER". Daniel: "WE'RE ON THE DAMN OPEN FIELD'S RUN RUN RUN!!" The three guys tried to run into cover while being under heavy fire. Daniel. "AAHH!!! IM HIT, IM HIT!". One of the incomming bullets went right into Daniels Chest. He fell to the ground but managed to get up again to take some cover. Out of the line of fire, into cover, they opened up Daniel's Chest Area to fix him up. Like a wonder he was just bleeding a little. The bullet didn't penetrate, since it got stopped by one of Daniel's double Magazines in his Vest. In that moment he was the most luckiest man alive.The guys left the Airfield moving to the Vybor Military Base which used to be Daniel's next planned location he wanted to visit. There the 3 guys met a group of survivors. One of them was a Doctor. He took a look at Daniel's wound and fixed it up properly. After a fast "thank you" Daniel Abdul and Dan went out to go further south. click me Shots were fired again... Automatic Rifles where ringing dangerous close to them. Rain of Bullets started coming down on the three survivors... "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE, TAKE COVER WERE BEING ATTACKED AGAIN". The same crazy guy from the Airfield propably chased them the whole time. Daniel got hit into his shoulder while he was taking cover. He was bleeding and started bandaging himself, while Abdul and Dan provided cover of fire. A big firefight was the result of digging down in the dirt, but they had no choice. While taking cover behind a tree Daniel go hit several times and just blindly fired into the direction the shots were coming from. Then it got quiet. They waited a few minutes to see if its save... *SNIPER SHOTS* Daniel dropped down into the dirt and passed out... Day 3 - New Friends Pt.1 "FUCK". Daniel Woke up. Like an wonder he survived. He saw himself completly covered in blood. He tried to get up but felt an insane pain all over his body. He took 7 bullets but only 2 of them penetrated, they didn't hit any ateria though. Someone fixed him up, someone stopped his bleeding cleaned the wounds and left some morphin injectors in his pocket. Was it the doctor again? It allready started to get dark so he knew he was lying there for a good amount of time. It was quiet. Almost too quiet. The place was completly empty, his friends... gone. They propably left the place, or did they get captured? He started to inject the morphin to reduce the pain. Crawling to a saver place he waited for the morphin to show his effects. He again, fell asleep. Daniel woke up from birds twittering all over the place. It was early in the morning. The pain he felt decreased alot. Slowly rappling up, he started to get back to the entrance of the military camp. Right by the entrance there was a dead stranger lying on the ground. He couldn't identify him since half of his head was gone. Propably a execution. There were shotgun shell lying right next to the body. Finding safety in a barn close to the base, Daniel started to switch his bandages. It was a painful act but he managed to get it done. After eating something he finally felt fit enough to get out of that place. He started travelling south just trying to get to his next planned place he wanted to visit. After 30 minutes of walking he got stopped by two Strangers near Balota. They seemed to be nice. "Hi, how are you doing? Shit, you look really messed up. Do you need help?". Daniel started to whisper "There was a firefight yesterday... up in the Military base by Vybor.". The Strangers started to get some food out for him, but then surprisely they started punching Daniel in the face, knocking him to the ground. "You little cunt really thought i would give you my good food? Wasting it on a little rat who's half dead allready?" He took Daniel's weapons and ammunition, his friend started laughing. They started to make fun of him and cut his clothes open and taking everything from him. They forced Daniel to get out of their sight all naked not looking back or they would kill him. He started crying, he had nothing left he thought that would be the end. After finding some old clothes in a house he just dropped to the floor whining himself to sleep... *CRACK* The door opened, Daniel rapidly jumped up. "WHO THE FUCK IS THERE? PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ME!". "Hey Hey, Buddy calm down. Oh you look terrible, come on let me help you" a stranger started saying to him. He was wearing a gasmask so Daniel couldn't get a glimpse of who it was. The Stranger slowly came close giving him a open can of beans and full bottle of water. He introduced himself as Bryan. A few minutes later Daniel heard a second voice speaking: "The village is clear i haven't spotted any zombies out there." A secpnd man came in who named himself "Swilly". They helped Daniel up and gave him a handgun to show him he could trust them. "Just don't kill us buddy.". Daniel started smiling. He couldn't believe what was happening right now. He had hope again. The strangers took him out telling him they would go to Green Mountain. That used to be Daniels next location on his plan, after Chernogorsk. Daniel decided to skip Chernagorsk and to stick with the people instead. Together they started heading up to kamorovo and to the direction of Green Mountain... to be continued...
  8. Okay, i didn't know about all this since i wasn't there when this happened
  9. Uhm no one of us was shooting at all at the beginning. When we were at NWAF we noticed someone shooting and i heard bullets whizzling by. We decided going to the other side of the airstrip to get rid of you, but on the other side we got shot at again. Atleast 20 shots has been fired at us and 1 of em hit my chest, thats where i started blindly firing back to scare the shooter off, we ran to vybor milbase and met 3 people one of them fixed me up, right after we left the base we got shot at again with automatic rifles, i blindly fired back again and got hit several times, hiding behind a tree patching myself up i got killed by a final hit. Additionally i want to mention that i haven't made visual contact with the shooter even a single time nor have i talked to him or anything else. So all you wrote makes no sense to me. Your talking about people shooting at your direction, but we haven't shot at you at all. Plus if you we would have shot at your direction by accident it would maybe be 1 lucky bullet that would have been damn close to you. People aint spraying their guns at single zombies. This is written on a mobile in case some words are screwed up.
  10. Server and location: Vybor Military Base Server 1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 28-07-16 Between 18:00-19:00 i think Your in game name: Daniel White Names of allies involved: Abdul and Dan (forgot their last names) Name of suspect/s: No idea, random shots came out of nowhere Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I don't have any. Detailed description of the events: A Guy started randomly shooting us from the distance, at NWAF, we ran away but he caught up on Vybor Military Base. He managed to kill me when i patched me up after i got hit several times. I don't have the exact time since i'm that stupid not looking it up right after it happened.
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    [OOC] DayZRP photo session

    Sounds too good, im in
  12. Just try to make the best out of it, there will allways be situations like that
  13. stealing beans sounds gangster