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  1. Hey I'm pretty new on here and heard that there are different guns on RP to the ones found in normal DayZ and was wondering what guns are in DayZRP?
  2. Hey thanks guys for the warm welcomes. I was about 5th in the list but my app was rejected after two days wait, I've spent more time on my second app and am straight to number 1 so hopefully I will get white listed this time round and get to play soon.
  3. Hey welcome to dayzrp, hope you enjoy yourself and good luck with your app Rob
  4. cheers, is there any way to edit my app after its been submitted, I probably already know the answer but cant hurt to ask.
  5. Hey, Welcome to DayzRP. Good luck in your app, mine is still in the reviewing stage it can take a while you just have to be patient. Rob
  6. Cheers for the help Beast, I hope it doesn't take a month I really wanna play this mod as it looks how dayz was intended to be played and non of this bandit shoot on site crap you get on most servers.
  7. Hey there, I submitted my app for white listing two days ago, I started high up in the list, then donated to the site cause I think what there doing here is awesome and want to get involved. After that I jumped considerably up in the waiting list, I'm now fifth in the waiting list but yesterday (from today's date) I was first and have been creeping back down the list again. Its confusing as I think I'm getting near to being white listed then get moved away from it. Can any one explain why this happens as there seems to be no methodical pattern?? Thanks for reading. Rob
  8. hey cheers guys how long does it take to get whitelisted its been two days now??
  9. he there, im rob, finished signing up to DayzRP and getting excited to role play with the rest of you in the hellish zombie infested cherno. hope to meet you all soon