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  1. Ayren Muratov was born in 1971 in the small village of Svergino, South-Zagoria, Chernarussian SFR, Soviet Union. Ayren spend most of his days playing football with his friends and taking care of his chickens. When Ayren was on primary school, the Soviet Union collapsed. The Chernarussian SFR became independent from the Soviet Union. Due to the fall of communism, many of the countries nationalized industries came to a halt. For months had Ibrahim Muratov stayed at home, not being able to work. It was a big change from communism to free market. After a while, the factory got taken over by a rich oligarch. Ibrahim got his job back and started to earn a decent living. Meanwhile the turbulent ‘90’s passed by, Ayren passed his high school diploma. It is the early years of the new millennium and Ayren starts doing an apprenticeship as a construction worker. After that, he worked as a farmer and used to live and work in northern South Zagoria. The infected scared away his herd of livestock. Living the fields, trying to survive