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  1. Desal Plant

    Patrols sound good, as well as good RP scenario's
  2. Volki Photo Album.

    S-GRU Sniper
  3. Desal Plant

    Thanks for the advice I will be sure to test it, appreciated
  4. Southern Crew Has Got Some Dope Moves

    Watched this video back a few times, hilarious
  5. Just got whitelisted!!!

    Have fun mate
  6. Compound 5 | Norsefire | Finished

    Looks fantastic! Very impressive
  7. Desal Plant

    Few problems to note with the diesel plant I have clocked during my CR duties! - The inside lighting is currently bugged out, the campfires provide no lighting and makes the plant look rather dull on a night time. - The ladder, right by the front gate serves no purpose and is rather buggy. Enjoying CR'ing the camp so far, and some great role play moments so far.
  8. Desal Plant

    Was a fun fight! I initiated and then killed the last two CR's at the end. Nice roleplay mid fight aswell Indeed
  9. Desal Plant

    Indeed you did, I was the only sniper in the camp, total CR's were 3. //Enjoyable chaps!
  10. Desal Plant

    Was an outnumbered fight, yet Volki stood our ground. Your snipers were spotted miles before the initiation.
  11. Accepted!

    Have fun mate!
  12. Desal Plant

    Fantastic place //Volki came over yesterday and paid you a visit, very welcomed. Stay safe, comrades.
  13. Volki Backstories

    Name: Mitch Sandhov Rank: Mayór Weight: 86Kg Role: Sniper Personality: Quiet, reserved and tame until provoked. Moved to Chernarussia when I was a young boy, I remember not of my childhood as it was rough and the memories have slipped from grasp since this outbreak. My wife and my young son were taken from me on the first night, I lived in a small house near the town of Myshkino, worked in Zelenogorsk. I still hear those screams as I had no choice but to painfully watch my wife be ripped from this world, then it hit me. As I remained in silence hidden outside, her eyes re-opened. I ran, I ran some more, and then I continued to run. I came across some small barns in the middle of nowhere, the place didn't seem familiar. I took refuge inside and came across some basic supplies, including an old hunting rifle with extremely low ammo, it gave me a sense of security while I was trying to figure out what the hell is going on, yet in reality I was far from safe. I kept moving from town to town, trying to do my best to look for fellow survivors but my eyes witnessed greed and hateful motives from people I once would call friends. Bandits everywhere, stealing and taking what they wish, murder, pillaging and slaughter. Days passed, I had heard of a small group forming up known as nothing more than - The Wolves of Chernarus, rumors were spreading that they could help I made a decision to seek them out, I enlisted in their ranks to help save our homestead and take the fight back to restore order and bring justice to anyone that sought to destroy our homes, or at least what is left. Although I no longer have my old family, I now lie in wait with my new brothers. I fear no man, no monster and no task with 'Serye Volki' at my side.
  14. Epoch style base building...

    Personally I dont wish to see DayzRP become a huge bundle of all different DayZ Mods.