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  1. Jboi

    Week 42 news

    I really hope a feature to donate for someone else is added. ie, the donation gets added to your total donation account (so you can get a step toward supporter or super support etc) but another person can use the money to spend it on a skin. Might be a good addition.
  2. Wow after all that shit I helped you guys out with last night you just outted us. Nice. BTW, if you maybe got the full story from us, you'd see that Blackwatch was who initiated hostile action on us. Anyways, I'll be taking all my medical supplies and leaving the Desal plant then.
  3. Oh yeah I forgot, please dont ban me Rolle. Hmm... I don't know man, it's so tempting I think I liked the desal plant the most, although the rear "exit" leading straight into the sea was... bizarre. I like it too! My biggest problem is this.. [video=youtube] ..But then again, I was the only one there at the time, so perhaps when people are there not so many zombies are walking around. ((If it says video is unavailable, it's at 95% processed, give it a minute))
  4. Ah my mistake, I was looking for an appropriate section but was having trouble finding one. If an admin could move it that'd be awesome.
  5. [video=youtube] My day summed up in a video. Gotta say I've been loving the RP recently, and to whoever the Guitar Guy is, keep it up!
  6. Jboi

    [GAME] Predict the future!

    True The next person is in college
  7. Jboi

    DayZRP Bug Reports

    building tank traps and sand bags are still EXTREMELY buggy, and give you "failed to build ((whatever the item is))" error all the time. I'm trying to fortify a player camp, and it just isn't letting me.. I was able to get 1 tank trap down, and I can't place anything else. It's very upsetting.
  8. I'd say this sums up my feelings nicely. Zombies are just too fuckin buggy to be given this much strength and numbers. It's insane. Not to mention medical supplies are now EXTREMELY limited, so you get hit, and you can't even find blood bags. Some animals are bugged too so you can't get the meat off the carcass, so that helps too.
  9. Jboi

    DayZRP 1.3.0 Bug Report

    Can't place sandbags (haven't tried other things) give you error "You have failed to make a sandbag" I have a Entrenching tool, and a toolbox on me.
  10. Jboi

    DayZRP 1.3.0 Bug Report

    Also using this skin... I am being affected by thirst and hunger. I didn't hear flies earlier, but normally do (this was before the update, during the KoS event). Can study bodies, and can NOT hide bodies. We have disabled flies in the mod now. Flies can still be heard in the death pits with all the dead corpses, those static ones. Also, Zombies are WAAAAAAY too strong.. and can still knock you off bikes.
  11. Hey, I'm new to this community, just submitted a whitelist application and I'm hoping it gets accepted. Hope to meet you all IG, and can't wait to RP with you all. A little about myself, I'm a college student studying for Computer Science/Cyber Security, and I've been a gamer all my life. Recently built a PC and I'd like to think I'm very knowledgeable on the topic, so if anyone needs help picking out PC parts or anything of the sort, I'd be able to help with that. Peace for now.