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  1. This. It isn't the fact that my friend was banned without reason, the admins had a reason. I just don't believe it was correct. He joins the teamspeak (with me) to try and explain what happened, and gives evidence that would show that he couldn't have done it. The GM basically responds with "yeah but anti-hack" and bans him from the teamspeak, half way through his explanation. The GM tells me that whatever I say is irrelevant, as the admins have made up their mind and that they're right. I don't like how my friend, and myself, were treated during this. We were hardly able to even explain our side of the story before he was wiped of the face of the community, unable to ever return. If this can happen once, it can happen again, and probably has happened before.
  2. Well, I suppose I am in the same situation. He says such a file does not exist. You cannot show me the evidence, and thus cannot prove it. I can also not prove that he doesn't have such a file. It's word v word, I choose to believe that he's innocent. I just find it suspicious that during an event where things were spawned in, people were banned for spawning things in. Farewell, Thumper.
  3. Fair enough. My point still stands, however. I would trust a friend more than a anti-cheat, to be fair. Thank you, wish you the same.
  4. Very well. I was told something different from a GM. He was also banned from the forums before he was banned in game, which is interesting.
  5. The time has come, my friends. I am afraid that I will be no longer roleplaying on this server. I may vent on this thread, so be warned I suppose. My friend, Danial Millar, was banned for scripting, apparently. Even though he was in the trade post and in Cherno at the time he 'attempted to spawn in crates'. But of course, 4 different people with no contact all tried to spawn in the same thing at the same time as an event where things were spawned in was going on. That must just be a coincidence, right? They were obviously hacking, and the anti-cheat is perfect and has and will never make a mistake. But without any satire, it's illogical for him to even attempt it. He had just written a backstory and helped set up a clan. Why in hell would he hack after doing that? Think about it, 4 people (possibly more) have all been accused of hacking THE SAME THING, at THE SAME TIME, each with no evidence of knowing eachother and have all claimed that they have not done such a thing. There was also an admin event going on, where things were being spawned in, which is a logical explanation for such a coincidence. Would you really trust a system (that has made errors in the past, might I add) rather than 4 people (and witnesses) who have been active in a whitelisted community for over a year. We're not even allowed to bring back up this sentence, as they banned him from the teamspeak, nor are we allowed to see the evidence. So farewell, DayzRP. I'll miss roleplaying with you guys, it was fun. I don't really feel comfortable playing on a server where I could be banned for no reason at all at a random event in the future. If the admins see the mistake and unban my good friend, Mr Danial Millar, I may return. Bye.
  6. "Some people say I look a little bit gay" LGBT = Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender / aka gay rights the flag represents gay rights. Hence me calling myself gay. lol.
  7. Armouredwaffle presents fun with flags. What even is the flag? Assuming from your posts that it is a flag... That's the LGBT flag. Hence the gay joke
  8. Why is the flag in your mouth? Why isn't it in your mouth. No, I had to click with my right hand so I needed something to hold it up with my mouth.
  9. I think if you explained it better in the original post, the results would be better. DayzRP would just be renamed, and would include other RP servers under the same whitelist. Nothing would change, if you just wanted to play DayzRP, other than the name.
  10. I like this idea, actually. I assume that the other servers will have the same strict RP as on DayZRP. I'd hate the DarkRP server to be just like every other DarkRP server. Also, getting rid of the DayzRP name isn't really a big deal. It's a pretty crap name IMO.
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