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"If i die, leave me at home."

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  1. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    6: Found on Prison Island, in an old Cell
  2. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    5: Found on an abandoned van just off the side of the road, just south of postoshka.
  3. Orbit

    Website, premium and item updates

    Nice all in all. Looking forward to seeing how these changes play out
  4. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    4: Found in the gym of a decrepit school near Berenzino
  5. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    No idea what your talking about there sir, these are 100% genuine articles
  6. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    Over the past weeks, seemingly overnight. The landscape was dotted with strange graffiti, All featuring hummingbirds and cryptic messages. No one knows who paints these, or why, but whoever they are, they clearly want people to know they are watching. 1: Found in a back alley, Chernogorsk 2: Found in an old sewer accesses tunnel, Northwest Airfield 3: Multiple found across old billboards on the northern highway
  7. Orbit

    Pro ty, kteří bojují o Černarusii

    *Yuri, hearing the girls voice, puts down his cigarette and takes his radio from his bag, quickly speaking into it* "To je Jurij Volkov. Vím o hmyzu, o němž mluvíte, a když už nebudu bojovat jen o toto místo, je to stále můj domov. Pokud máte dobré informace, budete odměněni. Kdy se můžeme sejít. Přes." *He places his radio down, going back to his cigarette and the book he was reading*
  8. Orbit

    Denigrata [Recruiting]

    Stick with us boys, and you'll go far in this world.
  9. Orbit

    Dayz Mod nostalgia Thread.

    OOf.. I knew that... I was just testing you! And you passed... So congrats!
  10. Orbit

    Dayz Mod nostalgia Thread.

    I was looking thorugh my steam Screenshots and found one of the old DayzRP Loading page. Got my right in the Nostalgia. Anyone have anything from the Old days they want to reminisce over?
  11. Orbit

    Looking for a New Home [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    *thick Russian assent can be herd over the radio* "So long as you can work, I think we can help, We will be in touch" *Static*
  12. Orbit

    Denigrata [Recruiting]

    We will try not to disappoint you.
  13. Orbit

    Denigrata [Recruiting]

  14. Orbit

    Denigrata [Recruiting]

  15. He had never known to want much. Growing up as one of 8 children, Yuri was never a spoiled child, and knew the value of hard work and persistence. If you do your job, you get to eat. If you fuck around, you ound. He did is work, were ever i needed to to help feed his family, He would sweep shops, deliver mail, whatever he could do to make some change. He grew up having to be strong, dealing with the people around him. Local gangsters, Punks and jackasses coming after him on his way home, he got into a few scuffs. Then a few more, until eventually he had enough. Yuri had a nack for pain. People would come after him, and he would make them regret it. He would brake there bones, throw salt in there wounds. He would make them suffer, and thugs learned not to mess with him. Pretty soon, one of the local thugs in charge heared about the kid torturing his guys, and decided he would make a better employee then enemy. They used him as a weapon against there enemy's, and in return he was able to bring home more then pocket change. They had him torturer people, with broken bones and scared limbs.
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