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"If i die, leave me at home."

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  1. Orbit

    Looking for Ammuniton

    "Any Forty-Five Auto rounds that you have would be nice"
  2. Orbit

    Looking for Ammuniton

    "I think that could work, but I am currently a busy man. I dont like leaving my perch if i can help it, so I would like the meet closer to home. The Factory District of the city this time."
  3. Orbit

    Looking for Ammuniton

    "I think I might be interested in this, but I would like to know what im being payed before anything else"
  4. Orbit

    Looking for Ammuniton

    On my way
  5. Orbit

    Looking for Ammuniton

    "Look to the towers on the east of the city, find the flashing tower"
  6. Orbit

    Looking for Ammuniton

    "This sounds good to me sir. I will be waiting"
  7. Orbit

    Looking for Ammuniton

    "That sounds like a good plan to me. Are you able to meet in Chernogorsk perhaps?"
  8. Orbit

    Looking for Ammuniton

    "This is Egor Rybakov. If any person out there has found some supplies of Point Three Three Eight Lapua Magnum ammunition, I would like to propose a trade. I have building supplies, other ammunition, food and drink and some other things laying around. Contact me if we can trade"
  9. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    Thanks so much man!
  10. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    7: Found on the back wall of the Novaya Petrovka Factory complex
  11. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    6: Found on Prison Island, in an old Cell
  12. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    5: Found on an abandoned van just off the side of the road, just south of postoshka.
  13. Orbit

    Website, premium and item updates

    Nice all in all. Looking forward to seeing how these changes play out
  14. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    4: Found in the gym of a decrepit school near Berenzino
  15. Orbit

    Denigrata Propaganda

    No idea what your talking about there sir, these are 100% genuine articles
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