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  1. bobman235

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "The truth is not what's true. The truth is what people believe is true"-Unknown
  2. Pre Outbrake Brian had a simple life before. A wife and two kids, mortgage payments, car payments. He owned a landscaping business and had won several awards for his creative designs. He woke up, got dressed, drove his kids to school and went to work. After a long day of planting trees, mowing lawns and trimming hedges, he would pick his kids up and go back home. The was always some trouble to deal with however. Local gangs always barking about protection money, followed by the police asking questions about them. But such was life. Nothing to be done about it he said to himself. Best just leave it be. Brian always kept himself looking well groomed. Short black hair always parted to the left. A white dress shirt with blue jacket and pants always folded away before work began and platter that night. black shoes and socks, shined and polished. Brian was a man of routine, all day every day. Chernarus All of Brian's hard work seemed to pay off when a Russian business man wanted to hire him for the biggest contract of his career. An entire estate com pleat with gardens, a small forest, hedge maze and more, and Brian was the head designer. Once all the details had been worked out, he and his wife left on there first flight of the day, leaving there children with his mother. After a long day of hopping between flights, they both arrived in Sochi. Not even a week after arriving in Russia, there was trouble. Brian was informed that the contractor supplying all of there layer had backed out of the deal, demanding more money then what they agreed apon. Brian, determined to get this project done in a timely manner, decided to negotiate himself. Bringing a translator with him, he made the long drive to the contractors head-quarters down in Chernarus. Post OutBrake It wasn't long after that the borders closed, leaving Brian trapped in a country he didn't know his way around. It didn't help that his translator completely abandoned him, and took there car with him. It seemed however that his landscaping could help him, even in the war zone he was now stuck in. Having built over two dozen gardens for clients and keeping a fairly large one himself, Brian was able to survive the first few months with a group, promising to grow them food in exchange for a safe place to sleep. Eventually, they started shooting at each other, and Brian found a new group to stay with. That one got in a huge fight a split up in the night, and so on and so on. Find a group to stay with. Grow them food. They all leave or die. Repeat. It became Brian's new routine. Day in, day out. Shattered The last group he spent time with was a small community living in an abandoned fishing village. Brian woke up, got dressed, grabbed his tools and started working. Watering and fertilizing his small crops. Pulling the dead, harvesting the ripe. Then he distributed what ever he could. Of course there was never enough for everyone, and someone always had to be hungry. He did his best to always feed the children in the village first, but even that was sometimes a stretch. after a few months, as always some trouble came around. A group of thugs came by, demanding the little food they had in exchange for "Protection" just like the gangs back home. Brian started thinking about home. His kids, his wife, his mother. It was only the gun shots that woke him from the day dream. Someone in the village refused to hand over there food, and the entire town became one big firefight. Brian had never been a fighter, and he had no plans of starting today. He found a place to hide, and kept his head down. He was already thinking about where he could go to find another group when he heard one of the village children scream. Brian looked over and say one of the thugs standing over the crying child, grabbing at her and hitting her back down to the ground. No time to think. He stood up, ran over to the attacker and tackled him to the ground. With his gun knocked out of his hand, Brian started beating the man over and over again. Left fist, Right fist, Left fist, Right. He didn't stop when the thug stopped breathing. He didn't stop when the gun shots stopped ringing out. No one that was left from the town tried to stop him. None of them were rave enough. The just stood on and watched as the quiet, kind hearted gardener cried and swore as he crushed that mans face into pulp. When he did finally stop, he knew he could stay, but he didn't want to anyways. He knew he didn't need a group to survive. No one stopped him as he grabbed is things and made his way out of town
  3. *As Jason finished up some last minute preparations, he hoped the airwaves would continue to stay quiet until morning, as not to drown out his broadcast. He also had to hope he had set up the transmitter correctly and that the fuel he had collected would last lone enough for what he wanted* "Only one way to find out" *Jason fired up the generator, set his recorded message to loop, and exited the area as soon as he knew his broadcast was actuality going out into the world* *The message repeats for a few hours before the generator running the equipment run out of fuel*
  4. bobman235

    A plea - Open

    "The last pale light in the west... i never thought i would hear good music again, thank you young lady"
  5. bobman235

    The Outside Man

    "And you would think i should give an exact location to meet over the radio? So one of these killers can arrive as well?"
  6. bobman235

    The Outside Man

    *A mans voice comes over the radio static with a french accent* "Do you have a name that i could call you by sir, or am i to call you by some code name?"
  7. Im looking at you JadeBoat...
  8. I see your points. Removed that goal for now and will review the goals once im back home
  9. Not quite a new player. My old profile got removed after a 4-5 months of inactivity and i just made a new one. I started playing way back in when dayzrp was still on the mod. even played with B-17 the last few weeks. i also played with Roaches group the New World Mafia (i was the dude with the pink hat )
  10. Yes we are For the time being, until we get a stable presence and base of operations, it will mostly be talking with survivors in Chernarus as if we are just other survivors, asking targeted questions while trying to keep a low radar. once we get settled in, then we open up to interrogations, bribery and the trade of information for information. That's the plan in my head anyway
  11. Music Short term goals (Within the next 10-20 days) Long term goals (Within the next 40-60 days) Persistent goals (Always working/ Never complete) ooc goals -We want to make shore that anyone we come across in game has a good time, regardless of whether or not they know there RPing with our group. -Initiations will Almost Never be gear based, as we focus on information over gear, and will most likely let those we hold us leave with there gear -We want to keep our focus on Rp. This includes while we are using Ts -We want to offer a new kind of bartering and negotiation Rp, not based on gear OOC Recruitment is going to be restricted to the four leading roles as seen above and described below, as such we are looking for experienced RPers, preferably those who have been part of other groups on DayzRP All other recruitment is will be handled In character By The Broker and the head of each sector. Contract Given the confidential nature of the group, and the potential for whistle blowing, all members are required to agree to fill out and Pm the contract below along with the application to Bobman235. Note that leaving the Brokerage is not considered a betrayal, and we will wish you the best should you decide to do so Let me know what you thing guys, I need all the feedback i can get!
  12. Being a kid on the street isn't an easy life No roof over your head, Always on the move, shirty food. Jason did what he need to to make it. Odd jobs, theft... Then he found something that stuck. He Grew up working for vareus criminal elements in London. Drug dealers, Lone Sharks, Gangs as a pack mule. Taking there goods from point A to point be. Climbing on rooftops and hoping over fences, Jason become many peoples go to for moving there supply around. He traded his work for money and shelter. Over time, Jason became known for the speed and relyability of his service, and was referred to several underground and black market contacts. Instead of delivering Pot, he left dead drops in local parks. Instead of delivering cash, Jason would hand a briefcase to a man in a black coat. He was finally making some good money. Jason got himself a nice apartment with a view of the city. He worked like this, a middle man for shady dealings. for a few years. Shour he ended up in the slammer once or twice, but at least he had a home to... well... his home. When the infection became well known, and the quarantine in place, Jason found himself lucky. The panic that issued created major demand for supply's of all kinds, most of witch could only be found on the underground markets, as stores were emptied and looted. His work was in high demand, and with his contacts he had no trouble paying for food even with the shortages. After a few months of hustling, Jason found a note on his coffee table. "Meet me at Innovation Park. Red trashcans Finding a young man at the park, reading a book as he waited, Jason impatiently started asking about what he wanted, He asked what the job was, and was asked another question in response. "Do you want to join The Network?" It didn't take long before Jason was out of London, being moved to brokerage 5 in Sweden, then brokerage 6 in the Russian country side, soon to be followed with his own brokerage in Chernarus
  13. *A slightly Hi-pitched over the radio* "I would be able to give you a hand i you would like Mr. Tiv. I've spent most for my time up north camping in the woods, and have been meaning to head up to the base as well" *A gunshot is heard over the radio* "As i was saying, at the moment im camped up near the tower and will be for the next few days, reach me on this Chanel if you want my help" *Static*