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  1. Hope This Thief gets Caught Red Handed, Meanwhile i will be Guarding the Outpost because there are no guards on duty at the moment *Over*
  2. "The Tents and All the Supplies Of The UN has been gone Missing and The Reason is Unknown Captain.Hawk" *Over*
  3. *grabs the Radio in Hands* *says, where are the UN military that had setup a camp in berezeno gone now i cant find any tents or any military personals* *over*
  4. severograd!! so thats the safe zone now! , im gonna visit that pretty soon.
  5. This is a radio message to all the Survivors Out there! **Hello survivors, if there is any one in need of help in Berezino, it looks like i have found a safe zone to stay put for a few days! feel free to come meet up!**
  6. My name's Viktor Volf was born and raised in Zernovo during height of the cold war 1966. I always wanted to be a cop when i grow up, and that was my dream ever since i was a kid, and when i was at my age of 20 i became a cop and served for the city of Zernovo i was the cheif officer of ZPD (Zernovo Police Department) and my family made there living in CHERNARUS as it was really hard to make our living in Zernovo, i had to stay in Zernovo as my posting was in zernovo and i had to stay really far from my family, and when i was at the age of 28 i got married to a beautiful women named Bella and she was from America, i met her once when she visited Zernovo as a tourist and we really fell in love with each other and everything just happened so fast and we got married, after we got married i had to send her with the rest of my family who lived in CHERNARUS because it was really hard to make our living in Zernovo and we really had to live far away from each other, but we always had the love between both of us. But one day everything broke apart, i heard the radio news that there was a infection Outbreak in CHERNARUS and i was really shocked, i didnt know the infection was this big which could swipe out the whole city, i went down to CHERNARUS to save my family and get them back to Zernovo and i went to my home which was in CHERNARUS where my family stayed and there were infected people all around my house where i couldn't beleive my eyes they teared apart my family members and were eating them alive, i heard the scream of my mom and my dad, they were screaming for help i couldn't do anything, i saw my wife being eaten by those creatures who were no longer known as humans i tried killing them, but that didn't help, my family was long gone, there was nothing i could have done, may be this all wouldn't have happened if they stayed with me in Zernovo but now as days passed on the whole country was wiped out by the desease and the whole country went on to the Dark days where no one had ever imagined this day would come. ---Post Outbreak--- December 24, 2016 I cant beleive im still surviving this Darkness, there is still no hope for me to get out of here, but all that i want in my life is to die as a human and not one of those creatures whom i call The Walkers, i dont know how long i might survive but i will never be one of those walkers, the thing i have learnt from being a cop 3 years ago, huh cops dont exist no more but the training i had in the police selection really helped me up to this day. so, so far i kept on moving and will keep on moving thinking there might be some hope for all the survivors...