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  1. Hey everyone!

    Welcome! Hope you get accepted! If you need any help, send me a pm!
  2. Another settlement rule change

    Always role play over rule play. This is not going to happend if you're not going to be able to shoot back when someone is shooting at you. This is basically stupid.
  3. Most likely my last

    Sad to see you go. Hope everything is going to be sorted out. Good luck!
  4. Real Life Hobbies Thread

    Table tennis <3
  5. Official Fifa World Cup 2014 Thread [UPDATED]

    Hahahha. Had a good laugh at this one
  6. Important community announcement

    Why not? See if it works out? If it dosen't work. Drop it. Go for it!
  7. Payday: The heist giveaway

    37 for me thank you!
  8. Trouble starting DayZRP

    Wow just wow! Fantastic. People like you are great to have around like this. Thanks for quick reply and solution!
  9. Trouble starting DayZRP

    When I try launch DayZRP to menu or try join any server this randomly shows. I have no clue what to do. Tried to re-install and all that kind of stuff. Thank you!
  10. Doctors hour at TP

    Great. Love this! This could make some good role play. I'll come and have a look.
  11. Me ruining everything

    That was about it yeah Everyone started running around like headless chickens
  12. Ask the admins

    Asking: Any admin Q1: How many helicopter crash sites spawns between every restart? A1: Two. One at restart, one roughly two hours after. /Rolle
  13. Me ruining everything

    For sure that is. Gathered loot all day, then that happend
  14. Me ruining everything

    Hell yeah that would be hilarious [video=youtube]http://youtu.be/FhwtZBBTPFI Oh jesus christ....