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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): [No link, this happened due to underage] Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is unfair due to me misunderstanding the situation and I have over 16 throughout. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My old account I had a very long time ago on this website was got banned, the reason for this is, when I applied I threw a random age in the box because I didn't even know it mattered. I got denied for this and then I realised, so I made a new account with my real age and applied, then a few months after I was banned again but on the new account, this is because you guys realised it was the same PID or GUID or something that had been registered twice. Now I am here to prove to you my age for a possible unban, I have a picture of me with my College ID card (this has my date of birth, and a image of me), and also my birth certificate. I will send this as a private message to a admin once replied to this post. Now my PID will have changed from the last time I logged on, I don't know if you're able to sort this out for me possibly? My PID is: 76561198065299048 I did speak to a Admin on the Team Speak called "Terra" and she said the birth certificate with my Student ID card will be fine. Hope this will clear the issues, sorry for the long explanation, and thanks if you can clear it all up for me.
  2. So I have joined BWP and I want to know how to get their clan URL so I can use their badge in game do you guys have any idea?
  3. Hello guys, I got white listed yesterday and this is my story so far. I am Grant Mitchell, currently looking for Phil Mitchell, my brother. I won't bore you with how I got here, but I have been playing on the servers and have had lots of fun meeting you, if you find out anything about my brother please tell me. - Grant
  4. Thanks, I think that did it. Link to download: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-testing-new-dayzrp-launcher
  5. Hello can somebody please help me? I have just been white listed on the server and need help connecting. I have DayZRP downloaded as I just downloaded both of the things it asked me to. I now am getting this error that I have took a picture of. If you could help me out on what to do please do I will appreciate it a lot.
  6. Hey man, and good thanks for asking!
  7. - Egotisticsoup Thanks man I appreciate the reply.
  8. Hello, how are you? Today I finished watching PsiSyndicate's DayZRP but I have never played on DayZRP myself, I have a white list application pending but anyway, I am guessing you guys know the best if his video is or not scripted. I would really like to know this because if it's not that's amazing but I felt like in his video's on that series all the attention was around him, and this got me to think if it was scripted or not. Please tell me, does this happen to everyone? Is the attention a lot on you when you play the servers, or is it just like you run around alone and meet somebody every now and then? (Not a big fan of PsiSyndicate although this is irrelevant.) All answers appreciated.
  9. Sorry about the text color
  10. Hey! Not complaining at all but, I was wondering because I am 170th in queue for white list, and yesterday I was 157th I was wondering if you donate do you get further down in queue? I was also wondering if you do donate do you get a more chance of getting white listed than somebody who didn't? Asking out of curiosity I am not complaining one bit.
  11. Thanks for the posts it helped me out a lot, I just wondered because I thought I might have been declined without knowing, but anyways thanks! I will prepare for the worst and expect a wait of 2 months. And also Frayzies apologies I just looked on the forums now and have seen like 4 people saying the same thing as I did, I probably should have checked them out sorry I will be sure to do that next time.
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