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    Can i delete this i literally just found this http://www.dayzrp.com/dayz-lore/ AHAAHAAIFEKJLSDFFJAoieakjlfewjgds;klfjklawesjg;lawknbioawskgedjfklawsnb;lekwnb;klage
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    Is there any more handier resources to find precise DayZ lore information? I've looked through all the pinned posts on the forum, but key details are still missing. That or i just missed them. Things like the order in which cities fell, where patient zero was discovered, or who was where when. This has made me basically become a detective and resort to guessing on my white-list applications. The forum section is good, but most of the pinned posts are too thematic. Not saying what happened where or when objectively, but instead covering them subjectively. It's entertaining sure, but its annoying when your trying to learn specific important facts needed to even get into the game. Facts that in all honesty most characters don't need to or wouldn't even know trying to survive in an apocalyptic landscape. Maybe this is me just ranting, but finding specific details scattered across this site just to get in game has been frustrating. I don't mind doing reading, and I understand that this community is only made better by this initiation test. I wish the resources needed to pass were more clearly outlined.