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  1. Leader that was shot was: Vadim Danshov Pretty sure it was within the time space of a minute or less. I briefly mentioned the presence of another member that shot at us in my last post of the original report. I should have been more clear about the situation and I should have been more detailed about the actions of this other member. If I ever end up in the same position I will be as clear as I can.
  2. Another edit: We were 30-35 meters away from him when we intiated and when the first commands to drop weapons and identify were giving or we would kill him. He shouted his profanity's and only dropped his weapon. We stood there for atleast 5-10 sec before we shouted again identify yourself or be killed met with another fuck you. We the ran up to within 2 meters (he was stationary all the time on the ground disarmed, there was no reason as to why he would not be able to comply with us during this time) which adds up to about 15 seconds so far with no compliance. We then continued to demand again for ID 2 more times (met with more profanity, he clearly heared all of our commands) which gets the clock on around 20 seconds. Then we started counting down but by that time he had had so much time to show the ID. Then he decides to chat just before we shoot him knowing that latency and pressure would keep us from seeing it untill too late. He had more the 20 seconds, he didnt do anything but lie on the ground and during all of this the firefight with his clan member was going on... I hope this can be resolved since I feel I had given him way more then enough time to respond. (I added this segment to clarify how the time I am talking about was spent and how long everything took during this initiation)
  3. Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rdm-ravens Why the verdict is not fair : The logs tell a different story then what happend at the spot. We had given him more then enough chances which he refused to comply too. One of the problems mentioned by Ceasar is that we did not give him enough time comply, but we actually gave him atleast 20 seconds. It was very clear that Hoffman did not want to comply and was only showing ID last moment to get us in this position. Also, we did not execute him, another member mentions about the fuck you's but we did not shoot him because of those, we shot him because he had had enough time and he just wasnt complying. We shot him because although he was stationary and we were right on top of him, he refused to comply for 20 seconds and kept screaming fuck you at us. He showed no intent at all to comply and we feel this part was overlooked in the verdict. Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : Ill give a timeline of what happend. We saw Alex pointing at us and we ran upto him and said: Drop the weapon and Identify or we will kill you (twice) He dropped his weapons and we ran upto him. When we were right next to him and had him pinned down on the ground right below us. (He was stationary on the ground during the entire 20+ seconds, doing nothing else but screaming at us) We said: Show us ID or we will kill you, he replied with fuck you. We repeated Show us ID now or we will kill you! To which he said fuck you. By this time atleast 15 seconds had passed in which he had time to comply. We repeated one more time: Last chance show ID or we will kill you! He said fuck you once more. Then after 15-20 seconds of him not complying we said 5 seconds show ID now or you are dead. While we were counting he kept screaming fuck you at us. When we reached 0 and got ready to shoot he typed this *ID* and but possibly because of latency we did not see this. Jared and I opened up. Latency might have been the reason we did not see the message just before we shot him, but the fact is that he had already had 20+ seconds to comply and shrugged off 3 of the previous chances to comply. He was stationary on the ground disarmed with us standing over him for 20+ seconds while we shouted the demands that he denied. All through this a firefight was going on with his dgpg member who mortally wounded one of our leaders. Him screaming at us through all of this showed no intent on his side of complying, the only thing that he did was type *ID* really fast when the countdown ended in between his profanity. Had he said something like hold I am getting the ID or just any comment at all that would show he was complying we would not have shot, he typed his message at the very end because he knew we would not be able to see it in time since the timer had already ran out and his friend was shooting ar us. Hoffman knew perfectly fine what was going on and what he did, he did not mention the fact that we gave him so much time and he did not even mention that his friend was shooting at us while this all happend. We have video evidence of the other firefight by another member who was covering us while we dealt with hoffman. Hoffman decided to leave out very important information in the report which got us in this position. After 20 seconds of giving no intent to comply at all while on the ground his message when the coutdown reached 0 left us with extremely little time to react given latency, his verbal abuse which made us agitated and made us think he wasnt complying, the pressure from his clanmember shooting at and the fact that this all adds up to no time to react to his message untill we shot him. What would you like to achieve with this appeal : An unban for me and possibly Jared (I dont know if he has to make a seperate appeal for himself) What could you have done better? I could have been more clear in the report about the total time we gave him to reply to our commands (which were met with fuck you's 3 times on 3 seperate commands) which including the countdown add up to atleast 20 seconds. What I could have done better ingame is check the chat one more time before I shot after the timer ran out but the fact was that after atleast 20+ seconds of him on the ground with us standing next to him (he was disarmed and he had nothing else to do then comply, which he refused to do) we had given him a lot of time to comply, and the pressure from his member shooting at us while he was verbally abusing us did not help. Thanks for reading Just adding: The reason we went after them with our men was because these people had been trying to raid us several times and when we intiated on his friend in a ksk skin he ran and we went searching for him (happend 200-400 meters outside of ravens, we are hostile against dgpg) We then saw Hoffman. We reckognized him from his voice but we wanted to be sure it was him. We couldnt spend anymore time on him since the KSK member of dgpg was shooting at our members and we thought Alex was stalling for his member to help him out. (Because during the 20+ seconds a firefight was started by his dgpg member and one of the people on the spot next to alex was severely injured moments after alex got killed.
  4. I didn't refuse! I took it, but that was hard to make clear without a tongue. You should have called the professionals in if you wanted medical attention. We are here to help I would if I could talk. I think these "doctors" were just after my Raging Bull. Absolutely not, in ts we were praising your good roleplaying and were looking forward to playing with you as your character looked very interesting. When we roleplayed that I gave you a stronger medicine that would counter the new infection you ran off so we thought you never took any and stole 2 of our antibiotics. When I found you again I told you to put your weapon down so I could get my antibiotics back. The only reason your raging bull was taken was to prevent you from comming after us. It was fun though, shame it had to end like this
  5. Gijs haha that was us. I really enjoyed your roleplay and I was sad that you refused to take the stronger medicine if it had worked you coupd have came with us.
  6. align=center]Personal information __________________________________________________________________________ Name: Samuel Age(IRL): 17 Nationality: The Netherlands What kind of person are you?: I am a curious person. I spend a lot of time reading up on and learning about things that interest me like medicine and medicine. I like making new discoveries and roleplaying on a high standard. I try to keep to keep my roleplay look and feel realistic so that it is immersive everyone. Time Zone: +1 GMT Which sector of Raven Shield Corporation are you applying for, R.S.M or R.S.S?: R.S.S In game information __________________________________________________________________________ IGN: Sami Lenskens Character Background Story: Sami is a scientist/doctor that researches Pathogens. After a troubled youth with a father that rather had him be the succesor for his profitable insurance company, Sami went to an university where he studied Virology. (The study of viruses, its more complicated then that but I will not go in detail about all aspects of virology) When a strange new disease broke out under the Kamenka locals Sami was sent to investigate. He took several samples and discovered that the virus was mutating at an incredible speed and that some of the newest strings were airborne. After hearing about the report the UN decided to quaratine Chernarus prevent a pandemic. Sami and several other reknowned scientists were sent to a secret underground lab north of Chernogorsk. All this time he kept a journal about his findings and about his personal expierences. The day Chernarus was quarantined was called Day 0 in his journal. Nobody knows when he left the lab, the only thing that he wrote in his journal before this happend was: "Day Unknown, I am going out there, to see what can still be done. The rest have either taken the cowards way out, or have left the lab to find their families. I hope I can find whatever is left of civilization, finish my work. I am going now, if you read this, I hope that this is all over... (Background story was longer and with more detailed journal with week by week reports of what was happening, I shortened it to not take several posts. I hope this shorter version gets the point across for who Sami is) DayZ Experience: ArmA 2 player since 2009, Started playing Dayz 3 weeks after it was first released. I have played several other mods like epoch and overwatch but they did not give me the immersion I was looking for. How familiar are you with the rules of the server? Read them and understand them all. I play by the book and I know how to roleplay. The character I am playing is not afraid to get his hands dirty but generally tries to stick to his medical work so I will not get into any questionable situations. How much role play experience have you had on the server? And for how long have you actively been playing on DayZRP? I have played on several other roleplaying servers on other games and on Arma. On those I have more then 3-4 years of expierence. At the time this application was made it was my first day on Dayzrp, but because of suggestions I decided to make this application although it was so early. On what times are you usually online? I got some time between 17.00-23.00 on most week days depending on school. In the weekends I can be online between 09.00-23.00 depending on if I am needed. Do you have any trouble following orders? Although I do like being in charge, I have no problems with following orders from superiours as I enjoy having something to do that benefits roleplay and the community/clan. Do you have any hostilities towards any of our allied or trusted clans? No I have no enemies at all. What made you interested in R.S.C, R.S.M & R.S.S? I had a really enjoyable roleplay expierence with Morgan Riggs about the Infection and my work as a doctor. I learned his interesting background story and he told me that a new R.S.S Proffesor was needed since the last one got hooked on the stuff and taken care off. He asked if I would be interested in the position at the R.S.S given my medical background and expierence with pathogens and the Infection. Because of this good expierence I decided to take up his offer and make an application. What role suits you better? Sniper, Rifleman or Machine-gunner? Since I am a scientist, not used to having to fire firearms I would not know what to pick. I prefer my syringe and labcoat over any weapon. But If I would have to get my hands dirty I would pick a Rifleman so I can be out there in the field supplying life saving first aid if things go wrong. How would your role play story fit into the R.S.M or R.S.S background? My character is a scientist/doctor who studied Virology and worked with the Infection and has basic medical knowledge too. He would be deployable in the field to supply first aid if need be but most of the time he would spend in the R.S.S lab to continue his work on a cure. If needed he can use his background as scientist to do less orthodox experiments too... So overall I think his backgrounds fits the position he is applying for really well. How is your overall experience of navigating. Locating towns, cities, landmarks etc, in Chernarus? I have played Arma 2 since 2009, I have a lot of expierence on chernarus and I can find most locations without a map or compass without trouble. How is your patience with other people? (Trolls, hostiles, etc) I am patient, if someone is not working on the same speed as me or not roleplaying propperly I keep my calm and I dont freak out. The patient man always wins so if it takes 30 minutes of lying down in a field before I can get a shot on a hostile so be it. When you see someone, do you avoid them or do you initiate role play? I like to roleplay and start conversations. I keep all of my talking IC and if I notice someone is having trouble roleplaying Ill try to help them out and keep the conversation fluent. If someone doesnt want to roleplay then Ill just leave them be. There is no benefit in forcing roleplay on someone if he doesnt want to. When you are alone/bored, what do you do? I will find something to do that benefits my roleplay like searching for medical supplies or Ill try to find someone else to hang around with. If it becomes really boring Ill just go play something else. Do you understand that when you're under the banner of R.S.M, you are not allowed under any circumstances to perform any types robberies or other bandit actions unless provoked or dealing with contracts? Yes I understand,thanks for your time. Seems I was a bit sleepy when I made this app. In the question what kind of person are you it should be: science and medicine. In the question about background story it should be: to prevent a pandemic. In the last paraghraph about day unkown there should be a " at the end to finish the journal quote. The background story is shortened a lot so it would fit in this app. if you need the complete background story incase this is not enough information to make a decision I can send it trough pm or post it here if requested. (Its really long) I hope I can fill the position at R.S.S, Thanks for your time.
  7. Hey guys, new player here with lots of previous rp expierence. I am looking forward to immerse myself in some good rp with you guys!