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  1. Red_DG

    Audio Logs Of Lt Marshal R. Emmrich

    Nice! Well written, Enjoyed reading it.
  2. October 11th, 2014 [AUDIO TAPE 01] My Father Killed himself yesterday. I was asleep, and I heard a gunshot. I rushed out... *Sigh*... and he was lying in his chair, his Pistol in his hand, and face forward on his table, blood splattered everywhere... Anyway, I'm leaving today. I'm gonna try heading into the woods...maybe I'll be ok there... Apparently there's some new fucking disease going around.. and it's killing people and the people who die come back.. well, that's just it. They come back, as fucking animals. People are dying everywhere. It's a shit show. I'm taking this little recorder with me. I... I just hope I can make it long enough. I mean, they're saying it'll be over soon..but I don't know. *Explosion sounds in the distance* What the fu- *Audio cuts off here* October 28th, 2014 [AUDIO TAPE 02] Fucking thing... *Static and Whine*. Alright. Well, it's me again. It's been like... 17 or 18 days since the outbreak I think. I.. I've been doing good so far. I found a hunting rifle in a farmer's barn last week. He was already dead, I had to kill him with a branch..kill him again. I felt bad at first. He was my first.. kill? Yeah. He was the first thing I've ever killed. I felt pumped when it happened, now I feel sick when I think about it. He might've been a nice old man that I killed again. Or maybe he was a Pedophile, in which fuck him. I don't even know anymore. All I know is that I killed him. I heard people walking through my little sector of the woods here yesterday, I thought they were things again, then I heard RUSSIAN! Yes, I heard actual people. Maybe I should've tried talking to them? I mean, dad did teach me Russian for a reason right? I'm worried people have gone mad though. I don't want to get shot trying to be a nice guy. I'm gonna try making my way to the old Devil's Castle up north. I'm hoping some people made it there, friendly people that is. Wish me luck. *Audio Cuts Off* November 17th, 2014 [AUDIO TAPE 03] *Whine* It's me, John. I'm just south of Devil's Castle. I got held up quite a bit on my way here, had a huge group of those Infected walking all over the forests. I think I'm going to try calling them Shamblers. Or how about Walkers? Walkers sounds cool. Isn't that from the Walking Dead? Ah, Screw it. It sounds cool. I think I'm here. I think I arr- *Gunshot is heard in the audio* SHIT! HE- HEY! I'M- *A struggle is heard in the Audio* Get THE FUC- *Another Gun Shot is heard* AGH! You FUC- *Audio Cuts off Here*