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  1. gr1ves

    S1: RDM/KOS GREEN MOUNTAIN 2019-02-02, 12:20ish ST

    Posting with permission from Mykoli. So after logging in, I leave Zelenogorsk heading to Green Mountain to meet up with Myk for some RP. When I arrived, Myk informed me that we were keeping looking out while Adam built the wall. After a little while, a man in all black started sketchily hanging around outside the wall. After trying to get his attention from up in the tower, I went down to the wall. I asked him what he was doing and he advised me that he was on the radio to his boys and was no threat. I said bye and headed back up into the tower. After some more time passes, Adam who was outside the wall, collecting some wood, returns and advises us that he was robbed. In all the commotion, Myk and I headed downstairs. A man in a light blue hat shows up and asks if we have a problem with one of his boys. We explain that it was all a misunderstanding and go about our day. While up in the tower, a lot of people starting coming up and crowding it. Fearing possible injuries and safety concerns, we asked if everyone could make their way to the ground floor. Everyone abides apart from Pavel. I ask Pavel, calmly, if he can make his way to the ground floor as we had health and safety concerns, acting in the best intentions of the people at Green Mountain. Pavel starts getting aggressive towards me and that's where Myk stepped in. Myk and Pavel start heavily going at each other verbally and Adam asks Pavel his name. Myk makes a joke about his name sounding like Pavlova (AU/NZ dessert) to which Pavel makes a remark. Myk makes another joke or two about his name and Pavel makes similar remarks from before. After a while of arguing and trying to explain why we wanted him to go down, Myk gives in and says he can stay up here if he was going to act like a baby. We noticed more people entering Green Mountain. While I'm around the other side of the tower, I hear Pavel ask Myk if he wants to be punched and heard him punching Myk as he started to reply. Myk gets off a shot and is dead before I come around the corner to see Pavel bleeding. At this point, I have my gun raised because obviously, I don't know what's going on but I see Pavel bleeding. I lower my gun and start moving over to help bandage, advising him I'm doing so but before I can, I start taking shots and retreat to inside above the ladder.
  2. Sam Pali is a 25-year-old professional Muay Thai fighter who frequently travels around the world for prestigious events. Sam was born in Malaysia to an Australian father and Malaysian mother. When Sam was 3 years old, the family moved to Australia. Sam had been in Chernogorsk for little under a week competing in the 2017 World Muay Thai Championship where he had just qualified for the Semi-Finals that day. Once the outbreak began, Sam, his manager and a few of the other competitors headed north to find refuge in the forests. Sam is the only one still alive from his original group and is looking for other survivors.
  3. gr1ves


    get out of my way peasants.
  4. Jacko is from a quiet country town called Chinchilla in Australia. For many years, himself and his best friend, Mykola, were contracted to deal with the feral infestation of wild pigs in the Australian Outback. After a very successful campaign culling the feral pigs, a group of concerned local farmers from a country called Chernarus reached out to Jacko and Mykola. They explained that their livestock was being ravaged by a group of local wolves and they wanted to contract Jacko and Mykola to deal with the problem. On the 24th of February 2016, Jacko and Mykola, stepped off a bus and into a private taxi headed for the farmland.
  5. Who's the impostor who stole the thread?! :troll:
  6. Not sure what this has to do with our group? :\
  7. *Josef picks up his radio* Some men just want to watch the world burn. *Josef puts down his radio*
  8. *Josef picks up his radio* He's the hero Chernarus deserves, but not the one it needs right now. *Josef puts down his radio*
  9. I want to thank you guys soooo much for helping me today with my Cholera! *blushes* I thought that was like the end of me for realsies! *giggles* 10/10 would RP again! *thumbs up*
  10. CTC @ Tradepost [video=youtube]
  11. [align=left]The good old Serye Volki clan thread.
  12. gr1ves

    Official CS:GO Thread

    NA CS > EU CS
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