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  1. gr1ves


    get out of my way peasants.
  2. Jacko is from a quiet country town called Chinchilla in Australia. For many years, himself and his best friend, Mykola, were contracted to deal with the feral infestation of wild pigs in the Australian Outback. After a very successful campaign culling the feral pigs, a group of concerned local farmers from a country called Chernarus reached out to Jacko and Mykola. They explained that their livestock was being ravaged by a group of local wolves and they wanted to contract Jacko and Mykola to deal with the problem. On the 24th of February 2016, Jacko and Mykola, stepped off a bus and into a private taxi headed for the farmland.
  3. gr1ves

    Recruiting [VN] Vostochnoye Nastupleniye

    Who's the impostor who stole the thread?! :troll:
  4. gr1ves

    Recruiting [VN] Vostochnoye Nastupleniye

    Not sure what this has to do with our group? :\
  5. gr1ves

    To a settlement that needs a combat, medic and survival instructor

    *Josef picks up his radio* Some men just want to watch the world burn. *Josef puts down his radio*
  6. gr1ves

    To a settlement that needs a combat, medic and survival instructor

    *Josef picks up his radio* He's the hero Chernarus deserves, but not the one it needs right now. *Josef puts down his radio*
  7. gr1ves

    Recruiting [VN] Vostochnoye Nastupleniye

    It doesn't seem to have worked :\
  8. gr1ves

    Recruiting [VN] Vostochnoye Nastupleniye

    I want to thank you guys soooo much for helping me today with my Cholera! *blushes* I thought that was like the end of me for realsies! *giggles* 10/10 would RP again! *thumbs up*
  9. gr1ves

    Recruiting [VN] Vostochnoye Nastupleniye

  10. gr1ves

    Recruiting [VN] Vostochnoye Nastupleniye

  11. gr1ves

    DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    CTC @ Tradepost [video=youtube]
  12. gr1ves

    DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    [align=left]The good old Serye Volki clan thread.
  13. gr1ves

    Official CS:GO Thread

    NA CS > EU CS
  14. gr1ves

    Recruiting [VN] Vostochnoye Nastupleniye

    Are you blind Wunsleh? :\
  15. gr1ves

    Recruiting [VN] Vostochnoye Nastupleniye

    OMG! This is like totally the best clan idea I have ever read! 10/10 would read again! I believe this clan will be awesome! You'll be a great leader Misty! 100% without a doubt this group will be accepted or I'll eat my mouse pad!