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  1. S2 - NVFL, BadRP, OOC in VOIP

    I was in Kamenka and heard that my dear friend Sam was being "held up" by what I thought were a group of bandits. To save my friend, I took abrasive action. I shot a warning shot into the air in attempt to scare the "bandits" off. After this, I ran into the street with my gun held up to the group and accused them of holding up Sam. They denied, they said they were "regulators." I did not trust them. I felt that Sam was in danger. I continued to tell my story but they became angry and confused with my strange back story. I wanted to just walk off with Sam, but they would not let us. They told us to put our hands up. Sam and I don't let people rob or kill us. We kept our dignity and ran thinking that was our only hope. We failed. We died in attempt to save ourselves. They were bandits....