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  1. I would like to close this report. We have resolved the situation on ts3.
  2. We can try to arrange a talk later tonight on the TeamSpeak when my friends get online
  3. Correction: My friends gun was already on the floor. When he told me to drop my gun, I could not see him
  4. Well considering you told my friend to drop his weapon, he really had no choice but to grab help. My friend came to his aid not to shoot you, but to get him out of the house. That's when you fired the first shot and I could hear it from across the town. And of course after you shot one guy in front of his friend, he is going to try and do something. And then you shoot him. As I'm running to your location you fire at me as I'm about to negotiate. I duck and weave for cover and I didn't even bother taking a shot at you. I tried one more time and you told me to drop my weapon and I listened. I tried talking but you wouldn't listen. I pick up my mosin(I'm not going to leave my mosin) and take off for cover thinking you were going to take shots at me which you did not. I ran behind the barn and back to town as I saw you run towards the road and dive for cover so I did the same as I was in an open field just about. I see you aim at me so I aim at you and we both hit each other. I'm not going to point fingers as to who fired the first shot because it happened too fast. p.s. don't call me a liar, I'm telling the story from my point of view and you have no room to adjust it to your liking. There is always 2 sides to a story and I wouldn't bother correcting yours because that is the way you saw it. I typed this not to correct you but to go in depth of what I saw and heard.
  5. Report #44 S1 EU - 07/11/17 3:31PM - Invalid Kill Bad RP Server: S1 EU Date: 07/11/17 Time: 3:31PM Rule breaks: Invalid Kill(Role Played) Bad RP Your in game name: Grigori Borisov Allies: sogekihei1123 Zenethar Enemies: Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: None of us have pictures of the incident but check in the logs, you can see the kill feed Description: My friends and I were in a small town, Vavilovo. We were gathering gear and looking for a well. An unknown man walked into our house and engaged in convo. He asked nicely for my friends to drop their guns. as the convo continued, he gave is fair well and so did my friends. When we thought he was gone, my friend Sogekhei1123 (ingame:Artiom Guglovsky) picked back up his gun and walked outside only to be met with gunshots and a quick death. my other friend Zenethar (ingame: Marcus Giovanni) was going to take cover and was somehow shot threw the wooden wall of the home. I went to a barn to engage in a friendly convo as I didn't know what was happening. As I approached the barn, I was fired at which seemed to come from the bushes, so a zig zagged to a wooden house. I dropped my weapon and tried talking to him. I didn't want to kill him, I wanted to grab my friends' essential items. He then took a shot at me. Fearing for my life, I grabbed the gun and took off. as I saw him get into a bush behind a tree, I took cover behind another. I tried talking him down but as I approached out of the tree, he started to fire on me and I also fired my weapon in distress. I was hit once and knocked unconscious and bled out. He didn't really role play as we tried our best role play in our cheesy accents and stick to our player descriptions. P.S. I was not in the house when they were killed, my friends gave me their story when we all died. EDIT: I asked my teammates if my POV was accurate and they said their side of the story was poorly written so I must have misunderstood. I will leave it up to them when they write their POVs considering I was only a secondary source
  6. Report #36 S1 EU - 07/07/17 2:40 AM - Invalid Kill Server: S1 EU Date: 07/07/17 Time: 2:40 AM Rule breaks: Invalid Kill Your in game name: Christian Allies: sogekihei1123 Enemies: Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: Check the logs. Description: So me and my buddy were checking military tents when we heard a howl and multiple gunshots coming from the town. We decided to investigate. As we approached the town we were figuring out where to settle in so we chose the fire station. as we walked in the fire station, wolves had already occupied it and we ran to the outside latter and got on the roof, we stayed there for about 2 minutes. my buddy climbed the second latter to go higher to scope out our situation. the wolves and zombie glitched to the top of the roof and started to attack me as I ran to the latter. Next thing I know a sniper shot from the woods hits my side but I didn't realize it at first. as I made it to the top of the tower of the fire station, my friend is hit and unconscious. I started to duck and weave for my life as he took multiple shots as I had no cover. Then the last shot he took at me ended my life. My friend only managed to stay alive for a bit more until the unknown sniper finished him off. during this heat of fire, we were telling each other that this was invalid and should not be happening. there was absolutely no roleplay involved. He didn't stop firing so that made me guess that he knew what he was doing and what he intended to do.