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  1. o7.... :S 

  2. i heard you make dank sigs

    1. Mira

      Ye d00d here is a piece of my work


      If you are interested i can make one once I'm home

    2. Shadows


      i would like one

    3. Mira

      Aight sick af, i should be home in about 2-3 hours I'll make the masterpiece then

  3. cool d00d
  4. 7/10
  5. *Looking over at Woods sleeping Vanessa picks up Woods' radio and holds down the PTT speaking in a soft voice* "Take care Ryan, just don't do anything stupid, we'll miss you, stay safe." *She releases the PTT and gets back into bed with Woods*
  6. 8/10
  7. 8/10 its pretty gud
    • Buddy
    • Mira

    office - if you could put my quote back in your signature  that'd be greaaat

    1. Mira

      I could if I still had the quote :/

    2. Buddy


      :| okay fine we will come up with another one tonight then. I've decided it

  8. For intimidating it's got to be @Sasha But for interesting I don't know. maybe my boi @Cloudy his voice is just, I dunno.
  9. yo make me a dope ass sig b

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    2. Kevin

      I too would like a dope ass sig fam.

      I won't sell you to the thirsty Russian men at the airfield, promise.

    3. Mira

      Pls nu I'll be home shortly