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  1. How do you request for it to be closed, and I won't multi-account.
  2. Ok, I'll just wait a week I guess and then PM an admin or something, hopefully seeing you guys then. Thanks for all the help.
  3. It's on the front page of General Discussions named "Blacklist Appeal", It was Papa Emeritus II who said it, not lieing like you said that wouldn't help my case so I wouldn't dare.
  4. I've seen some others make applications like this and an admin (I assume) said to him if he PM's ID as proof that he is over 16 he'll get unblacklisted, I still have hope.
  5. Ok so I was blacklisted for being underage (Yes I am 15, however turning 16 in 1 week and 1 day) and was wondering if in a week and a day I could be allowed to reapply for whitelist (or just allowed on 1 week early), I did read the whitelist information and saw you must be 16 but put my real age instead, like you should, and also wrote that I turn 16 in 1 week and 1 day, I didn't realize it was an auto-blacklist if you didn't put 16 however I thought I'd just be talked to or something, is there any chance I could be allowed on 1 week early or that I'll be unbanned in 1 week, I will PM photo ID if needed (My school ID), Thanks for reading.
  6. Hey guys, new to RPing in first person shooters/shooters (Have RP'd in a few other games) and decided to RP in my favorite game, so hey everyone, hopefully don't lag too much with Australian connection.