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  1. Hey guys. So my application got accepted last night, yey! But I can't seem to join the servers, even though i've downloaded what I should. Does any1 have 10 minutes to guide a noob? it says that a lot of files (all ending in pbo) are not signed by a key accepted by this server... what´s that suppose to mean ? It seem to be the whole addons folder that it doesn't like.. Am I suppose to delete it? Thanks in advance if I delete the @dayz folder and keep the @dayzrp folder i can join, and all the players on the server pops up, and then the game closes. if I keep the @dayz folder it says that some of my .pbo files in the @dayz folder "are not signed by a key accepted by this server". maybe I need a dayz patch or something? idk OK I got it! The launcher.... I'm sorry for being a noob!
  2. Hey people I was told to make this, as everyone else I guess! But if you´d like, you can read my backstory Maybe give a little feedback if u want? Idk Here it is, sorry for the poor english. I'm a little rusty since highschool. I´m a danish survivalist. I moved with my brother to Sweden where we got a wooden cabin. We lived there for years, long away from civilization. My brother wasn´t normal at all, which I guess was one of the reasons I wanted us to move into the forest. We were hunting our own food, and we got really good at it. Actually, my brother Moe was the one who was good at actually shooting the animals. One day, after around three years just the two of us, we heard from a village only half a days walk from our home, that a great stag hunt was about to go down, starting off at Chernarus. We figured we might aswell beat those city people in hunting, and also see some of the world. Moe was not satisfied with the isolation in the forest, so we decided to go. Before the start of the tournament, a party was thrown for all the participants. At the party my brother Moe, who always was known for his easy way to aggression, bumped into another huntsman. A larga man with a big grey beard. He and my brother had a lot of tense between them that night. At the end of the first competitionday, I heard a great shot from the other end of the forest. Moe. It was a scream of pain, and I later found out that him and the grey bearded monster from the party had a fight in the forest, resulting in my brother getting shot. When I tried to get him flown home, the airports had already stopped flying to Denmark because of the many cases of zombie-like ill people, so we couldnt get home. We had no money for surgery in this hellhole, so my brother didnt make it. Now I'm stuck here. I've got to wait this whole thing out, until things have eased and I can find my way home to grief. So until then, I will get myself a gun and find some friends to stay with.