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  1. Born in Ukraine. After my 19th birthday I came to Chernarus for a backpacking trip. I had been enlisted in the Ukrainian military and was on my leave and that is when I decided to come to Chernarus. Obviously things went wrong during the vacation, considering now that most of the population is looking to kill me, and that's just the undead. Once the country started to unravel and the military collapsed, the living started becoming more of threat than the undead. Gangs are formed, looking to kill. Some groups go even beyond that and choose to do much worse things than just kill other people. I try to find some good in it but ultimately it is survival I'm after, I have no malicious intents, but that is always subject to change.
  2. As, far as I am concerned, you're fine don't worry about it. We talked it is all good.
  3. Well let me start by saying this, my friend here posted this on his own will, I was just going to leave it at our deaths and just forget about it. He got near nothing right, I should have double checked what he was typing. I agree with DeadEye, almost everything he said was faux. Deadeye and I had ran into each other, inside the house, my gun was on the ground, I was looking at the map, he told me not to pick it up, there were no hostilities. We both talked, no hold ups or anything like that. My friend, however heard us talking so he started moving on the outside, he was just going to help me if shit hit the fan. We exchanged goodbyes and he left, and this is the part where I said it was bad roleplay, excuse me if I am wrong, I waited a couple seconds after he left to pick up my rifle, because it is mine, my suspicion was that he was using third person to watch me pick up the gun so he could come around the corner to fire. Personally i have the third person key disabled on my keyboard, so I was in character, goodbye was said he "left", I should have been able to pick up my gun no problem, that's when he came blasting around the corner as soon as I had the rifle in my hand. How am I supposed to know while I'm in character that he is, instead of leaving, using third person to watch my every move around a corner that he is safe from my judgment on the situation that he left. My friend who got shot, was just extremely unlucky, the bullets he fired traveled through the log cabin and hit him as well, that kill wasn't his fault, just really bad luck. Sorry for the late post.
  4. This has been resolved in teamspeak with the different parties. Everything is okay and this report is solved.
  5. Report #35 S1 EU - 07/07/17 0239 EST - Invalid Kill Server: S1 EU Date: 07/07/17 Time: 0239 EST Rule breaks: Invalid Kill Your in game name: Eric Dwight Allies: Gewis Enemies: Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: Gun shot from unknown source. Check logs, suggestion Description: Dealing with wolves in northern town, a top of the firehouse, they had glitched to the primary roof and made way up the tower to avoid dying from wolves, obviously shooting downwards towards the horde of wolves/z's, and my friend was climbing ladder which is when he got shot. Got shot by a random, killed both my friend and myself. Entirely unprovoked.