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  1. S2 - NVFL, BadRP, OOC in VOIP

    Sam Rush POV: I was walking down the street in kamenka when i see a group of individuals approaching me with fully atoumatic rifles drawn, i begin to become nervous of what these individuals are capable of (having heard of the group being aggressive to passerby) and try to scoot around them but they notice my nervousness and tell me to stay put while my friend Aidan sees i am in distress and fires couple shots in the air to try and scare them off. This does not work and Aidan puts his gun away and his hands in the air. We begin to talk and Aidan says some things OOC in voice chat (New to role play servers) and the regulators ask him about the mask where he begins to state he is in a clan (Does not name the clan) They tell us to put our hands in the air while they raise their weapons and i see my only option out of there alive is to try and make it to the treeline so i book it down the road in a zig zag motion and start to make it to the treeline where my legs are shot and i try to crawl to the nearest tree for cover to bandage where i believe i am shot a second time and killed. I do not feel i took a hostile action against them but i feel my characters life was in danger.