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  1. I lived in Chernogorsk when the apocalypse first hit. I was with my 10 year old niece. There had been reports of people acting strange and attacking others in an attempt to "Bite" or "Slash" at them. Later that day we were walking around the park, We saw the "Things" coming and Me and my niece fled to our car as more and more of these "Creatures" poured out of the alleyways and into the street. I was sure i had hit a few with my car and my niece was crying. I told her "It will be ok", as we exited the town we saw a police roadblock. As we approached they Instructed us to get out of the car with our hands on our head. So we did. They spent a good amount of time talking to what i could only assume was their Chief or commander. They finished talking to him and came up to me telling me we could not leave the city due to a city-wide quarantine. I tried to tell them that we were fine. We weren't bit or anything. They refused to let us leave. Just as me and my niece (Still in Tears) were getting back into the car, we heard gunshots. We looked to see what was happening and a heard of those things had approached the Roadblock. The police were getting overrun and they knew it. They started firing their weapons like madmen. In a desperate attempt to save their own lives. Me and my niece got in the car and i gunned it out of there. As we were about 1/2 a mile away i realized her crying had stopped. I looked over to see her shocked face sitting their with nothing but fear in her eyes. She was holding something, her stomach. I told her to move her hands but she didn't. She just sat there, Motionless. I moved her hands just to see her stomach gushing blood. She had been shot by one of the policemen when they started going berserk. I pulled over and grabbed the first aid kit I always kept in my trunk. I layed her down in the back seat and lifted her shirt to see the wound, It was deep. She was losing blood, and fast. I tried to patch up her wound but i was too late. I knew that she wasn't going to live. I held her in my arms and cried as she said to me "It will be ok" I held her tight bawling my eyes out as hers slowly slipped shut. I knew what was happening and i rushed back to my house. I grabbed the pistol that i kept under my bed and ran back out to the car. That's when I saw it. My own niece, she had become one of them. She was in the back seat clawing at the window and acting just as the other ones did. I knew what i had to do but i just couldn't bring myself to it. I had known her since she was a baby. I opened the back door as she crawled out and slowly approached me. I raised my gun and closed my eyes. I never want to be as close to someone again just to lose them like that. A couple weeks went by as i scavenged for food and other supplies. I saw a helicopter coming to land but it got shot down so quick. I ran to the crash site to try and help any survivors, but i was too late. Their blood curdling screams will forever be stuck in my head along with the image of their flesh being torn off by the creatures. I froze in fear, watching, as their skin got ripped off their bodies and eyes clawed out. I couldn't stand and watch, so i ran. About 2 days later i was starving i hadn't eaten in almost 2 weeks at that point i decided to go back to the site of the crash to scavenge it for any other supplies. There was none. I sat in a seat that had fallen out of the helicopter staring at the bodies of the Pilot and the crew. I knew i wasn't going to make it with no food. So i did what i had to. I took their bodies and i cut the meat off to the bone. I cooked it over a fire i had made and i ate it. Every….Last…..Piece. I can still eat normal food, but whenever i see someone, i feel the pull.
  2. samr3916

    S2 - NVFL, BadRP, OOC in VOIP

    Sam Rush POV: I was walking down the street in kamenka when i see a group of individuals approaching me with fully atoumatic rifles drawn, i begin to become nervous of what these individuals are capable of (having heard of the group being aggressive to passerby) and try to scoot around them but they notice my nervousness and tell me to stay put while my friend Aidan sees i am in distress and fires couple shots in the air to try and scare them off. This does not work and Aidan puts his gun away and his hands in the air. We begin to talk and Aidan says some things OOC in voice chat (New to role play servers) and the regulators ask him about the mask where he begins to state he is in a clan (Does not name the clan) They tell us to put our hands in the air while they raise their weapons and i see my only option out of there alive is to try and make it to the treeline so i book it down the road in a zig zag motion and start to make it to the treeline where my legs are shot and i try to crawl to the nearest tree for cover to bandage where i believe i am shot a second time and killed. I do not feel i took a hostile action against them but i feel my characters life was in danger.