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  1. All that happened from my point of view was someone lagging across the street at NW airfield, I decided to run to the barracks to see if he'd made his way there in this motion I heard over radio that he was back in the original place so I started to run over to back up the situation where he'd started robbing him but in the attempt heard that the guy had turned to shoot him after saying he "Had connection issues" I was not there to witness the words said but I do know that once I got over there, the guy along with another man was standing over the body. This is when I proceeded to shoot at them with a sawed off but ended up dying in the attempt. Then afterwards I went and watched the video to hear what the man said and to me it sounded like connection issues, that's all I witnessed for the situation.
  2. Cpt Bambi

    Week 42 news

    congrats for the promotions!
  3. This is great I'm really getting into it. Keep up the journals!
  4. We will serve as well as possible
  5. Already joined good team glad to be apart of them.
  6. I reckon It would be good to add currency in the game like in epoch, it'd help out with buying weapons fr clans and civilians. But resrict it to certain items of use not just every item (lapua, m107, etc) just some items to buy like various ammos and maybe parts.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm still waiting to see if i will get accepted anyone know how long it usually takes? Thanks, Cpt Bambi[/font]