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  1. Myself, Jared, and the rest of Jared's crew are abandoning Guba. We're fed up. We wish everyone else luck though, and hope things get better. If they improve, let us know.
  2. My breath is wasted. Enjoy getting slaughtered.
  3. From today's events alone, I believe that Guba or Svet, whatever you want to call it, is a lost cause. Gunfights, more murder, and hurt feelings. I give up. I've said this plenty of times now, but let me say it again. Until the DayZRP rules can be enforced, any attempt to settle is idiotic. Especially if you advertise it like this. People already know this is a gathering place for the more serious minded RP'ers. They want to troll, grief, and overall make our lives a living hell. They know they can fuck with us with impunity, and that alone is why this will never work. If people want to set up a town, PM eachother, keep it quiet. The moment it shows up on the forums though, lift tail and run. Run far, far away, and set up elsewhere. I already know the counter argument to this. "We have to stay here to show we can't be beat." Well, guess what? You've already lost. There's plenty of people already out there, that have seen the rage posts, and the bitching here on the forums, and they want to get their rocks off to reading your pissed off typed out complaints. GG guys. Guba's fucked royally. Now excuse me, I'm headed west.
  4. That was the stance I'd heard from Jared. Also, Sumos, I don't usually get the chance to say hello. I usually get shot, with no warning. And when I do say hello, it ends in a gun fight. When they do talk, I tend to get shot in the back. So, I do try it. It fails, quite often.
  5. Considering a large group in gas masks KoS'ed a bunch of people in town the other day, not likely. The whole mask angle is also a RP thing. Would you trust someone who had their face covered if you were in a situation like this? Most people in the real world find masks suspcious when worn in public.
  6. Welp, this proves our point, as far as the town's rules are concerned. Also, Sumos, we see we logic error. We just don't give a fuck. We're here to set up a safe RP environment for others. If people come here to fight, it doesn't matter what we do. They will fight. It's been proven time and time again in this town. Jared got murdered a few days ago, by some random who just didn't care about the rules. He shot Jared and shouted, "Get Fucked Sonny Jim!" Logic has no place in SA as it stands. Your argument is just as void of It as ours, since the server is unregulated, and unpredictable. At any moment, a player can kill another player with no OOC or IRL consequences what so ever, and that won't change any time soon. You can't be logical in that sort of environment. We will make enemies, and we will fight them. That's the only truth of the matter.
  7. Sumos, I won't deny it is hypocritical but we are protecting ourselves best we can. Most times courteous behavior is not returned. What would you have us do?
  8. You also need to keep in mind that these people aren't here 24/7, and that there are going to be times when the town is empty or randoms are in it. Use caution when around the area. Be smart. If it doesn't feel right, break away from the town and come back later. In the DayZRP server currently, rules cannot be enforced. As such, every action taken is a risk. Use TS. There's a Standalone section of our TS, that isn't put to use very often. If you feel you can't trust the people on TS, record your conversations, as an audio log could be used as evidence in a report, especially if you have recorded footage to back it up. If you can record and report, you may be able to catch players willingly breaking the rules in SA and that might just forefit their whitelist status in the future. I record everything I do on the SA server. It's for my own security, and others. This town's system isn't foolproof at the moment, so just be careful. As for the mask issue, when I talked to Jared about it, he said he's going to stop issuing warnings, and just shoot on sight. Apparently a group all in gasmasks killed a bunch of people in Guba a few days ago. So, RP reasons aside, best to maybe take them off. When witelists and admin tools are enabled, things will change. For now, stay alive, even if that means putting RP aside from time to time. Also, clearly no one here has tried running a mile in a gasmask before. Not easily done. They rEstrict your breathing in real life, because the air has to run through several layers of filtering. Besides, most filters will only last 4 hours of constant use. The US military advises disposing a filter after even the most brief of usage, due to contamination. Maybe educate yourselves on the realism side of such a device, before your character wears it 24/7 just to look cool. You run for as long as you can in DayZ in a gasmask, and realistically speaking you'll die of exhaustion very quickly. However, it's a videogame, so who cares right?
  9. In game name is Calvin [RP] I'm an olp pal of Jared's, and will help out when I can. Usually I'm off lone wolfing around the map though.
  10. While I, just like you, think some military clan clichées have been overdone, I dont necessarily agree on the background bit. In the official dayzRP mod background, I figured I gave foreign militaries a relativly good reason for being here: There was a hastily assembled international task force that was sent to Chernarus to deal with the new mysterious disease. These were mostly european militaries, but also from other parts of the world, most notably the US. The US however is in this context difficult to describe just as an "american" military, because they have a military presence, through bases and occupation forces, all over the world. Fact is there was a major american military force in neighbhouring Takistan since their invasion of the country, which happened just a month before the outbreak, not to mention the american garrison on Utes since the 2009 incident. These foreign militaries and their task forces also served to make -some- degree of sense on why we're finding foreign military-grade weapons lying around. But yes, it will be difficult in SA, at least in the beginning, to have fifteen military clans competing for outfits. Ten of them will probably walk around in those gasmasks and accuse the others of plagiarism or whatever. Its fully possible for these groups to build their own outfits, since there are quite the few clothing items and more are added with each patch, but from what I've seen from people's prefered outfits in screenshot, almost everyone prefers the same thing. I wear the same thing as everyone else simply because it's better for the current pvp atmosphere of SA. I would love to find a police uniform or maybe some more ragged clothes, ones that look torn not dirty. Also in a survival situation if a survivor comes across some military clothing obviously he is going to wear it. It is the most durable equipment to be found after all. You've obviously never actually worn a military issue BDU before. Most are cheap, uncomfortable, and prone to wardrobe malfunctions. Mass produced zippers failing, buttons snapping under mild stress. I can't speak for foreign militaries, but US BDU's are mass produced by the lowest bidder. Allot of the nicer stuff is custom ordered from 3rd parties, and not standard issue, making it rather rare to be seen in normal enlisted ranks. Special Operators wear the shit out of it, because they make big bucks and can afford it. My NWU's in the Navy had about a 4 month lifespan if I was lucky. When I was cross asigned to the army, the ACU's were only slightly etter because it was almost all buttons and velcro. Easier to repair a button than broken zipper teeth.6
  11. Just because 3rd person might be immersive to one person, doesn't mean it is for another. I'd argue that 3rd person is less immersive because you CAN see yourself. I've been to a few Airsoft Zombie Apocalypse LARPs, and there ain't no over the shoulder cam there. I could theorize that 3rd person view is what causes this ever present issue of players not valuing their lives in game. Primary immersion in RP is always gained through character interation, everything else is secondary. FOV could be top down diablo style. Long as people RP, doesn't really matter what the settings are... but that's only if they RP. Most of this crap, like initiating/kos rights/CR rights wouldn't even have to be rules if everyone just followed the RP Honor system. Which just brings to light the fact that we are mostly just RP in name, not in action.
  12. Agreed. If you want to play bandit 24/7, go to reg. servers.
  13. To anyone who complains about not being able to see your character, press Tab. What's that you see in the middle of the Inventory screen? It's your character. Now, until this server can be whitelist only, keep it in normal. Don't add hardcore to the server until we can have that security step in place. I love 3rd person, btw. It is awesome in SA. BUT, as a role play server, that strives to make a somewhat more realistic atmosphere, Hardcore will only make the DayZRP experience that much more stronger! We must assert ourselves as a Role Play focused community, not just a server with no KOS rules.
  14. Thing is that uniformity within Military type clans in SA is hard to pull off. It may be easier in the future, when mod support is released and custom clothing can be added, but with SA many of the luxuries of the RP Mod are lost. Outfits and clothing especially. Now you have to find clothes, you don't just spawn in with the look of your choice. We also have to decide if the apocalypse is local to Chernarus or if its world wide. If it's World Wide then suddenly the reasonings behind the Military clans being here become incredibly unbelievable, unless they are local. So CDF, Russian, European militaries only really work. I'd like for clans to stop focusing on the Military side of things in SA. Have less it be about being Ex-military, and more just being some Joe Schmoe who is trying to get by. Clans could be groups of ex-cops doing good or bad. Or a street gang that has expanded it's power in the collapse of society. Combat skills aren't so much as known before, but being learned in the heat of a living hell. What fun is it to play some ex-military badass who can do it all? Solid, and fun RP is made from characters who have flaws, not strengths. We must all realize too, that while we may be the heroes of our own stories, we may be a side character, a villain, or a victim in our fellow player's stories. DayZ RP SA should be more about weaving awesome narratives, than stealing someones pants and making them knife fight another captive. But, we'll all probably just fall back into this crowded warzone, with large companies of soldiers robbing solo civilians and picking petty fights with other Identical military companies with a different culture, all while looking for loopholes in the rules to get away with bullshit. Y'know, all the bad things about the Mod as it stands. I mean, if that's your aim, just go play SA on a public server with a large group of friends. Least there you can KoS and stop wasting time.
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